grandmother shoots home invader arizona
Courtesy Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
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Someone forgot to tell Greg Hardy that he should respect senior citizens. Then again, a lack of respect for others might not appear at the top of Mr. Hardy’s list of problems. Not after cops say a grandmother shot him after he forced entry into her residence and injuring her.

It all happened in Cordes Lakes, Arizona. Hardy, 42, forced his way into an occupied home and refused demands that he leave. He fought with the female resident and then her husband while the woman retrieved a handgun.

Upon returning with pistol in hand, the intruder apparently thought the old woman lacked the stones to shoot him, so he continued to advance upon her. She proved him wrong.

Not only did she fire, but at least one shot found its mark.

Gregory Hardy Courtesy Yavapai Sheriffs Office

Cops caught Hardy after he ran out of the house and collapsed not far away. He got a free ambulance ride to the hospital. Upon his discharge, he’ll get a free ride to the county jail to face a host of charges.

ABC15 has the story:

…Yavapai County said the case is still under investigation, including determining why he picked that particular home and confronted the family. No arrests have been made, though charges of robbery, burglary and criminal trespassing, among others, are likely against Hardy after he is released from the hospital, the sheriff’s office said.

Good guy gun owners should keep in mind that just because they point a gun at a criminal doesn’t mean the bad guy will suddenly become meek and mild. For some of these people, it isn’t the first time they’ve earned a nice look down the business end of a gun.

Violent criminal predators will see hesitation as weakness. They will try to exploit that. Keep that in mind and act accordingly.

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      • Yeah, if my kids had got started in the family way at the same age most of my siblings did, I’d be a grandfather right now, and I’m still in my 40s.

        This lady could’ve been my wife…except that my wife aims for the heart and hits the groin, so if this guy’s nads are still intact, we know it wasn’t her. 🙂

        • “…so if this guy’s nads are still intact, we know it wasn’t her.”

          AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Does she have a side gig firing CS canisters at Antifa?

  1. NEVER THINK WARNING SHOT, THE FIRST SHOT SHOULD TO CENTER MASS.. the wounding shot is ok if you are a master marxman with lots of combat time .OTHERWISE center mass with repeats..

    • You need to get educated on the legalities of using lethal force. If you shoot to wound, especially if you are a trained marksman, you just handed the prosecution proof that you were NOT in fear for your life. No warning shot, no wounding shot – ever. Shoot to kill. Period.

      • Leon,

        No warning shot, no wounding shot – ever. Shoot to kill.

        Wrong. If you are legally justified to use deadly force, you shoot to STOP the threat. (Whether or not your attacker survives is of no concern legally speaking.) If one shot grazes your attacker’s little toe which stops your attacker and your attacker is no longer a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm, you stop shooting that attacker.

        • Every DGU is different. All should end with the victim unhurt and with mouth closed until an attorney arrives

        • Sorry. That toe graze was my second shot the first is what did him in. Just nerves on the second. Center mass till the threat stops (breathing).

        • Had my firegums stolen in 1979, the detective that came over for the report was shown the ree bar I planned to fckem up with, when, not if, they came back. This he told me,”Don’t do that, go down to the pawn shop, get you a twelve gauge, kill them dead you’ll be the only one with a story in the courtroom.” They never came back, I got pissed one night and went over to their place and had some fun. Didn’t get my gunms back but I did get charged with assault and battery,

        • “”If one shot grazes your attacker’s little toe which stops your attacker and your attacker is no longer a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm, you stop shooting that attacker.”” BULLSHIITE!!! As long as you keep your mouth shut and only let your attorney speak the cops will have NOTHING on you. You shoot until the perp is no longer moving, it’s his word against yours, if he survives.

    • ??? An intentional “wounding” shot is never acceptable in a defensive firearm use*. The defense attorney(s) will play you like a cat with a mouse…then, the jury will hang you. You shot at center mass to stop the threat…PERIOD!

      *not many of us are as good a snap shot as Mcgarrett in the old Hawaii 5-0 garbage man series and can reliably shoot the BG in the gun hand (or the front tire) at 100 paces, on the move, over your shoulder, from a vehicle, with a .38 snubby loaded with 158 gr LRN….even fewer of us have a personal Dano to run up and “book” the BG.

  2. & Dont forget to double tap the perp also,,, other wise you might spend a lot of time in court…

      • Not true. The crime scene and what the prosecution makes of the evidence found there tell a story. Sometimes, more than one story. Sometimes, whatever story the prosecutor feels like spinning out of the evidence.

        • “Sometimes, whatever story the prosecutor feels like spinning out of the evidence.”

          Or whatever the cops say. Regardless of whether or not you win or even if the charges get dropped, you’re going to need an attorney and that costs a fair chunk of change. The only question is *how* expensive this is going tog get.

          I found out all about how much BS charges that get dropped by the DA cost when I was in college. It’s what convinced me that I didn’t want to become a lawyer.

  3. No ambulance ride is “ free “, in this case the taxpayers will pick up the bill,depending on the treatment given at the scene and in the ambulance expect a good four figure bill .

    • Rural counties have declined to prosecute violent criminals injured while resisting arrest. By not prosecuting, they can avoid responsibility for the criminal’s hospital bill which their small tax base can’t afford to cover. Hospitals, which are required to provide treatment whether or not they get paid, aren’t happy about this. Neither, I suspect, are the criminal’s victims who see him escaping punishment for his crime.

