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As reports, “Scott Bach is Executive Director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and New Jersey’s only sitting NRA board member.  He was scheduled to address the Morris County Republican Women’s Club at its annual spring brunch on April 8 at the Spring Brook Country Club in Morristown, New Jersey, which has hosted the club’s event for over 10 years.”

Bach was set to give the assembled crowd his views on personal defense and the right to keep and bear arms next month. But . . .

After a handful of gun-ban proponents tried to shut down Bach’s appearance by complaining to the country club, the club buckled and abruptly cancelled the event with less than two weeks’ notice, telling the women’s group president, Angelique Scholl, in a two-minute conversation that “it wasn’t good for the community.”

Hold on a minute . . .

“Anti-gun zealots always say they want to have a ‘conversation’ about firearms, but what they really mean is they want to have a monologue,” said Bach.  “Free speech is only tolerated if you agree with them.  Otherwise, they try to censor you.”

Huh. That’s exactly what we were about to say. Bach went on . . .

“I carry a compelling message about personal protection, women’s empowerment, and freedom that is more relevant now than ever and needs to be heard by everyone,”

Ah. There’s the problem. Left-leaning anti-gun groups are made up largely of women. Women who will loudly and proudly profess their strength, independence, tolerance and broadmindedness at the drop of a pussy hat.

Yet somehow they can’t abide a group of women with different world views hearing a message of personal defense, empowerment and freedom from someone who — EEEEK! — likes to shoot guns!

What are they so afraid of? Why can’t they handle the truth?

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  1. Yep, that pretty much sums up the personality traits of your average leftist. If they didn’t have double standards they’d have no standards at all.

    He needs to sue the country club. People need to learn to stop caving to these mentally disturbed crybabies.

    • They’re afraid of individual freedom because it threatens their desire for totalitarian conformity. That’s why they attempt to censor any speech that questions their warped world view.

      • The left doesn’t care how many school kids and teachers get killed as long as they can push their agenda. When the next one happens,and it will, they will make an all out push for total gun confiscation and try to set in motion their aims at a socialist aka communist government in this country

        • “The left doesn’t care how many school kids and teachers get killed as long as they can push their agenda.”

          It’s not that the left doesnt’t care. The left resists every effort to put armed guards in schools exactly because they know more kids may be killed and they will use those events to further their agenda, ie, the destruction of America. They know exactly what they are doing and why….for the kids, uh huh.

    • “I’m right and you’re wrong”
      That is it in a nutshell. We’ve hashed this over and over again how the bigots don’t really care about (all) violence, or the lives of (all) children, or the rights of (all) Americans… we know this.
      So if the so-called “solutions” that they propose will not, in fact, solve any of the stated problems – then why do they want them so badly?
      Because having a law passed means their point of view will be vindicated. It means that the State, which they hold in higher regard than any other Authority, has agreed with them and decreed that they are right and we should all follow their example as the only proper and legal way to live.

      • Because deep down their solutions involve cattle cars and the movement of their enemies, and anyone else that disagrees with them.

      • This is also the reason they’ve got such a boner for the rifles that would be most useful in the civilian defense against tyranny, rather than the handguns that are used in the vast majority of shootings. Although if the get their wish with the rifles they’ll quickly start a campaign against the handguns.

        • “Boner”? Most of these “types” (so-called “womyn”) consider a “boner” an “assault weapon” remember to THEM inserting a penis in a vagina and repeatedly ramming it home is a “physical battery” and always “rape”.

        • I specifically used the word ‘boner’ because I thought it might be ‘triggering’.

    • People who say leftists have double standards are missing the point entirely.

      Leftists have one unifying, totalizing, perfectly consistent standard: the promotion of leftism. They will use whatever tactics and reasons work in a given time and place. When leftists aren’t in power, they “speak truth to power.” Now that leftism holds sway over most societal institutions, they speak power to truth by attempting to silence dissent.

      These people aren’t whining. They are participating in full-spectrum social warfare, and they’re doing a good job of it. The first step to really wide-ranging gun control is a destruction of the gun culture via no-platforming and weaponized social-status games (shaming, etc). That’s exactly what this is.

