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Lots of our readers were intrigued by Jeremy’s review of the See All Open Sight. If you were amongst ’em, you can get one for free. Just come up with the funniest, most imaginative caption for this weekend’s photo and the very same sight Jeremy used for his review will be all yours. Just be sure to get your entry in before midnight on Sunday.

[Jeremy Edit: Just to be totally clear, I’m keeping my See All and it lives on my Mosin. The sight for the winner here is a brand new sight donated by See All for TTAG to give away as a prize for this contest.]

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  1. Muzzle energy from the round that would later become the .577 Tyrannosaur proved effective in killing and skinning game in a single shot.

  2. How did you. Bag this, seems to me that a 12ga. Would miss? This skinny thing, the shot would just find air? Yep, gotta go find one of these for my mantel!

  3. “With Hillary Clinton taking the win in 2016, the misinformed anti-gun democrats along with “Heaven bound” Bloomberg passed sweeping nation wide gun control and confiscation. This is what is left…” (Pun intended)

  4. EveryCave for Blunderbuss Safety

    If proper background checks had been instituted, troglodytes would never have owned these weapons of war, and the hadrosaurs would still be with us today!

    Ban them now. For the hatchlings!

  5. “Creationist would have us all believe that the world is only 6,000 years old, the Devil made the dinosaur bones and the fossilized weapons of dino-hunters are the Devil’s handy work too.” said Fred Phelps.

  6. Robert, Dan and Jeremy gathered their punt guns and spooled up George’s time machine to go hunt T-Rex.
    Unfortunately, they only made it to June 27th, 1934.
    With no new tax stamp on hand, the fun was about to begin…

  7. Not a caption, but it reminded me that I haven’t read any L. Sprague de Camp in far too long, and got a chuckle from just that

  8. “As we can see dinosaurs were quite concerned with the ergonomics of shooting, providing rifles with various lengths of pull and barrel lengths, from Deinocheirus to Tyrannosaurus (both held by the man in the middle). However, despite their innovations in firearm design, the assault weapon bans of their time limited access to simple muskets.”

    There’s a terrible lizard joke in there somewhere…

  9. Using the new Gtoo research RIP (Reptile flesh Incinerating Projectile) you get all the hunt with none of the clean up.

  10. GUY IN MIDDLE: …And I use this big one to scare all the Tyrannasuarus Rexes away.

    GUY ON RIGHT: Gee, does that work?

    GUY IN MIDDLE: Do you see any Tyrannasaurus Rexes around here?

  11. Early development of the .357 magnum cartridge was marred by cost overruns due in no small part to the misplacement of a “period”.

  12. Little short guy on the left, a young Michael Bloomberg bought these boots knowing that someday he was going to get into some deep Sh*t.

  13. BREAKING: Everytown For Gun Safety Claims Pre-Historic Evidence For Gun Owner Penis Compensation Unearthed!

  14. Their first night on the job sweeping floors, a 5 minute black out, and nobody could convince the 3 stooges they hadn’t saved the human race.

  15. One of these things is not like the others,
    one of these creatures just doesn’t belong

    Hint, it’s the smart one.

  16. We’ve created a process by which we kill an animal and carve rifle stock from the femur, which then allows us to hunt larger animals and create even bigger rifles. We’ll be hunting Michael Moore in no time!

  17. “God created dinosaurs. God destroyed dinosaurs. God created Man. Man destroyed God. Man created dinosaurs.

    Dinosaurs eat man…Man created BFG (Big F’n Gun).”

  18. You fellas can do what you want, but my old lady told me that I’d better have a big gun when I came home tonight.

  19. You wouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight, so why would you bring anything less than a Jurassic weapon to a dinosaur fight?

  20. While naysayers point to the relatively small size of velocirapors when discounting their deadlines, new fossil evidence suggests they may have figured out how to level the playing field 73 million years before Samuel Colt made all men equal.

  21. Sadly missing an epic DGU, the hunters were so focused discussing the tacticoolness of their weapons, they failed to notice the T Rex. Names pending notification of next of kin.

  22. Also:

    Ooooooh, PUNT gun. It’s a PUNT gun. With a P. My wife would never allow me to own one of them. She’s a bit of a punt at times.

  23. “Breaking News: Hunters of mutated Detroit wildlife stand triumphant in front of mounted trophy! Also covered: Black and white photagraphy makes a “meteoric” return!”

