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This Gun Maker Wanted Safe Guns – A descendant of Daniel Wesson himself calls for more gun control . . .

I would start by asking the parent company of Smith & Wesson, American Outdoor Brands Corporation, to push for gun-violence research. Since 1996 the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been severely restricted in researching gun violence. If gun manufacturers are truly responsible organizations, they should wholeheartedly want to back this research as a public health concern. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the C.D.C. from 2009 to 2017, asked Congress repeatedly to fund research in gun-violence prevention but never succeeded. …

I would also ask that the company publicly endorse the Brady Campaign’s Gun Dealer Code of Conduct. It should support requiring universal background checks and a national registry for tracking its products, and indeed all firearms. These measures would help prevent weapons from falling into the hands of the wrong people and make it easier for law enforcement to trace guns used in illegal activities. The refrain that criminals will always get their hands on a weapon, no matter what a gun manufacturer does, is apathetic and unacceptable. What will you do to make it better?

Most obvious of all, Smith & Wesson should be pushing to require that all people who buy firearms undergo formal weapons training. Why would any responsible gun manufacturer not want a buyer trained extensively in how to properly use its very dangerous weapon?

New rifles for the Canadian Rangers now being delivered – Apparently the idea of carrying a semi-auto rifle is to abhorrent for the Canadian brass  . . .

The Canadian Rangers will soon get their new rifles to replace their existing Lee Enfields.

The .308 calibre C19 replaces the Lee-Enfield .303 rifle which the Canadian Rangers have used since 1947. The C19 is lighter, shorter and more precise, according to the Canadian Forces.

The new C19 rifles are an improved version of the FTC Tikka T3 developed by SAKO (Finland), and manufactured under license by Colt Canada. They are more robust, and operate more reliably at temperatures well below freezing, an essential feature to ensure the smooth operation of Canadian Rangers in the Arctic, according to the Canadian Forces. “The C19 has security features which will be easy to operate for both right-handed than left-handed shooters,” it added. “The C19 trigger guard is wider, which facilitates the effective use of the rifle with winter gloves.”

This is why you can’t ban guns – You can’t stop the signal . . .

I did not say you should not ban guns. I did not say you must not ban guns. No, this is why you cannot ban guns: it is impossible.

Gun shop hero: SU student was ‘on the edge,’ ready for mass shooting – FFL spots a hinky customer . . .

When a Syracuse University student came into his Madison County gun shop four weeks ago, John Laubscher didn’t think much of it.

It didn’t faze him that Xiaoteng Zhan, 22, was an international student or that he wanted a gun, Laubscher said. Foreign SU students were regular customers for Laubscher’s archery business. And he knew a non-citizen could get a gun with a valid hunting permit.

But in talking to Zhan, Laubscher said the hair began to stand up on the back of his neck.

“This guy’s on the edge,” Laubscher thought.

After refusing to sell Zhan a gun, Laubscher copied down his license plate number and called the sheriff’s office. That set in motion a weeklong investigation that led to Zhan being deported to China March 20, authorities said.

Why Can’t Getting a Gun Be Like Getting a Driver’s License? A Conversation With NRA TV’s Colion Noir – This is pretty much what you’d expect from an interview with The Root . . .

“Guns are a constitutional right,” (Noir) argued “Cars aren’t.” This sounds like a strong retort, but it’s not actually true. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. That’s any type of arms—throwing stars, a light saber, a baseball bat with barbed wire. The Constitution does not give you the right to own a gun, any more than the right to free assembly guarantees you a Dodge Ram or freedom of speech gives you the right to a Fox News cable talk show.

To Noir, the gun control movement is an attack on our rights, not just as Americans but as African Americans, because it makes us dependent on the government for protection instead of on our own weapons. He returned to his oft-quoted talking point about giving teachers access to guns if they were qualified and placing more trained guards in schools.

As a college professor who has also taught high school, I laughed at this suggestion. Not only would arming teachers disproportionately harm black kids, who are already over-policed and over-punished in school, but as I pointed out, he clearly has never sat in on a faculty meeting. You don’t want to see what happens when Ms. Gayle in the math department accuses Mr. Singh for the umpteenth time of stealing her lunch, which was clearly marked in the faculty lounge. And if she’s packing heat? No bueno. So I kept pushing.

