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This week’s best caption writer will win a pair of Smith & Wesson M&P Performance Earmuffs courtesy Smith & Wesson. Enter your caption in the comments by midnight Sunday. We’ll announce a winner on Monday.


  1. avatar Vhyrus says:

    F**king Yanks!

  2. avatar Travis says:

    “I surrender!”

    America wins, again.

    1. avatar Phil COV says:


  3. avatar Scrubula says:

    Guards, get these two racist baby-killing future criminals off my legs!

  4. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    There’s a new sheriff in town and he doesn’t give a damn about getting kicked out of school.

  5. avatar Asa Bacon says:

    How England see’s their relationship with the U.S.

    1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

      Is that a knock on them or us?

      1. avatar Rich Grise says:

        On whichever nation that produces idiots that stick apostrophes in the middle of words.

        1. avatar C says:

          Did you mean asterisks?

  6. avatar Fuq says:

    Back off pardnr, one ass whoopin is enough!

  7. avatar Paul53 says:

    238 years and you’re still rubbing it in! Ever been cold cocked by a big hat kid?

    1. avatar trapper2013 says:


  8. avatar Gary Schulze says:

    Leroy was totally unaware that he was about to be ambushed by the Injun hiding in the hat.

  9. avatar Paul53 says:

    Open carry Texas has gone too far this time!

  10. avatar Smoke Jensen says:

    Made ya look!

  11. avatar LongBeach says:

    If you say ‘asshattery’ one more time, I swear to God…

  12. avatar Rikoshay says:

    Hey kid, this is a real 10 gallon hat.

  13. avatar Mark says:

    “Back up a little further kid!! That ear looks mighty good!! Hehehehee”

  14. avatar StuckInCT says:

    Armed American Brothers, 5 and 7, Defend Unarmed Europeans, Again

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      You got my vote for winner

    2. avatar Michael says:

      Except he is not a European. He is British. Damn foreigners

  15. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    In 2014 American influence across the world has been diminished. Thank you Mr. President.

  16. avatar dave says:

    Wish I could have a gun, but the Queen won’t let me!

  17. avatar Usriflecaliber.30m1 says:

    Buckingingham Palace is protected be Americans. Six year old Americans. Armed, Six year olds, Americans. It seem unarmed Brit guards can’t cut it.
    But guns kill…

  18. avatar Bigred2989 says:


  19. avatar KWayne406 says:

    playing cowboys and beefeaters

  20. avatar Esteve says:

    Thanks for the cover kid, I couldn’t hold it another minute.

  21. avatar Todd S says:

    “Don’t worry, formerly Great Britain! I’ll save you!”

  22. avatar David B says:

    BREAKING NEWS: The British are gobsmacked by free men having firearms and large cahonies as evidenced by the Texas youngster’s deadly arsenal and peculiar gait.

  23. avatar Pascal says:

    My 2nd amendment allows me to go “pew”, “pew”, “pew’ just like this, what does yours do?

  24. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Much to the chagrin of the palace guard, the Sinn Fein had been training circus midgets for a raid on Buckingham palace.

  25. avatar paul says:

    kicked your ass in 76 and again in 1812. so what’s you got to say about that?

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      ….. also saved your ass in ’17 and ’41

      1. avatar P.M.Lawrence says:

        Er, no. In 1917 Britain was not at such risk (though France was), and U.S. help arrived too late to make a difference anyway (though, to be fair, everybody thought it would). In 1941 U.S. help was only to defeat the Axis powers, and it turned out that the strings attached hurt Britain so much that there was precious little “saving” anyway.

        1. avatar LongPurple says:

          “In 1941 U.S. help was only to defeat the Axis powers, and it turned out that the strings attached hurt Britain so much that there was precious little ‘saving’ anyway.”

          Putting aside the tendency toward chauvinism on both sides of “the pond”, there was a people-to-people program of aid from Yanks to embattled Brits you should not ignore.
          A poster, “rbernie” at thehighroad.org reports:

          British government advertisements in American newspapers and in magazines such as The American Rifleman begged Americans to “Send A Gun to Defend a British HomeÐBritish civilians, faced with threat of invasion. desperately need arms for the defense of their homes.” The ads pleaded for “Pistols, Rifles, Revolvers, Shotguns and Binoculars from American civilians who wish to answer the call and aid in defense of British homes.”
          Pro-Allied organizations in the United States collected weapons; the National Rifle Association shipped 7,000 guns to Britain. Britain also purchased surplus World War I Enfield rifles from America’s Department of War.
          Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s book “Their Finest Hour” details the arrival of shipments of .300 caliber rifles and .75 caliber artillery pieces from the U.S. government in July 1940. Churchill personally supervised the deliveries to ensure that they were sent on fast ships and distributed first to Home Guard members in coastal zones. Churchill thought that the American donations were “entirely on a different level from anything we have transported across the Atlantic except for the Canadian division itself.” Churchill warned his First Lord that “the loss of these rifles and field-guns would be a disaster of the first order.”
          “When the ships from America approached our shores with their priceless arms special trains were waiting in all the ports to receive their cargoes,” Churchill recalled. “The Home Guard in every county, in every town, in every village, sat up all through the night to receive them…. By the end of July we were an armed nation…. a lot of our men and some women had weapons in their hands.

