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Enter the best caption for the above photo in the comments by midnight Friday and you’ll win a set of six SIG SAUER pins (see below) . . .


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  1. To be able to support a large gun like that, that woman must have a strong forearm! Do you have her phone number?

  2. Reba MacIntire getting prepped for her role in the upcoming “Tremors 6: The ex wife from hell.” She’s out for Burts balls.

  3. Just got back from a ballistic test, shot a bunch of different handguns. It starts at 38 spl and ends at 45.. thats for defense type stuff. 357 kicked to hard for the real deal. 9mm was right on, 45acp was better. 357Sig to snappy as was the 40 s &wPretty impressed with 9×18 mak,but .38Spl was as good. Even used bp revolvers, the 36 navy in the ballistic gell we had was comparable to 357, it was loaded way hot. The .25 failed as did the .22 long rifle, stingers cci kik ass,the .44 bps we used produced to much smoke n recoil to be totatally combat effective. The .45 long colt ruled the roost , but follow up shots were out of the ? We did speed draws. penetration test and ease of loading, plus terminal wound cavity test,. 38Spl. and ,45acp After seeing the results the rest is just selling products. Yes the .25 can kill just as good as a .500, but recoil ,shot placement wound cavity, and ease of operation are the factors in a gun fight. Stick with 9mm,.38 n.45acp. An you 9mm guys will loose to .45, we will both be dead, youll just be dead quicker

  4. I know Integra is a little abrasive, but don’t you think this is going a little far for an April foolls joke Alucard??

  5. Elmer’s wife finally had enough of him coming home empty handed.

    “Watch this. I’ll get that wabbit once and for all. Let’s see his carrot stop this. Muhahahahaha”, quoted Mrs Fudd.

  6. With the right purse off body carry allows a woman to carry more than a mouse gun .

    With a proper belt and holster a larger gun can be carried in comfort all day.

    Reba McEntire has a gun that matches the size of her voice .

  7. The newest model in Barrett’s African Hunters collection. This rifle is marketed to those who hunt rhinoceros wearing Kevlar hiding behind brick walls from 5 kilometers away (or tanks ’cause why not).

  8. This You Tube star was previousy seen shooting a .50 degal with her tounge out, hoping to reclaim her title of “Gun Idiot of the Internet” she is shooting the 25mm anti tank gun.

  9. The key to beating anti-vaxxers is to hit them with the needle from a long way off. Watch me get that Ms McCarthy!

  10. Yes, Ma’am. This will take your husbands balls off if he ever touches that skank waitress again. Yes, from a mile away.

  11. Ruby had sworn some days back……….”next man calls me Ginger”………

    Today………it was to be memorable

  12. “It’s an 88 Magnum… It shoots through schools.” Notice the proper spelling of “through”. That’s gotta be worth something.


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