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The creatively named Bang Bang Handle, designed by Nikita Kovalev and patterned after Makarovs. In five decorator colors to compliment any room decor after the jump.


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  1. I don’t know. You tell us, just what exactly do you think could go wrong? Are guns evil somehow no matter how innocuous their image may be presented?

  2. No, seriously, what could possibly go wrong? The posts I’ve seen so far in this series have featured actual guns in questionable use, but with this I literally can’t imagine any possible bad outcome. Except your friends realizing that you have more money than taste, of course.

  3. I like it. I want to hold a gun or GSO (Gun-Shaped Object) as much as possible. Hopefully more GSO-type items will come out in the coming years so that my dream can become a reality.

  4. This is a powder keg waiting to go off…

    What , you guys don’t keep your handguns half-encased in your door handle plates also?

  5. The only thing that will go wrong is visitors to your house would know instantly that you are an idiot and obviously very single.

  6. Does the door stay latched until you pull the trigger? And if you engage the slide safety, does the door lock?

  7. That will look good with my velvet Elvis tapistries, and my dogs playing poker paintings. NOT!!!!

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