New from Magpul: MOE SL AR-15 Furniture


Expanding on their popular MOE line of AR-15 accessories, the fine folks at Magpul have announced their new SL line. Optimized for the new M-LOK attachment system, the handguards feature longer extended side panels and added grippy slats to help you hold onto the gun just that much better. The stock also appears to have been streamlined, and a nifty split adjustment lever lets you move the stock around.


  1. avatar blackspike2710 says:

    Where is the AK furniture!

    1. avatar Adam says:

      Look to the left.

    2. avatar Jeff says:

      Where are the 5.45 mags?!

  2. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    Nice looking. Wonder the cost of a full system with all Magpul parts?

  3. avatar Kris says:

    Where are the AK mags with steel reinforced lugs and feed lips?!

  4. avatar Lfshtr says:

    No sicom16’s either, oh well .308 ammo is pricy and heavy. I need to get a pick up truck, andante it camo.

  5. avatar Larry says:

    And that right there is the death of Keymod.

    Over at you have companies posting their support for M-LOK already. In that thread Geissele (of Geissele triggers/rails) said its cheaper to make M-LOK. He stated their new M-LOK rail will go for $250 vs $320 for their KeyMod rail. Impact weapons said in the same thread they will have M-LOK accessories that day those new MOE rails ship.

    I want to see midlenght pictures, weights, a comparison to MOE v1. Is it thiner, lighter etc?

  6. avatar DV says:

    Rail looks thinner on the bottom side, also extending along the sides of the gas block. However, why arent there slots along those extended side sections? Thatd be a perfect spot for a WML.

  7. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

    Looks cool, but only carbine length

    Wish they would have released the Gen 2 AK mags with the steel lockups instead.

  8. avatar Andrew says:

    I handled that very rifle at the NRAAM. While I really loved the pistol grip and the fore end, the stock didn’t do much for me. The top of it is just too slim, ironically enough, which made it uncomfortable to get a good cheek weld. I did like the lower half of it, the lock lever, toe, etc. If they recontour the top to more replicate the MOE fixed rifle stock, then I think they’d have a real winner.

  9. avatar TR says:

    Looks like you have to drop the sling swivels.

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