West Virginia Mom Stops Kidnapping
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Let’s go through this again, because it’s important to repeat it. The Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex and their compliant stenographers in the mainstream media love to spout the number of people who are killed with firearms in this country every year. And every one of them is a tragedy.

Yet they somehow fail to balance that information with the other side of the equation, i.e. the number of people who use firearms to defend themselves and their families. People who — usually without ever pulling a trigger — stop robberies, rapes, assaults, home invasions, murders and, as in the story below, kidnappings.

By most estimates, it happens over a million times every year. It happens every day, all over the country (see a few of the instances we highlight here). It happened Monday in West Virginia.

BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (AP) — Police in West Virginia say a man was trying to abduct a child at a mall when the mother stopped him by pulling out a gun.

News outlets report 54-year-old Mohamed Fathy Hussein Zayan of Alexandria, Egypt, was arraigned Monday night in Cabell County Magistrate Court on a felony charge of attempted abduction.

According to a criminal complaint, a woman was shopping with her 5-year-old daughter at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville when a man grabbed the girl by the hair and tried to pull her away. Police say the mother pulled out a gun and told the suspect to let go of the child. The man released the child and was later detained by mall security and Barboursville police near a food court.

Zayan was being jailed on $200,000 cash bond. Jail records didn’t indicate whether he has an attorney.

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  1. Somehow I get the feeling he may not do well in the WV prison system…. or after he gets out.

        • Yeah, like it or not, for the child’s peace of mind, not making pink pulp out of his brains is in her best interest. However, if he does go to our jail system, the prison officers should put him in common prison population, and leak why he is there. The prisoners will do the rest.

        • If she had followed your advice and blew his head off, she’d be facing murder charges now. Apparently, not only did she lie about the incident, she lied about having a gun so she’s only facing false reporting charges in six months in jail.

          Another good guy with a gun goes down.

  2. Mom was 10-8. Child was lucky. Got a feeling that a state like West Virginia is going to take a dim view of this guy.

      • Usually anyone that commits a crime against children and goes to jail gets treated poorly. I learned this from my priest who would hold mass at one of the prisons in my state.

      • Yes I knew of one such case and the man did not live until morning (in a Mexican jail overnight) for abusing a 5 year old little girl.

    • This was complete bullshit, she lied and accused an innocent man.

      Just more religious prejudice. What is sad is all the folks on this forum pre-judging without having any actual knowledge of the incident.

      No problem, it looks like the American jurisprudence system will work and send this woman to jail very soon, her trial is starting now.

  3. Some day before I die, I’d love to see even one story like this on MSM, without portraying the victim with the gun as the aggressive ” gun nut”. Havent won the lottery yet, either.😥

    • STOP calling them the Mainstream Media. Call them what they have become and what I have been calling them for years: Liberal Controlled Media.

    • Except the mother lied you idiot. No one tried to kidnap her little honey booboo. She lied about the man and now reinforced prejudice views here by a bunch of racists.
      Not holding my breath for any retraction.

      The good guy with a gun is a myth.

    • The main stream media has carried this story, in detail.

      You might want to check out the current main stream media reporting, you’ll learn that the woman is on trial for false reporting and facing six months in prison.

      It looks like it was the Christian who was doing the lying, the Muslim guy was just a hard-working engineer in town for a job.

      Isn’t that weird?

  4. what is the back-story on this, are the lady and the perp related? is the kid a family member of the male?and MOST IMPORTANT WHO’S JAIL IS THE PERP IN, FED OR STATE???

    • Cabell County is local. They have their own jail on site. It’s in downtown Huntington. There’s the county courthouse on one corner, city police on the other and the Federal building on the 3rd. The fourth corner at that intersection is a gas station.

      At least that was the set up when I worked for the feds there 30+ years ago.

      I’m no expert but from the post I can’t see this being a federal crime.

      • Ya, wouldn’t be federal until a state line was crossed. Then the FBI has jurisdiction.

      • Things have changed, this man was held in the Western regional jail, actually near the mall where he was arrested.

        And the woman’s story was total BS, the man never even approached her child, complete fabrication on her part.

        And now, she is on trial for false reporting and facing six months in prison.