      Do not forget that these people want you broke and then dead, your kids raped and brainwashed… and they think it’s funny.

      Unify. Network. Train. Act.

      • They still have double standards. They try to shut us up when what we say goes against their views and at the same time believe they have 1st Amendment rights to say whatever they want. That sounds like a double standard to me.

      • Exactly. Too many conservatives sit back and chuckle at the inane antics of the Left without realizing how well organized and just how dangerous these people really are. I grew up in a small coastal community called Santa Cruz (coast of California). In the mid 80s the Progressives took over the town. Most were UCSC professors. They started in one small city and then took the County and they were the laughing stock of the State. In 20 years they took the State OVER.

        These people do want us… you, and me, dead. If we do not submit to them they will round us up and kill us. This is not an exaggeration or an overstatement. I know these people and they will not stop. Unless we stop them. We need to get organized or they will slowly grind and chip away at us till they win. Taking our guns away is paramount to their plan. That is the one thing holding them back. They will put us in cattle cars if we are not vigilant. Mark my words.

      • “Leftists have one unifying, totalizing, perfectly consistent standard: the promotion of leftism. They will use whatever tactics and reasons work in a given time and place. ”
        And here is the proof of that:
        “It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and genocide.
        This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power and without full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodologies for economic conquest – it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons and the public.”
        from the introduction, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1. Office of Naval Intelligence, USN, DOD. Available from this source under FOIA for anyone to verify. At least for now… and here. And many other sources as well:
        Now that TTAG is under new management, I will be using how long this post stays up before being censored to judge their policies. So should everyone else…

        • 8 hours later and the above post is still up. Not bad. If it stays up, I give the new owners a pass. I don’t grade, my tests are all pass/fail. As far as I’m concerned one either knows the material well enough, or one does not.

    • “He needs to sue the country club.”

      Bach would need to sue the Republican chicks, they were the ones that booked him to speak. The women would have to sue the club.

      I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape on all this sort of crap- Attempting to silence the opposition is all the left and progressives have. When someone takes them on and refuses to accept their premise in the first place, most people on the edges looking in are not fooled and can be won over.

      For example, there is no way any other candidate in the 2016 POTUS cycle would do what it took to fend off not only the left, but the established and mostly progressive “right” to become president. Like him or not, Trump has shown the way to sway people and keep the narative in his corner. He’s still doing it, too bad a lot of gun people don’t understand trolling.

      Look at the reaction by most of the posters here- already giving up and conceding that we’re in for dire future, the government is going to take away everyone’s guns, they’re going to be shooting us down in the streets and in our homes. I doubt it, unless you barricade yourself in somewhere and start posting threats to the community like you do on this blog.

      Pick yourselves back up, dust yourself off and forget about trying to change the minds of the gun banners and above and beyond all else, stop trying to, or contemplating getting even with them. Holy crap- the fantasy around here is embarrassing to anyone who knows the true pulse of this country.

      We will never change those people’s hearts or minds so forget it. We don’t need to- Go for the majority of Americans who either don’t yet have a dog in the fight or are so shell-shocked by all the hype from both sides that they’re scared of both. As gun owners, we should try to appear civilized, educated, and reasonable. (Giving in is not reasonable, but no one needs to start making threats- leave that to the other side- they’re not making any gains that way.)

      I know a large number or TTAG posters are scared to death that appearing to be educated, civilized and reasonable are a sign of weakness. Not if you are attempting to affect the right people.

      • Agree, not to mention Trump has already come out and said the 2nd Amendment will never be taken. I believe him and will take him at his word. The only person in the primary whom I supported was Cruz. Once he was out and Trump won, I supported him. Would you complainers out there prefer killery today? I think not.

    • ^^^^
      this! You are preaching to the choir TTAG. Yes there are a few fudds here, but we get and support the second amendment.

    • Perhaps a place for readers to submit their suggested QOTDs could liven the section up a bit.

