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  1. It looks like someone loaded it with the wrong caliber of condiment. I would have expected a ketchup discharge. Does it come in yellow?

  2. I used to have an auto mustard dispenser but I got many ‘Failure to Feed’ failures. This made me very hungry. Now I only use revolvers that never jam. Unless of course I fill it with jam.

  3. I’d relish the opportunity to shoot that gun. It looks like it can really cut the mustard. But the shooter in the picture is a real hot dog, with frankly poor trigger control. Besides, in Massachusetts, a-salt weapons are banned.

  4. Just imagine how much fun you can have if you swap out the regular mustard and ketchup dispensers with the plastic condiment gun dispensers at a liberal grade school picnic.

  5. Nah!!! I see some liberal school being PC and banning all condiment dispensers because some kid might harm another kids food or person!!!! Welcome to “Modern Government”!!!!!

  6. What could possibly go wrong? A bitchin’ wife to compliment my equally bitchin’ new condiment dispensers, that’s what!

      • Why keep getting married? A man can always arrange to get all of the so-called fringe benefits of modern marriage version 2.0 such as cooking, cleaning, and all forms of entertainment. In the long run, outsourcing marital services is less costly financially and otherwise.

  7. Darn it! Where was this two weeks ago? I could have walked around Rock Island with this in my waistband for fast and accurate presentation of some delicious Boetje’s!

  8. Why do they include a muzzle cap? Dont they know what happens when you pull the trigger on a gun with a barrel obstruction? Seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.


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