  5. My question would be why didn’t she pull the trigger. If there was ever a reason to shoot someone, it would be someone trying to harm/kidnap/whatever evil to your child…I hope the guy ends up in a state high security prison, he was last about 3 days given his propensity to for little girls. You know he will do it again sooner or later. The next time it might be somebody you know…

    • Thing to do is check his previous addresses and see if anyone went missing in the general area while he was at that address.

      This might be the first time he tried it… and it might be the first time he got caught.

    • He probably saw the gun and bolted and the mom probably didn’t have a good shot to drop him.

      • Not to mention killing someone in front of your 5 year old maybe isn’t ideal for their psychological development. If the kid was a little older maybe.

        • Didn’t say anything about “killing” the perp, just “pull the trigger” – you know, “stop the threat.”

          I think the 5 year old would get over it pretty quick, either way. Lot quicker than she would have gotten over him getting away with her. Kids are a lot tougher than people are willing to give them credit for and coddling them is how we wind up with should-be adults in colleges and universities looking for “safe spaces” when their feelings are hurt.

    • Because according to WOWK 13:
      “During the interview with the mother, detectives say they discovered more inconsistencies to the original statement. She eventually told detectives that she might have misjudged the suspect’s actions, overreacted to the uninvited touching of her daughter, and misinterpreted the intentions of Zayan.

      The mother also told police the more she thought about it, the more she realized it might have been a cultural misunderstanding and Zayan might have just been patting her daughter on the head and smiling.”
      That’s why.

      • If you are a white old man going to run for President it’s okay to touch little girls and women like that. Totally normal for an American stranger to touch your kids like that. If your name is Mohamed and you’re not American, the guns come out real quick and you get charged with kidnapping.

        • Enough with the race card already! Personally, I think it was just another Smollet deal to cast gun owners in the worst possible light.

        • She did not shoot him. She scared him. What do you do in a split second decision? Let your child be taken then think about it? These are scary times. You don’t know if she has a prejudiced bone in her body. I’m not racist at all and I would do the exact thing no matter what color or ethnicity. Keep your hands to yourself, don’t touch other people’s kids, property or animal without asking and that’s that. Easy. And Biden is wrong in every single aspect whether or not he smelled their hair. It’s not natural one bit what he does. You do not touch another person without asking nor do you invade their personal space. I make people back up whether at Walmart the grocery store or any line I’m in. When I’m done and paid then you can advance. It’s called respect!


    • Think about the psychological impact on her. The odds of her getting PTSD, nightmares and everything that goes with such trauma is pretty good.

      Them there is the second guessing. “Why didn’t you shot him in the leg? “ “Was it racial?” “Couldn’t you have done something else?” Are just a few of the questions that can get asked.

      She stopped him. That’s what counted.

    • My mother or my mother in-law would have killed him with their bare hands. The love for their children was fierce.

      • If one of your relatives had killed him with their bare hands, they’d be guilty of murder because the man did nothing wrong.

    • I’m from WV and a twenty year combat veteran and my belief is that this Muslim petophile will be bouncing off the concrete floor while scrubbing the floor. My homegirl should have blown him away.

      • Mr. Simpson, don’t you find it ironic that it was actually the Christian who was doing the lying? The Muslim was telling the truth and was an innocent victim of the Christians lies and deception.

        Does it give you a queasy feeling in your tummy to know you got it completely wrong and wished death upon an innocent man?

        In any case, the Christian woman is on trial today for false reporting and she is now facing six months in prison for her crimes.

    • She had every right to drop him! Save us all the cost of detaining and deporting him.

    • People who carry a gun understand that once a threat has ended it is generally not legal to shoot. When the scumbag let the little girl go after seeing the gun, the mom had to let him run away. If she had shot him, she’d probably have been arrested.

      People who comment on cases like this, saying things like: “She should have blown his head off…” need to understand this. The law allows us to defend ourselves and others. It does not allow us to be dispense vigilante justice.