  2. Most of them are only interested in sticking it to the other guy. Nobody with an IQ over 40 honestly believes any of the garbage about “gun deaths” or that bans would accomplish anything. They just want to feel like they’re sticking it to you and if it hurts their freedom in the process so be it. At least they got to hurt you.

    Politics now is all about tribing up and sticking it to the other guy. If you’re high up it’s also about money. They want to punch you in the face anyway they can and legislatively seems to be working just fine.

    • And there you have the ‘progressives’ constant 15% support. Those with IQs <40. The only ones left watching the MSM.

  3. It’s not just about guns. The libitards don’t want to hear anything which differs from their views. They have been anti 1st Amendment for decades, unless they are the ones doing the speaking. They are anti 4th Amendment as most of them encouraged obummers intel agencies to spy on Americans, unless of course, they themselves got caught up in the spying. Simply put, they are anti US Constitution.

  4. If they don’t want to have a battle of ideas, I think it may be time to exercise diplomacy by other means.

  5. ” Now, under the behind-the-scenes control of national anti-gun groups, the March for Our Lives naifs are going the final step, to declare that Americans who believe in their right to self-defense are actually murderers in their souls. ”

    The REAL Questions we should be asking —— From Firearm Owners against Crime.

    ‘ Questions such as why have the guidelines in the 2004 Secret Service report and the 2007 FBI report on securing schools and school violence NOT been implemented by most schools (including Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High)?
    Why has there been so much silence surrounding the Promise program that turned criminal teens loose after committing crimes in Parkland and this included the killer.

  6. What they’re afraid of is people like us.

    Leftists don’t trust people who aren’t like them, who don’t share their “progressive” worldview. They don’t think anyone is capable of living their life unless the government forces them to do the right thing – because left to our own devices, we’re evil.

    They don’t believe in individual rights, only collective rights. That’s why they think that’s it’s perfectly alright to hold everyone who owns a gun at fault because of what an individual criminal does. The gun owner “community” is collectively responsible for all crimes committed with a gun. And they believe only the government grants us certain rights and these can be revoked by a vote of the majority – or at least by a vote of the most vocal group.

    These diametrically opposed worldviews can’t be reconciled. Both sides believe in their respective philosophies with an almost religious certitude. One of our problems is that Leftists can turn out thousands to their protests and our side can only turn out a relative handful. Their side is well organized and has Soros and Bloomberg money to finance them our side is disorganized and has no big money sponsors. Getting big numbers of Conservatives or Libertarians together is like herding cats.

    Until our side somehow learns how to turn out truly large numbers of people to oppose the Leftist’s agenda, we’ll continue to see our rights – all of them – eroded or lost to this collectivist ideology.

  7. The answer to this question is way, way too long for this comment section. Its quite literally a book, well a big section of a book, which is entitled Last Exit to Utopia by Jean-François Revel.

    Finding a good English translation can be a bit difficult but even a clunky translation is worth the read (I don’t remember who the translator/editor is for the edition I have). Unless of course you’re handy with French in which case the original is probably the way to go.

    • This book is better. And more available. And an official USG document available from DOD, USN, ONI, under FOIA:
      “…it was well recognized by those in positions of authority that it was only a matter of time, only a few decades, before the general public would be able to grasp and upset the cradle of power, for the very elements of the new silent-weapon technology were as accessible for a public utopia as they were for providing a private utopia.
      The issue of primary concern, that of dominance…”
      tease, tease… One will have to go read it if one wants to know more…

  8. Boiled way and I do mean WAY down it comes to this: We are the most advanced society ever and anything that displeases me or upsets me should be done away with in the name of making my life easier and less upsetting.

    Put in simple terms: It’s 2018 and I DEMAND nothing short of constant unthinking euphoria!

  9. They aren’t afraid. Their agitprop doesn’t stand up to counter-arguments or even scrutiny.

    Hard to keep people wee-wee’d up long enough to slam something through, if you let them stop to think. The stuff they slam through isn’t for the crisis that lets them do it. The crisis is a Trojan horse, like bump-stock bans on the heels of a spree killing that didn’t involve bump stocks. If they let someone say, “It seems like this might be about something else.” people listening might get the idea that it might be about something else.