Brad Thor and Michael Ian Black had a nice, polite conversation on guns tonight. Then Twitter threatened to ban Brad Thor over it – Huh. Why does it seem that Twitter only sanctions users with right-leaning viewpoints?

Tonight on Twitter, if you can believe it, Twitchy favorite Brad Thor and Twitchy regular Michael Ian Black had a nice, polite discussion on guns and the second amendment. No personal insults were issued. No trash talk. No attacks of any sort. Just two guys arguing their respective positions, passionately at times . . .

YouTube shooting: Attacker reloaded handgun during shooting, police say – It’s almost as if magazine capacity limits really don’t slow an active shooter down at all . . .

Under a California law designed to limit the possible carnage from shootings, Aghdam was limited to 10-round magazines. Caldwell said a second magazine was found at the scene, indicating she had squeezed the trigger numerous times.

“The suspect began firing the pistol until it was empty, dropped the magazine, reloaded a new magazine into it, continued firing and then turned the gun on herself,” Caldwell said.

Pro-gun event provokes hysterics from liberal students – Bless their hearts . . .

Controversy ensued at the University of Toledo when the school’s chapter of Young Americans for Liberty hosted Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritus of Gun Owners of America.

The chapter, one of about 900 nationwide, invited Pratt to give a lecture Wednesday entitled “Eliminate Gun Free Zones” as a way to provide balance to the debate on gun control in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting that left 17 dead.

Some students, however, were apparently uninterested in balanced debate, preferring to accuse the group of racism and white supremacy.

“Good afternoon. Just a reminder that @ToledoYAL is bringing white supremacist @larrypratt to speak on @UToledo ‘s campus today,” Connor Kelley, a member of the school’s College Democrats chapter, tweeted the day of the event.

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    • I guess everyone that is a threat to the left is going to be labeled with something to see what sticks.

      • Well, we too have some cohorts here who label all opponents communists regardless of their economic notions.

        • Calling someone a commie won’t get them ostracized. if anything its a badge of honor for some.

      • I’ve found calling our opponents Bigots seems to set them back on their heels pretty effectively… it’s apparently very hard to counter a charge of prejudice and bigotry when one has openly called for restrictions on the civil rights of their fellow citizens.

    • Ever since the NRA became a terrorist organization. So, the day after the Parkland shooting.

    • Gun Owners of America lays it out very well , they are TOTALLY changing the definition of semi-auto and trigger function ……. to vastly expand what is ” Readily Convertable into a machine gun “

      • Ya, the BATFE is gonna show that “cuck ‘ Stalin how to ban shit. In the Summary, they say

        “…such devices allow a shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger. Specifically, these devices convert an otherwise semiautomatic firearm into a machinegun by functioning as a self-acting or self-regulating mechanism that harnesses the recoil energy of the semiautomatic firearm in a manner that allows the trigger to reset and continue firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter. Hence, a semiautomatic firearm to which a bump-stock-type device is attached is able to produce automatic fire with a single pull of the trigger.”

        Later in the Supplementary Information, they say:

        “the device harnesses the recoil energy to slide the firearm back and forth so that the trigger automatically re-engages by bumping the shooter’s stationary trigger finger without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter.”

        By “physical manipulation of the trigger”, they apparently mean that the shooter must contract the muscles in their forearm to make the finger curl and activate the trigger which allows them to assert that no additional muscle contraction is needed for the trigger to be activated since the trigger finger is “stationary.”

        Then they admit that it is possible to activate a firearm in a similar manner WITHOUT the use of a bump stock:

        “Based on public comments, individuals wishing to replicate the effects of bump-stock-type devices could also use rubber bands, belt loops, or otherwise train their trigger finger to fire more rapidly. To the extent that individuals are capable of doing so, this would be their alternative to using bump-stock-type devices.”