    • Here’s four reasons why not shooting the man was the correct course of action.
      1. Most people cannot shoot a gun with accuracy, even if they practice on a regular basis. When a real emergency arises, fear and panic take control. This means most of your training is forgotten in the heat of the moment. Even if a shot is fired, the odds are the intended target will not be struck.
      2. If she shot and killed the man that would weigh on her conscious the rest of her life, even though the shooting was legally justified.
      3. Shooting would also traumatize the child. There’s no way to know how, or how long, the child would be affected, especially if some of the attacker’s blood splattered on the child.
      4. If she shot the man, the mother could face other legal consequences. The man or his survivors could sue for damages, etc. If the kidnapper is an illegal alien the mother could be arrested for violation of the man’s civil rights. (This is actually happening across the country.) Whether she finds herself in civil or criminal court, the financial ramifications for the mother and her family could be enormous, even if she wins in court.
      Repeating: NOT shooting the man was the correct choice.

      • The circumstances have changed. In this case, apparently this was a bad judgement call on her part. The guy has been exonerated. She never should have pulled the gun out. She overreacted it appears. But parents are extremely protective of their children. My ex would have nagged him to death in about 3 seconds.

  6. I again endorse Richard Steven’s 1999 book: “Dial 911 and Die: The Shocking Truth About The Police
    Protection Myth”. This can be ordered via JPFO, Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org. Also posted online at You Tube.
    Bear in mind too Paxton Quigley’s revised 2010 book: “Armed And Female: Taking Control.” Chris
    Bird’s book: “Thank God I Had A Gun”, is also well worth reading. Now we don’t know what kind of
    handgun this mother had in protection and defending her daughter? In video it depicts a woman
    aiming what appears to be a Glock semi-automatic pistol. But whether a semi-automatic pistol, or
    .38 caliber revolver: .38 Special or .357 Magnum for instance, the personal handgun remains the most
    economical, affordable, practical, and efficient firearm for the armed citizen. Obviously there are situations
    where a rifle or shotgun may be preferred. But a long gun, unlike a handgun, cannot be discreetly concealed, conveniently carried, or be readily accessible and available.

  7. You guys are missing the obvious…. ….Mohamed may just have been looking for a wife. After all the desert courting ritual begins with dragging your child bride by the hair. Exchanging livestock comes Later. You should be ashamed you bunch of religious bigots!

  8. And in most likelihood that mall was a “gun-free” zone meaning that the mom was at the very least trespassing.

    On the positive side, maybe the mom was legitimately concerned about injuring bystanders and therefore chose — responsibly — to not pull the trigger. Similarly, perhaps the mom wanted to ensure that neither she nor her child suffered any permanent hearing loss and that is why she did not fire. Finally, the mom may have also wanted to ensure that no one would mistake her as an attacker and shoot her, and therefore did not fire.

    In the end she saved her child and herself from physical harm, other people were able to capture the kidnapper, and no bystanders were injured. Result.

    • “she saved her child and herself from physical harm”

      Actually, she is on trial today facing six months in prison for false reporting because she is a liar.

      And personally, I’m hoping child protective services is investigating her parenting skills. Attention seeking moms like this often engage in behavior known as Munchhausen’s by proxy, where they intentionally injure their children for attention.

      In any case, Mohammed was innocent of any wrongdoing and was falsely imprisoned, looks like he has a pretty good civil cause of action.

      Good thing she didn’t follow the advice of most on this forum and just shoot him out right, because she’d be facing murder charges at this point instead of just false reporting.

      It seems she is one of what Vlad calls a hillbilly.

  9. Mom did well. Bummer the child grabbing animal lived thru the experience, but mother and child are safe and that’s the main thing.

    • This I agree with. The mom did the right thing, and she stopped the kidnapping with a show of force.
      But the main thing is, regardless of your stand on the use of firearms, which I support, that camel
      rider had no right to touch that child, nor anyone else has that right, without the consent of the parents.
      That individual needs to be locked up, deported, and the mother needs to be awarded a medal for her
      actions. I am a life member of the NRA and proud of it, and crime is at it’s low level of today only because of
      we, as free citizens are able to have a firearm. How long, we do not know, but STAND UP and fight for your
      rights. When we become disarmed, how would we stop an incident like this one? Freedom is not Free!
      JD Moore

    • I didn’t see an update saying she made it up. I saw she might have over reacted. Big difference.

    • I didn’t see an update saying she made it up. I saw she might have over reacted. Big difference. So did she make it up for attention or did she over react? If she did it for attention throw the book at her. Democrats and Soros will pay for her defense.

      • Democrats and Soros will pay for her defense?

        That is the strangest comment I have seen on this article.