    They aren’t afraid. They are engaged in a propaganda campaign, to “fundamentally transform” America. Some know exactly what they are trying to achieve, by any means necessary. Some are mercenaries, hacks and similar, working a persuasion problem because that is what they are paid to do. Many are dupes, enjoying how being part of a righetous movement makes them feel (and what it spares them from feeling.)

    Read Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer. If you can stand it, read that, considering the personal payoffs for the figurehead children, turf-masters, media and the rest from the latest not-really-childrens crusade.

    Most of the fodder are terrible, broken people, being used more cynically than most of us can comprehend.

  10. They know their communist revolution will never succeed if Americans remained armed at their current lever, especially veterans.

  11. They are afraid their kids will hear a message that makes more sense than mommy’s (or daddy’s).

    Moms Against Self Preservation have been working really hard at keeping their children isolated from the truth in order to control them. There is no way they are going to allow some other grownup inform their children that mommy is a liar and she wants you to stay under mommy’s wing forever.

    I have noticed that American women do not want their kids to be totally independent from mommy and daddy. They themselves don’t want to be fully independent. It’s as if mommy can’t let go of her kids…

    Maybe there are two main reasons woman are against guns: 1) they don’t want their kids to be empowered/independent enough not to need “parental” protection, 2) they think their kids will always be fragile therefore they must protect them from everything that could be dangerous.

  12. The anti-gun cult (and leftists in general) fear and loath ANY expression of individuality or human autonomy.

    The idea of any INDIVIDUAL being able to defend his or her self is horrific to them because if you can defend yourself against a mugger or a terrorist, you can defend yourself against THEM.

    They’ve never been told “no” in their lives. That somebody could tell them “no” and back it up with armed force is simply unthinkable.

    • You’ve hit an observation I’ve made as well – They just don’t understand being told “No!”

      This has become my most frequent response to the gun controllers – Whatever they propose I just say, “No”, and they don’t know how to deal with me. They whine and flap their arms and run through their talking points and I just say no. Drives them nuts. They tell me I’ll be forced to comply, I ask “How?” Never do they have a reasonable response.

      I think, particularly now that the hot new voice of gun control is children, we should all just sit back and say “No!”. Or, Don’t tread on me or Molon Labe, or whatever particular form of no floats your boat but, in the end, No!

      • These “conversations” usually go something like this:

        “We’re going to take your guns away!”
        “No, I refuse. Besides YOU are a coward and aren’t going to take ANYTHING. The REAL question is what dummy are you going to send in your place, and what will you do when he doesn’t come back?”
        “Wait, what???”
        “Watch the movies ‘Michael Collins’ and ‘Defiance’. You’ll figure it out… maybe.”

        • Exactly. On the one hand, they say that guns are too dangerous for anyone to own and that gun owners are unhinged lunatics just looking for an excuse to shoot someone. On the other, they claim that they, the unarmed, are going to take our guns away. Apparently, they don’t see the problem in that line of thinking.

        • “None of them have any idea on how they intend to disarm the Crips, the Mafia, or MS-13.”

          That is because there is no need. The special people who push gun control do not live in ghettos, do not go where “bad people” are likely to congregate. They do not fear gangs. They fear a “normal looking” gun owner in a crowd. A gun owner on the verge of insanity. A gun owner who just snaps while among the “good people”, in “good places”. They actually make a rational threat assessment, just as POTG do. Where are anti-gunners most likely to be killed by a crazed bible/gun clinger? In crime infested inner cities, or at the mall, or at school? (note: isn’t it odd that mass shootings in a school don’t happen in poor neighborhoods?)

          Just as POTG avoid being in stupid places, doing stupid things, winning stupid prizes, gun grabbers avoid the same places. So, gun grabbers have no reason to address crime rates in places they do not frequent. If you don’t put yourself at risk in “bad places” why should you be concerned about people who do? Be very afraid of being murdered by a legal gun owner who looks just like you, and is more likely to kill you than some ganger in places you don’t go.

  13. This topic keeps coming back, under different premises: “What are gun control advocates afraid of?”

    Simple, and always the same.