        WHAT? WTF

        • Pulling the trigger with a bump stock installed and “on” is difficult. Proper use appears to be to push the forearm forward until the trigger finger halts the movement, discharging the rifle at the same time. Recoil pushes the firearm back until the guard that is part of the bump stock pushes the finger off the trigger, if forward pressure is maintained the process repeats. The trigger is still pulled once by the finger for each shot. The fact that the muscles involved are the ones pushing the entire firearm forward does not change that fact. Nor the fact that the wording in a law passed by Congress and signed by the president 85 years ago cannot be altered by an unelected, faceless bureaucrat, just because a child demands it.

  1. “Why Can’t Getting a Gun Be Like Getting a Driver’s License? ”

    Do they want 14 year old South Dakotans, visa holders and illegal aliens to have guns? Do they want us to be able to do whatever we want with guns on private land?

    People who say this know as much about driver’s licenses as they do guns.

    • “Do they want us to be able to do whatever we want with guns on private land?”

      That’s one of my favorites when dealing with idiots like that –

      There is no requirement to register or insure a vehicle used on private land. There is *zero* limit to the horsepower it can have, or the quantity of the fuel it can carry. I can decide to build my own vehicle if I want and no one has to know about it, or if I drive it.

      Extreme example – I can buy a brand-new tractor-trailer of the type used to transport fuel to service stations. I’m free to modify it with a hose and couplings so the tank it hauls can be the fuel tank. Imagine how long I could drive on my farm without ever having to refuel it. Now that’s magazine capacity to dream about…

      • That reminds me of the “600 round Assault Clip” video. Technically that clipazine was non-functional, but I’d pay a few dollars for one that works and is so high capacity it rests on the floor at normal weaver stance height.

    • I wish it was as easy as getting a drivers license, just renewed mine. Answered 5 questions, took an eye exam, paid for renewal and left with my new license.

  2. Do they really want to go down the road of guns being like cars? Lets start out with a few policies that would freak them out:
    -Students could have them at school.
    -Students would learn about them at school.
    -No age requirement to buy or own one on private property (you can buy and drive a car on private property at any age.)
    -no background check
    -Unlimited capacity
    -Law applied largely equally across 50 states, license valid in any state

    Students learning about guns at school is perhaps the most dangerous of all because after handling and understanding guns, the narrative becomes a lot harder to push.

    Also, S&W relative is roughly saying “lets drive S&W into being sold at a huge loss again.”

    • Not just all states, holders of licenses for many foreign countries are allowed to drive on US and vice-versa. We’d have so much fun if Czech, Finns and Swiss could bring their guns here to visit.

      • US citizens can apply for an ‘International’ driver license, so they could drive in Europe on vacation.

        And apparently, it’s just a formality. If you apply, you get it.

        • Lol. I’ve driven in 3 different countries in europe with a car rented under my name… I had no idea… I even had a robo ticket in one…

  3. That twitter debate between Mr. Black and Mr. Thor was very polite.
    (Though I vehemently disagree with Mr. Black)
    Besides being a pretty good author, I’m now a fan of his 2A support as well.

    • I’ve enjoyed Brad Thors books and knew he was a strong 2A proponent. I thought he got dominated by Black in that Twitter debate unfortunately.

  4. “…when Ms. Gayle in the math department accuses Mr. Singh for the umpteenth time of stealing her lunch, which was clearly marked in the faculty lounge. And if she’s packing heat? No bueno…”

    I don’t want a person who turns homicidal over a lunch anywhere near my children. Faculty who allow a woman like that (Ms Gayle) to raimain at my kid’s school, need to be fired. I want armed security and/or armed teachers at my kids’ school to protect my children from the murderous Ms. Gayle. She could snap at any moment.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Why do Anti-rights people always assume/insist that just having a gun turns you into a crinal lunatic with no repect for other laws or human life? They have to see the flaw in that argument, and just ingore the ignorance in order to push their ideals. Its so sad theyre blinded by hate for an inanimate object.

    • Exactly what I thought. If it’s only lack of firearm that is holding her back from violently attacking her co-worker, she has no place on school.

      My friend recently asked me what I thought about the proposed ‘arming of teachers’. When I told him that I strongly support it, he flipped: “Are you serious? My wife is a teacher! She would kill someone – she’s crazy!”

      We have bigger problem on our hands if the very people, who are supposed to teach our children and take care of them for half a day, can’t be trusted with a gun.