          BTW I understand the man Churchill put in charge of the Lend-lease ships from the USA was rewarded for his excellent service to the Crown by being made a Viscount. I would assume there was some value to the Empire in the Lend-lease program evidenced by that action.

        2. avatar P.M.Lawrence says:

          LongPurple, first of all, I want to thank you for a reasoned reply based on accurate data, rather than the “my country, right or wrong” sort based on falsified material that has been long debunked elsewhere. You are certainly right about the behaviour of U.S. people, but the other sorts of comments were lumping the whole lot together, government and all, and the U.S.A. as such certainly behaved very badly, taken as a whole.

          The thing is, your material is seriously incomplete, no doubt because that is all the U.S.A. ever tells you. There were lots of U.S. strings attached, they simply weren’t attaced to Lend-Lease itself but to less visible, lower profile things. The U.S.A. made sure to run down all British assets in fire sales for its own benefit before ever doing any Lend-Lease (e.g. many textiles firms), then it took over much technology during the war rather than simply using it and letting it go back (e.g. penicillin mass production was kept despite the R&D and patents being obvious developments, and Canada was barred from getting its shared R&D in nuclear technology and had to start its own CANDU reactor work almost from scratch), and then finally Bretton Woods and post-war rebuilding had lots of strong-armed pro-U.S. strings and financing benefits (much of this is covered by Skidelsky’s biography of Keynes; we know separately that Holland was even coerced into giving up the East Indies by all this, it had been set back so much by the war). All in all, the U.S.A. made sure that Britain and much of Europe were pushed well under rather than allowing them to share the burdens more equally and equitably.

    2. avatar P.M.Lawrence says:

      You should look up your history better. 1776-83 took a lot of French and Spanish assistance and still left Britain with a lot of what it had had, making it at most a technical knock out, and 1812-14 was a loss on points for the U.S.A.

      1. avatar Paul53 says:

        PM, allow the guy some creative license here, please? Show off another time.

        1. avatar Michael says:

          Now its the turn of The British to help The Americans with their foolish adventures in the Middle East.

      2. avatar ThomasR says:

        So P.M.L. It sounds like rationalizing; a win is still a win. We were our own country; we were no longer under control by Britain. That is more than a “TKO”. Especially when we won as a frontier society against one of the greatest military powers of the time.

        The war of 1812 was started by us because of the trade embargo by Britain on the US in trade with France, the impressment of American citizens into British naval service and the supply of weapons to the American Indians on the western frontier in trying to create an independent Indian Nation that led to indian raids against the people on the frontier.

        All of that stopped as part of the treaty that ended the war. I’d call that a win. So how did we lose by “Points”?

        1. avatar P.M.Lawrence says:

          So P.M.L. It sounds like rationalizing; a win is still a win. We were our own country; we were no longer under control by Britain. That is more than a “TKO”.

          What you’re leaving out is what you did not get, that you were after: Canada and Florida. Also, Britain kept a lot of what France and Spain were after, too. It was a three way thing, and Britain’s losses were not simply the opposite of U.S. gains (if anything, France was the biggest loser overall, as it didn’t make any material conquests and the war’s costs made that a Pyrrhic Victory).

          Especially when we won as a frontier society against one of the greatest military powers of the time.

          Except that wasn’t what happened, was it? It was a frontier society allied with’t one of the greatest military powers of the time (France) and one of the middle ranking ones (Spain), against one of the weaker ones. Britain had one of the weakest armies of the time, though of high quality for the period, and made up for that with a strong navy and finances that were used to support allies (which weren’t very available that time; even the Dutch reneged on their treaty obligation to release the Scottish mercenaries they had hired). This was for reasons of cost, different strategic needs as an island, and to reduce the constitutional threat of a large army.

          The war of 1812 was started by us because of the trade embargo by Britain on the US in trade with France, the impressment of American citizens into British naval service and the supply of weapons to the American Indians on the western frontier in trying to create an independent Indian Nation that led to indian raids against the people on the frontier.

          All of that stopped as part of the treaty that ended the war. I’d call that a win. So how did we lose by “Points”?

          Because – again – you didn’t get Canada the way you wanted (which was another motive for attacking that you didn’t mention), and because not one of the U.S. war aims was achieved by that war; those that were, were all achieved by the ending of the Napoleonic Wars and by the 1814 treaty’s resolution of the outstanding British grievances against the U.S.A. (which hadn’t delivered on its 1783 treaty’s commitments, particularly but not only with regard to Loyalists – to be “fair”, it welched on its obligations to France, too). When Britain stopped impressing sailors across the board with Napoleon’s (apparent) defeat in 1814, it had no more need to impress American ones either. While Britain still had a need, it had a right to do so to Americans unless and until the U.S.A. fulfilled its own treaty obligations, just as it had a right to maintain military posts in U.S. territory until then (that was how it worked; Britain didn’t have to deliver until the U.S.A. did, which only happened for the later treaty). So the fact that a later treaty, that the U.S.A. did honour, superseded the earlier treaty in those matters is connected to those two changes, not to the war the U.S.A. launched at all. It all works out as a loss on points since the U.S.A. achieved none of its original war aims through fighting, but only through unrelated changes in the wider world and through negotiating new arrangements that it did, finally, honour.