    They fear unknowingly being in close proximity to a gun carrier on a mission to settle scores, or about to snap and become a crazed mass shooter. Only gun controls (confiscation) can erase that fear. Their fear is so overwhelming that they cannot stand to hear anyone say otherwise.

    When the safety of the public is at risk, it is compassionate, necessary and morally correct to prevent pro-gun people from having any means of propagating the idea that gun control nuts are incorrect.

    You cannot reason or negotiate with children, regardless of their age.

    • I think you can reason with children much more than you can with fully grown adults. Children naturally think very logically and are not yet fully indoctrinated. The younger they are the easier. Once they reach around 16 it becomes much harder if those kids have been indoctrinated by every adult they ever had interactions with. It’s nearly impossible to get through to entrenched college age kids who attend “higher education.”

      Adults that call for disarmament of all non government people know exactly what they are doing. All you can do with those people is point out the obvious lies and intentions of these people. You can’t change their minds because they already made a decision to oppress people. You have to expose them to the younger people especially to minorities.

  14. SUE every place that refuses your entry to speak freely and DO NOT repeat DO not let them put you ‘out in the boonies’ or have you speak only when no one is there —example vacation week at a college

    Sue sue sue—that is the only language they understand now!

  15. They are afraid of pretty much everything in a one to one situation or relationship. Guns epitomize one person independence. Socialism gives them group power. It’s also obvious that the women in these groups are terrified of men or are lesbian. The men are terrified of other men and feel that flocking is the only means they have for self protection. Of course the flock always pushes the weak and old to the outside so that the predators can take them, and these people can’t figure out that any of them can be the sacrifice for the good of the group.

  16. If you don’t agree with the libs/dems you are called a racist or bigot…
    See how it is OK for THEM to be bullies…????

  17. Great comments here. Everyone commenting here appears to realize there is a problem and who is causing it. Or, at least you all think you do. I have a feeling that you haven’t discovered the root cause of our problems.

    We have a shadow government comprised of the richest and most powerful people of the World who are from the most important disciplines necessary for changing the United States into a globalist, Socialist, Islamic slave state. Once the U.S. loses the Constitution and the people thereof no longer control government as guaranteed by the Constitution, the rest of the World will follow closely behind.

    The Shadow Government has been firmly entrenched in high, powerful and important positions from which they have influenced small changes in policy which have gradually been turning our country into one inhabited by whining, separatist, self-centered, nincompoops that believe everything they hear and keep their heads in the sand so they don’t have to deal with things that might upset themselves or someone else. U.S. voters today have no idea who is running for office or what their qualifications are, let alone what qualifications they must have in order to serve as the Framers intended for them to serve.

    No-one must be permitted reelection or election if they do not have a lengthy record of always being honest, above board, transparent, keeping promises, loving our country, serving the People before anyone, and most importantly, always honoring their Oaths-of-Office wherein they swore to God and to us that they will always preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic to the best of their abilities.

    Let’s all be smart in November, 2018 and refuse to reelect nearly everyone that is up for reelection. There are a few that may be able to pass the above test, but, I doubt it.

    Elections are term limits provided by the Framers in Articles I. and II. of the Constitution. We the People must know everything there is to know about those we chose to act as if they are us in management of our country. We cannot afford to trust political parties because they will do unimaginable things to stay in power and have access to $Billions of our money which we are duped out of because of pretty words and constant harangue that make us feel guilty if we don’t contribute.

    DO NOT CONTRIBUTE to anyone or anything related to party politics, or special causes unless you are absolutely positive that your money will be used in the way you want it to be used. It is time we cut off the money supply to every Tom, Dick and Harry that dreams up a cause that sounds like something we care about just to get our money. Keep your money and use it for worthy causes, not the causes of the moment.

    • One world government will come. There is nothing to be done about it. A delaying action may be good, or not. The end result will the be same.

      I read the last chapter of the playbook. Things to come.

      MacArthur was prescient: “We have had out last chance.”

