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“The [400 pound] bear was shot by a slender young lady friend of mine from east Texas,” Jim Green of writes. “She worked really hard for this bear and has been after him for about 3 years now. She got him this morning at first light. The bullet struck the bruin in the flank on a quartering away shot. He dropped from a single shot, but it did pulverize his insides a bit . . .

The video [below] is fairly graphic in nature. Some of your viewers of a more sensitive nature might take offense. But this is how many of us feed ourselves instead of opting to buy cute little styrofoam packages of meat from the supermarket. Well someone somewhere has to put that meat in the styrofoam plastic wrapped packages for us.

I had to help my lady friend with cleaning the entrails from the carcass, as she wasn’t entirely familiar with just how to do that. Her boyfriend seems to not be overly familiar with the process either. As I said, I hope this isn’t too graphic for you.”

I get the pro-hunting proselytizing, but I’m not sure why the newbie’s gender made any difference. To paraphrase the old saying, God made men and women. The Model 742 Remington .308 made them equal to a 400 pound bear.

Anyway, this is The Truth About Guns. Our remit includes what happens when people use guns. At the risk of seeming insensitive to the more squeamish amongst you, rest assured that no bear gonads were hurt during this dressing process. According to Mr. Green, “It ruins the meat.”

[Click here to read Mr. Green’s “how to make ammo” videos.]

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    • “GarinVT says:

      September 6, 2011 at 7:45 AM

      Seriously, who eats bear?”

      People who know how to prepare it correctly. I have an issue with killing anything that I am not going to use, make money from or consume. So I eat whatever it is that I shoot. Even if the quail I thought was a quail turns out to be a small pigeon (dove). It is working out so far.

  1. Actually bear meat is quite tasty IF it’s prepared correctly. I myself enjoy a good sausage made from the fresh meat. Here in Maine we have an excellent shop that makes sausages from bear meat, and it is very good. Bears are similar to hogs, so if you like pork ( a white meat ) the dark meat of bear is not entirely different. HOWEVER, much like pork, you do have to thoroughly cook the bear meat due to the possibility of trichinosis. I always try to be an ethical hunter. I will not shoot any animal that I can’t eat or use. The only other excuse for shooting an animal is if it becomes a nuisance to livestock or people. To my credit, I haven’t eaten any of the coyotes I’ve shot in the past. I figure they might taste too much like a dog.

    • Went to Japan once. My hosts took me to a variety of restaurants. One was a Korean barbecue. It was quite good. They asked me how I liked it. I smiled and told them I was enjoying it. My translator raised one eyebrow. I looked at him and said, “Mano, do I wanna know what it is I’m eating?”

      “Not if you wanna keep enjoying it, you don’t,” he replied.

      Later that night my host kept gigging me about all things Japanese. “Ah…this verrry nice. Japanese marbhal!” Or, “Japanese electlonic. Varry nice.” We saw an enormous moon over Ginza. “Varry nice moon. JAPANESE moon.” Uh huh.

      Later, we visited his home. He had a backyard that measured a couple of yards across, and about a yard deep. In the ‘yard’ was a very small dog. He said, “Japanese back yard, varry nice!” I pointed at the pet and said, “Japanese dinner!” He grinned and replied, “No…not Japanese dinner. KOREAN dinner.”

      So now you know.

  2. “I figure they might taste too much like a dog.”. What’s wrong with dog? I’ve eaten dog plenty of times (two years in the Philippines). The black ones taste the best…especially with banana ketchup.

    • I am intrigued by banana ketchup. What does it taste like? Is it yellow? Does it go well with pistachio butter?

      I’ve never eaten bear or dog, but I’m willing to try pretty much any food once.

  3. In general, I would not hunt a bear. (I agree in using what I kill.) Most bears are omnivores and will eat anything. Therefore they are not good for healthy eating.

    On another note, if I were in grizzly territory and one was coming for me or mine, then I would not hesitate to shoot.

    • Well — a pig is pretty much omnivorous….. you saying you don’t eat pork ? No sausage, ham or bacon ? As I’m a long time bear hunter I can tell you pretty much what a bear eats. A large majority of a bruin’s diet consists of plant / vegetable matter. In downeast Maine here, that plant food bears like to eat consists of mainly blueberries, as this area grows most blueberries in the US. As there are a large number of beehives here in spring / early summer to polinate the blueberry fields you can imagine they are targets for bears. It’s not so much the honey the bears are after as it is they want to eat the grubs. Speaking of grubs – bears enjoy tearing up rotten logs and stumps to go after grubs and any colonies too.

      Bears are opportunistic feeders and will kill / eat small animals, but this only accounts for roughly 10 % of their diet. So knowing what a bear’s diet consists of I can’t rightly say the meat is not healthy to eat. It’s no different than any pork product and certainly doesn’t contain the chemicals and anti biotics we pump into our beef for the commercial food industry. So who’s eating healthy if they buy beef, pork, and chicken from the supermarket ? Unless you can afford going organic that is. And what’s more ” organic ” than having fresh bear sausages ?

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