        I don’t believe anyone is paying for her defense, she is on trial this very day for false reporting and is facing six months in prison.

  10. BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. (WSAZ) — UPDATE 4/2/19 @ 4:50 p.m.
    Most charges against a man from Egypt are expected to be dropped after a woman recanted her story that the man tried to abduct her child at the Huntington Mall.

    • I just found the same update from West Virginia television station WSAZ website:

      In her original story, the mom told police the suspect “grabbed the child by the hair and attempted to pull her away,” and then the little girl “dropped to the floor with the male still pulling her away.”

      Later, the woman told investigators that the whole situation could have been a “cultural misunderstanding” and that the man may have just been patting her daughter on the head.

      Oops. This may not end well for the mom. If it really was a “misunderstanding” and the man really was just being nice and patted the girl on the head, I am super glad that mom did NOT shoot him.

    • The mom should have Jussie Smollet’s legal team take the case to ensure that the prosecutor drops all the charges.

      • Actually, if it’s true she and Jussie should share a cell.that would interesting.

  11. Since this is now a hoax, will she be forgiven by the MSM and Hollyweird or will she face 20 years in prison. Attempting to ruin a innocent man’s life.

  12. And with this development the disarmament loons have something to use. What was her relationship with the man? This deserves a deeper look and if she filed a false claim she should be prosecuted.

  13. Glad this mom released the inner Honey Badger on the kidnapper.

    Too many parents take better care of their car, truck, suv or boat then their kids.

    Stay alert and watch your kids.

  14. She lied. She is the reason people in the area feel they should be justified carrying guns and causing paranoia. He is still being treated poorly and unfairly. Why can’t we see her mugshot?

  15. Wish I had the money to bail poor ole Mohamed out , even give him a ride home I would. Invite myself in for a cup of whatever, then slit his throat ear to ear and listen to him gurgle. Because I like diversity.

    • Due process? You really are a sick F. She recanted her story and will possibly face charges. Facts don’t mean much on the internet.

    • Well you go possum! Slit his throat from ear to ear, what a pretty picture.

      And you would be guilty of a premeditated murder, and spend life in prison.

      Just where does your unreasoning hatred come from?

  16. Sometimes, cultural misunderstandings sure look a lot like racism.

    Love the conspiracy loons claiming this is some kind of project to get guns banned. We’re our own worst enemies.

  17. another Democrat goat roper, cannot nor will not assimilate into this country , like the Anti- American Minn representative.

  18. Mohamed Fathy Hussein Zayan likes them young and we would like him sent to his Muslim Paradise!

  19. The Mother recanted her story!! He only patted her child on the head and he did not try to snatch her child out! She over reacted and pulled her weapon out. He was released from jail and is out. She profiled before she thought🤔.

    • It happens when things get as fvcked up as they are these days. Never know who’s gonna do what. Would’ve felt worse if it actually did happen and she wasn’t armed.

  20. I read the follow up article. The video says she overreacted. She says she overreacted. Maybe she’s just high strung, maybe she’s very protective of her little girl, maybe she’s a racist bigot, maybe the situation was easy to misinterpret in a split second… Which is probably why cops regularly shoot guys with cellphones. Which don’t look anything like a gun….. To me. In a quiet safe place. Looking at a picture. People make mistakes. Nobody died. Someone probably learned not to touch other people’s kits. Call it a day.


      • Mr. Simpson, once again you make it a religious issue.

        Well, the fact is, the Christian was the liar.

        Turns out the Muslim man was innocent of any wrongdoing.

        I guess we need to watch out for those Christians, this one certainly was not truthful, as they say, the truth was not in her.

        I pray, Jesus, deliver me from your followers.

  21. I;m a past WV correctional officer at Moundsville and if he were guilty and sentenced he would probably end up in the protective unit but if not and he ended up in the main population and 0nce the reason for his incarceration came out he would be passed around for a little fun before he was killed. the one thing that 90% of the inmates will not stand for is child molestation or abuse in the WV prison system

  22. Someone should follow up on this story.

    You see, the woman lied. No one grabbed the girl. Kidnapping charges dropped.

    Let see what happens with the gun waving crazy woman in the clothing store….

  23. Sorry, but if she were MY daughter, he would’ve let go of her hair when his brain stopped functioning due to lead poisoning. But that’s just me…

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