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Financially, being a college student sucks. Not only is no one paying me, I have to pay other people. My bank balance has forced me to be frugal, like switching to 9mm ammo for range sessions (instead of my beloved .45). When former Magpul Dynamics instructor Travis Haley introduced a number of drills on his company’s blog, they got my attention. The drills are based on o8 ½ x 11 paper targets that you can download and print. I’ve been using them in the last few weeks. They’re wholly satisfying; way better than shooting paper plates. And now I can eat like a civilized human being. Can anyone point me to similar training freebies?

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  1. I want his eyesight. And his coffee. And his accuracy. Youth? Sure why not, that too. But I’ll keep my wife and he can keep his gun.

    Also, wouldn’t it be better if the circles were spread around the target at random? Just sayin’ . . .

  2. has lots of good free advice, and free targets. Most of theirs are based on legal sized paper.


    Or cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and use it to spraypaint a circle on fistfulls of scrap paper you can pull out of the university recycling bins.

    Also, get a single stage reloading press. If you shoot a lot it pays for itself within about 5 range trips. It helps if your brother manufactures and sells his own hard cast lead bullet heads too 😉

  4. Of course I always end up just using the circle tool in MS paint then printing. But there plenty of free targets to print online just wish there was a site that had them all. Like a desktop wallpaper site with targets instead. I should get on that.

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