  24. “Irresponsible gun owner of the day: Sir Doctor Walter Huffington, esq”
    …When asked as to why he would shoot a prehistoric beast thought to be long extinct, Walter responded “Well I thought they were extinct myself!”

  25. The 3 founding members of Jurassic Club International pose in front of their quarry, unaware that it is extinct.

  26. Little known fact: Geico’s well known “caveman” series of commercials actually started off using a prehistoric ancestor of their iconic gecko mascot. Shortly after the abomination had to be put down, someone made the comment that it was so easy a caveman could do it.

  27. Headline: Mayors Against Illegal Guns Hosts (Pre)Historical Gun Buyback

    Tagline: Mayors and Top Cops from around the nation pose next to assault weapons cache. With the help of uninformed masses, we might just fool these suckers and their Second Amendment into extinction! Huzzah!

  28. BREAKING NEWS!! Bloomberg moves to close antique gun clause of the NFA of ’68 after tests reveal “dinosaur gun” out performs most military grade shoulder fired munitions.

  29. The 3 winners of the Dept. of Fish and Game lottery for velociraptor tags were startled to learn that it was an archery only hunt.

  30. Boone and Crockett later rescinded their award of a world record non-typical dinosaur based on archaeological evidence, carbon dating, and the fact that the picture was taken in a museum.

  31. You kids today with your new fangled AR’s and plastic fantastic extended magazines. Back in my day, all you needed was two long muskets and big ole hockey stick to take down T-REX!

  32. A more thorough examination of Ms Dallas Archer’s body cavities has led to four additional counts of unlawful possession of a concealed firearm and one count of animal cruelty.

  33. “…whenever we locate a T-Rex skeleton, we’ll scour the immediate area and find, without fail, at least two or three of these specimens…for, as everyone knows, the T-Rex was indeed that eras most prolific small arms dealer.”

    *modern firearm shown for scale.

  34. Three ATF agents have been cleared of excessive force allegations stemming from a raid on the Bedrock home of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, which resulted in the death of the family pet Dino. Agents claim that the animal became aggressive, trying to lick them.

  35. New stand your ground policy-show your weapon-fire your weapon. If the ground keeps moving (dinosaurs), then run like hell. drmrs 4/26/2014

  36. “Dear Dr. Grant:

    I am writing to inform you that your ‘stand still and they won’t see you’ hypothesis is idiotic horses*** which almost got my team eaten. However, I finally have a trophy big enough to hold the gun with which I killed it. Perhaps you weren’t gobbled up because you’re a bad paleontologist. I’m off to go drinking and whoring with Dr. Malcolm. Go to H***.

    Roland Tembo”

  37. Jenning’s, trying to improve their image, Came out with their new “Big Gun”
    Unfortunately, it was chambered for the 22 short cartridge and the bullet stopped after 53″ of travel down the bore.

  38. “…with a muzzle energy sufficient to cause retroactive extinction in whatever species you hunt. Any questions?”
    “And that dinosaur behind you?”
    “Yesterday we were using the everyday duckbilled dinosaur to test the theory… Bob apologizes to the former duckbill ranchers out there…”

  39. News Flash: Dinosaurs used firearms too.
    Fossilized single-shot firearms used by dinosaurs found with “Approved by Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi” inscription. Compared here with human sized firearm.

  40. “So, I got the part where Speleo said he could use a Sea Awl for his new ‘vapor,’ but he lost me with the whatever about a big triangle and scatter guns. You guys got any idea what we’re supposed to be building here?”

  41. When I asked you two morons to find me evidence that this dinosaur had long arms, THIS WASN’T the evidence I was referring to!

  42. During the late Triassic period many dinosaurs were buried with their firearms. Archaeologists speculate it was due to a vast and hastily written prehistoric gun ban that prevented the sale or bequeathment of the long guns to the dinosaur’s heirs. Contrary to the comet theory of popular literature, it was the purposeful defenselessness caused by this gun ban that led to the extinction of the large gun toting reptiles.

  43. Plenty of lulls-worthy entries from people like AaronW, Jason M, Paul 53, Model66, LongBeach, Jaime Trujillo and DH34. But sometimes less is more, which is why Chris Mika wins the See All sight. Congrats.

        • I was a mite disturbed by it, I admit. There were easily twenty better than that. Just my opinion.

          I know what you mean about the science fairs. I think that won one of the science fairs I was in, while mine was a controlled experiment with planarians.


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