  5. Perhaps Jason Johnson (The Root) could set forth the disciplinary policies he wants applied to the black students he feels are “over-policed and over-punished”. He should have no objection to applying them across the board.

  6. Why Can’t Getting a Gun Be Like Getting a Driver’s License? A Conversation With NRA TV’s Colion Noir – This is pretty much what you’d expect from an interview with The Root . . .

    One note–anything posted on the ‘root’ is automatically covered in BS and not worth reading!

  7. I have news for Jason Johnson (The Root) there is nothing preventing your theoretical math department professor from bringing a gun in and shooting people right now. In fact on being denied tenure Amy Bishop brought a 9mm pistol to a department meeting and shot three of her fellow professors dead and wounded three others. By not allowing others to be armed the state guaranteed her victims would be defenseless, but I doubt that fact would bother a pedantic anti-gun twit like Mr. Johnson.

  8. Arms would also include:cannons…mortars…bazookas…mines…machine guns…anti-tank weapons…ground to air portable missile systems…hand grenades…just sayin’…
    weapons and ammunition; armaments.
    “they were subjugated by force of arms”
    synonyms: weapons, weaponry, firearms, guns, ordnance, artillery, armaments, munitions, matériel
    “the illegal export of arms” – Google

  9. So this Wesson boob thinks his opinion matters?!? Shades of that Mossberg idiot…they’re using WW1 guns in Canada aaaa?#? Way to keep up hoser. I don’t tweet. I just deleted a dozen Fakebook groups to reduce my footprint(lol). Didn’t TTAG do a Brad Thor book review?

    • Canadian Rangers stayed with bolt action simply due to the fact they patrol in very, very cold weather.

      The specifications call for reliability at minus 60. The oil for most autos freezes well before then.

      • In Arctic conditions you will want a gun that works first time every time.

        UN forces in Korea during the Korean War learned that alcohol is a good low temperature lubricant, that can lubricate the gun and the user.

        In the No4 Lee-Enfield, they had a rifle that worked in the worst conditions allowing rapid follow-up shots, in a caliber that was powerful enough and controllable enough for most people to use. I just hope the Tikka variant has a 10-round magazine that can be loaded from stripper clips.

      • Bolt guns don’t need lubrication? Or do bolt guns have magical lube that can’t be used on a semi-auto?

        • Bolt guns can run with a whole lot less lube than a semi-auto. Muscle power works the bolt. Being stainless, they won’t need as much rust protection.

          Plus the Canadian Rangers are for the most part a self supplied militia operating in remote areas. I can see them not wanting a rifle that requires the latest wonder lube to work at -70F.

  10. TTAG has alreadfy begun turning left. No doubt they’ll keep on this track well enough to join NASCAR.

  11. Didn’t American schools have gun safety classes in the past? Doesn’t every anti gun person want people to be trained like they are for driving? Don’t kids learn to drive at 15 years old? Then kids should have classes on properly using and handling guns just like they would for safe sex or safe driving. If a teacher can teach you how to put on a condom, they should be able to teach you how to handle a gun.

    • I graduated HS in 1964. There were no classes teaching us how to put on a condom nor how to handle a gun. Maybe even farther back.

  12. I would start by asking the parent company of Smith & Wesson, American Outdoor Brands Corporation, to push for gun-violence research. Since 1996 the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been severely restricted in researching gun violence. If gun manufacturers are truly responsible organizations, they should wholeheartedly want to back this research as a public health concern. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the C.D.C. from 2009 to 2017, asked Congress repeatedly to fund research in gun-violence prevention but never succeeded. …

    Same BS over and over again. The CDC budget was slashed not because they were researching “gun violence.” It was slashed because they had an agenda and their top man stated “We’re going to systematically build a case that owning firearms causes deaths. We’re doing the most we can do, given the political realities.”. That’s means he would make certain the data fit the agenda. No f****** thanks morons.

    History people. Read it. Here you go:

    Of course these people probably know this already and are just immoral conniving liars trying to effectuate their utopia by force on everyone else like the little totalitarians that they are.