    • ^+ yup yup, Ain’t to many people sees it. I call it the Illuminati, ooooh don’t say that word, your a conspiracy nut job.And that works for “them” just fine

  18. The posters on here talking of conspiracy,, That’s my job, I’m the one with the ANISA CERTIFIED tin foil hat, your going behind my hat, it’s a conspiracy I tell yah……The dude trying to make a speach in the cause of gunz, reminds me of Lenny Bruce getting kicked out of clubs and harassed for expressing his freedom of speech. Kinda like what comes around goes around….. What are gun control advocates afraid of??? GETTING WHAT THEY WANT

  19. Reports in what serves as news outlets these days indicate NRA membership is up because of the latest outcry from the anti-gun cult. What they need to hear next is that membership in local militia’s is on the rise.
    Politicians aren’t listening any more, further conversation with these fools should be 3 words. “Lock and Load”.

  20. Gun banning communists aren’t afraid of law-abiding gun owners. I should think that is obvious by now, given how they so brazenly hurl invective at us.

    Now, the ones who they *are* afraid of, are the non-law-abiding gun owners. Notice how rarely they take steps to actually make life difficult for the organized gangs, or even run-of-the-mill street pushers or burglars. Background checks and no-carry zones for the law-abiding; and end to stop-and-frisk, besieging castle defense laws, walking back no-duty-to-retreat provisions, and failure to prosecute gun crimes all to aid the ‘criminal gun owning element’ that so frequently makes good on threats to burn down neighborhoods & murder outsiders.

    Ivory tower liberals don’t build gated communities with patrolling *armed* guards to keep these folks out because they aren’t afraid of them, and they don’t build them to keep out law-abiding gun owners, either.

  21. The leadership is afraid of free, black people.

    All this to say, with the existence of our oppressively ruthless oligarchical system I get highly skeptical of when privileged folk begin to legislate and (inadvertently?) declare this “war on ‘guns.’” Is it not fair to think that this will seemingly only take us one step closer to legalizing things such as “New York City’s morally indefensible racial dragnet program called stop-and-frisk,” or at the very least give more “reason” to the militarization of police perpetuating a culture of brutality?
    Not many people know this but the “the KKK began as a gun-control organization…” As The Wall Street Journal acknowledged, “It was a constant pressure among white racists to keep guns out of the hands of African-Americans, because they would rise up and revolt.” While in 2003 the book “The Challenge of Crime” acknowledged that felons or “second-class citizens,” own the majority of stolen or illegally owned guns many who I suppose have been imprisoned for drug offenses.

    The reactive political pushback towards the idea of decriminalizing marijuana that will in consequence lower the rates of incarceration, just further exposes the mechanics of systemic structural violence (e.g. capitalizing on systemically oppressive racism).

    I wonder: Is this “war on guns,” really there to stop the violence or is it just another reason to incarcerate the innocent? Because if it were truly to stop the violence should we be going after the colonizer or the colonized?

    If black youth, that are three times less likely to engage in the illegal sales of drugs than white youth, are being imprisoned at unspeakably higher rates, then why would I believe whites, that are twice as likely to purchase guns, will be the one’s in which these laws are being targeted at? As progressives let’s not get caught in doing the same exact thing with guns, in which we accuse the conservatives of doing with drugs.
    Those that will be arrested and imprisoned will be those communities that have already been riddled and beaten down by Reagan’s supposed war on drugs.

    I get very skeptical when people start to talk about abolishing the second amendment by legislating new laws that will seemingly just incarcerate more black and working class white people (who ironically will vote for Trump) and also don’t realize that it doesn’t work that way. Yes, more whites purchase more guns, but gun violence disproportionately effects the fiscally poor and already oppressed.


    • I just hate it when the target groups figure these things out. The NRA needs to develop a more subtle and deceptive message. We can’t have these outbursts of understanding on the part of colonized peoples. We need to get legislators and judges to see that it is necessary and proper to create as many exceptions to the thirteenth amendment as there are to the second amendment.

      Everyone is equal, some are more equal than others. The laws should codify that.

      Oh, wait….they already do. The second amendment is a second-class “right” granted by government.


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