      • “Hospitals, which are required to provide treatment whether or not they get paid…”

        This actually touches on a topic other than guns but which is going to become seriously problematic in the coming years if something isn’t done about it.

        All hospitals are legally required to provide treatment. It’s been that way since the 1950’s. I don’t recall the name of the law that requires this off the top of my head, but the point is that they are required to provide the care the person needs. The same law that requires this also had a provision in it that set up a reimbursement system via the federal government. If the hospital treats someone who is truly indigent and cannot pay then the feds reimburse the hospital.

        That changed last year. In 2018 part of the ever-expanding set of regs from the ACA removed the reimbursement feature of that law because at this point “everyone” is supposed to have ACA insurance. But they don’t have that insurance which means truly indigent people who haven’t filled out Medicaid paperwork, or people with lapsed insurance, people who simply don’t buy insurance or illegals don’t pay for their care and the feds won’t reimburse the hospital for losses so the hospital is legally forced to eat the cost.

        This is expected to cause a mass shuttering and/or sale of rural/local/small hospitals. Where larger companies can expand their network they’ll take over local hospitals. Where those hospitals cannot make enough money they will be closed either by the buyer or the current owners (in many cases a municipality that can no longer afford the losses). Projections are that something like 30-45% of rural/small/local hospitals that are not part of a large company like Kaiser will close in the next 2-5 years and leave the people in those areas with zero options for hospital care.

        Something to think about in terms of carrying a medical kit. You might need to survive that GSW/other attack longer in the upcoming years because the nearest ER/ICU is now quite a ways away even by helicopter.

        • It’s happening here3 local clinics shut down because of lack of Fed gov funding. In my tin foil hat, somethings up that I don’t think I will like.

    • Yes, you got it exactly correct Larry.

      John Boch, I came here just to say this. I know it’s lighthearted to say free for the ambulance ride, but someone’s got to pay for that! The citizenry are footing the bill for this perp.

  4. This is really a case of poor law enf..
    Your probably scratching your head right now.
    Ever see the movie “Cool Hand Luke” starring the great Paul Newman? You see, they took the suspect immediately to the hospital and he survived. In Cool Hand Luke, they just went for a long drive with Luke in the back of a squad car after the “man with no eyes” put a hunting rifle bullet in him. Problem solved..
    (All kidding aside of old school ways)
    Now to those who think that warning shots and wounding an intruder is a thought or option to be entertained?
    You obviously have never had to fear for your life in that manner. It’s been stated here several times already. There is only one way to be confident that you will most likely survive and that is by SHOOTING TO KILL! No other option, wake up. After your successful and clear from the scene and call for help, make sure that you put the weapon down somewhere away or lock it up before the police arrive and be outside waiting for them, waving with nothing in your hands in the air and call your attorney before speaking about what happened, as most people are in post stress disorders, which is normal and you might say something that will be used against you.
    Unfortunately, some judicial systems that milk or use the system for money, power, etc. They may attempt to charge you with a crime for protecting yourself. I’ve seen it before and it’s becoming more and more prevalent. It’s just standard procedure for some counties to drum up buisness, news, etc.
    Facts.. Whether you like them or not.
    P.S. Glad Grandma is still with us.
    Irregardless of her age..

      • I don’t use the word and always considered it bad form. However…
        “Irregardless was popularized in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century. Its increasingly widespread spoken use called it to the attention of usage commentators as early as 1927. The most frequently repeated remark about it is that “there is no such word.” There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose. Its reputation has not risen over the years, and it is still a long way from general acceptance. Use regardless instead.”

        • This goes back to the “language matters” debate from the clip vs magazine article.

          A word in use for nearly 100 years is still considered improper or “non-standard” but a term that’s like 30 years old for something that doesn’t even exist, an “assault weapon”, is in the dictionary as a standard definition.

          Letting other people, people with an agenda, control language and definitions most certainly does matter.

      • My sincere apologies to internet grammar police.
        James Godre; Your an idiot. Don’t like my point?
        Oprah has more tissues than Dr. Phil..
        What are you doing here when your true calling is a high school English classroom attempting to bully students with your psycho-mental-ejaculation?
        There, try that one on for size.
        Follow me around, you will become “exhausted” in no time correcting my thumb typing on a cell phone grammar. Or are your dopamine levels already altered so severely that to you get an extended high from being a grammar goon like a baboon on Viagra seeking penetration? “Yes yes, I know what I said..”
        Inspector Clueso

  5. How many times…we don’t shoot to KILL, we shoot to stop. Unfortunately, here in Arizona, daylight home invasions seem to trending strongly. Oh well, time to pour more chlorine in the shallow end of the gene pool. -30-

  6. It happened at about 7:30 PM. Cordes Lakes, also known as Cordes Junction, is just that-AZ 69 intersects with the I-17 and there’s an awful lot of shit that happens there. Lots of drugs and illegals go though there on their way to Prescott on the 69 and Flagstaff on the 17. I live about 20 miles south of there and the local radio station has almost daily reports of burglaries and violence and assholes being pulled over with their cars and trucks full of contraband. We drive past there quite often and can’t get through fast enough.

  7. Why does the headline use quote marks around the word “suspect”? That implies that he is not a suspect. But he in fact is.

  8. If they’d only delayed medical attention for Hardy, they could have saved the courts and taxpayers a lot of trouble and money. I suppose there is still time for his wounds to become infected?

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