  13. The reason the Canadian Rangers carry a bolt-action is because they need a dead-nuts reliable rifle for extreme weather conditions. It has to be chambered in a powerful enough cartridge to stop a polar bear, and it should need a minimum amount of maintenance. The patrols are sovereignty-related, primarily. If a war ever broke out that required the use of more modern rifles up north we’d have bigger things to worry about- like iodine pills.

  14. You could say that magazine capacity limits don’t have much of an affect on mass killings in gun free zones because they have all the time to reload they need. Capacity limits are a major negative for defending yourself in scenarios like a home invasion by multiple attackers as you have various people coming for you at the same time.

  15. This is an article that proves the Leftists want us eliminated :

    “At some point, one side or the other must win — and win big. The side resisting change, usually the one most rooted in the past systems and incumbent interests, must be thoroughly defeated — not just for a political cycle or two, but for a generation or two. That gives the winning party or movement the time and space needed to really build up the next system without always fighting rear-guard actions and getting drawn backwards.”

    “The next system”.

    I wonder what could be for a dedicated Leftist?

  16. A military force using a bolt-action rifle as standard may sound like a FUDD move until you see their mission and operating terrain. They use their rifles almost exclusively for hunting or as defense against large predators. They need to operate in temps as low as -50 degrees or so… centigrade. They go on long patrols that might have weather extremes.

    All in all it makes sense to have a rifle that is bullet-proof in terms of reliability and requires little upkeep in the field. The chance of the getting into a firefight is extremely low in comparison to needing to take game anyway.

    • -50 degrees Celsius (centigrade) is -58 degrees Fahrenheit. The conversion works funny.

  17. The title of The NY Times article is misleading. This descendant of DB Wesson is not, nor has never been a “gun maker”. Her cited example of DB wanting to make guns safer is only part of a recollected “story”. Furthermore, she undermines her entire premise by saying she has “no way to know, but I’d like to believe that DB Wesson would want more gun control”. Smh. This woman belongs in a concentration camp along with the other millions of Liberal Terrorists™️.

  18. I love the gun violence research trope. They think if they keep spinning the wheel eventually it will land on It’s the Fault of Old Conservative White Guys.

    They reality they are working so hard to avoid is that the people that drive homicide numbers, and all crime for that matter, are black men. The majority of these criminals are frequent fliers in criminal justice system. They are on the streets, and able to kill, because they live in liberal democratically run urban areas that embrace criminality.

    Gun control is simply liberal areas attempting to shift the costs of their crappy social policies onto America.

    • And the reason CDC was pulled out of the gun “research” business is that it was conceived and executed in order to make the taxpayer fund the never ending campaign for more and more and more gun control laws enacted by more and more Democrats. It was theft, pure and simple, and will be again if they get their way. Pretending guns are a disease is so stupid only Democrats could accept it.

  19. If I lived in an ice sickle, Id prefer a bolt action, and a hammer. I like semi autos, but I don’t have my dick stuck up a snowshoe hare’s ass either..RCMP. off topic >>>So when’s these sons a bitches goin come and take my gunz?

  20. This is the organization that this speaker wants put in charge of YOU, and your property!
    A pull quote from the above, by RFK Jr.: “CDC is a cesspool of corruption …”
    So THAT is the organization that some descendant of the founder of S&W wants to force the company to support. Is any more information needed to decide what that guy’s character is like? Does it matter much who his great great grandparent was?

  21. “This Gun Maker Wanted Safe Guns”

    Gun makers and owners continue to be remarkably invested in making guns safer, for generations. Safeties, trigger interlocks, etc. etc. It takes 5-6 precise steps in order to make a modern firearm go off. Then exactly one thing, done right, will make it go off.

    This industry gets freaked out when a firearm model goes off when dropped, hard enough, at exactly the right angle, with a cartridge in battery and the firing mechanism ready.

    Research and new development is roughly 1/3 safety of operations, 1/3 usability and ergonomics, and 1/3 to do with making it go bang 7 throw things. Who does this?

    Technical “gun safety” measures from the anti’s all come down to ways of making the thing not go off when the operator has pointed it and tried to fire. Maybe focus on the operator not trying to shoot at things that shouldn’t get shot. That seems to be where the leverage is. (Just sayin.)

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