  26. avatar Erik says:

    “These damn kids are better armed than I am!” – UK Palace Guard.

  27. avatar Jman20 says:

    “He has the right to bear arms… I’d just settle for the right to kick my right foot.”

  28. avatar Rebecca says:

    Well Major. We already kicked the misfits out of our country. Sent em back to England.

  29. avatar tmm says:

    Think you can handle a Governor, governor?

  30. avatar Model66 says:

    Silly child! Your teeny hat forces you to have to open carry, while my hat allows me to conceal a full-size pistol, an uzi, a tea pot, my lunch sack, my dog Mr. Winkles, and a saber.

  31. avatar DJ says:

    A beefeater demonstrates how to employ field expedient cover as used by Hamas.

  32. avatar Stu Chisholm says:

    “Let me introduce you to my LITTLE FRIEND!”

    1. avatar Robert W. says:

      LOL, I like it.

  33. avatar Zora says:

    Billy, look out! There’s one behind you!

  34. avatar Karl Kani says:

    Who won the night vision??!

    1. avatar Toby in KS says:

      I know, right? lol

  35. avatar Kenneth Kish says:

    So that’s what freedom looks like.

  36. avatar Jim R says:

    “The only reason I’m required to stand perfectly still is if I move, this stupid hat will break my neck.”

  37. avatar 505markf says:

    Corporal Smythe ponders the implications of pissing down the little wanker’s neck.

  38. avatar Derek says:

    In lieu of being able to carry real weapons British soldiers are now hiring young US children as body guards.

  39. avatar Bryan says:

    And we lost to these guys…….twice!

    1. avatar P.M.Lawrence says:

      No. Count it: once – and that was only because of the French and Spanish.

      1. avatar Paul53 says:

        PM, you’re British, right?

        1. avatar P.M.Lawrence says:

          I am an Australian immigrant with Scottish and Irish parents, the latter being the Billy-be-damned sort. You should expect any biasses to offset each other.

      2. avatar LongPurple says:

        Don’t forget those German mercenaries. Both sides used (hired) them.

  40. avatar Bryan says:

    Lil Dude, where’s your horse?

  41. avatar Bryan says:

    Point that at me kid and my boots goin’ straight up yur little arse!

  42. avatar Mediocrates says:

    Pew… Pew pew pew

  43. avatar Gunr says:

    You go “Bang Bang” one more time kid, and I’m gonna put this hat all the way down over your whole body, and we’ll see how much shooting you will do then!

  44. avatar Shire-man says:

    Just try it Jimmy Savile.

    1. avatar Michael says:

      99% of the Americans are saying Jimmy Who?

  45. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Beefeater-“Must be American”

  46. avatar last marine out says:

    Look kids only Slaves and us Brits can not have guns !

  47. avatar Tom W. says:

    Even my head dress needs Viagra from time to time.
    Piss off kid. It’s a job.

  48. avatar Joel says:

    No, seriously Clive, there’s a guy in a huge fur hat right behind you!

  49. avatar AaronW says:

    Uneasy lies the head that wears the big furry thing…

  50. avatar rogerthat says:

    Hmmm… I wonder what these young colonists with guns have in mind?

  51. avatar steve says:

    Mini Me at Buckingham Palace….Ya Baby!

  52. avatar 'Liljoe says:

    Hey Britania, I have your balls right here!

  53. avatar bambi schmidt says:

    yes I believe in gun rights our forefathers gave us that right we are law abiding citizeneven if there was guncontrol criminals would have guns when we didn’t have right to

  54. avatar Mike says:

    This boy would get arrested today for having the toy gun in Britain.

  55. avatar AlleyF says:

    1. 2. Tie your shoes. 3.4. Out the door. 5.6. Save the Brits. 7.8. Back to the States.

  56. avatar Bryan says:

    Joey bet I can shoot that off his head!

  57. avatar 5Spot says:

    So I guess its a culture thing over there…

  58. avatar John M. says:

    Go ahead. Call it a “booger hook” again. I dare you.

  59. avatar rammerjammer says:

    Point me at that Hitler fellow and I’ll save ya from the Germans again!

  60. avatar Patrick says:

    Rule 34 of the Internet.

  61. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    Look out Tommy! It’s coming down!!

  62. Father-son Halloween in the UK. “I’m pretty sure this is what all Americans are like, right dad?”

  63. avatar Haiku Guy says:

    You know, kid, you Yanks did not win your independence. We let you go…

  64. avatar Tony Setser says:

    What the Beefeater is thinking? Damn, it’s good to be an American! Or, if I wasn’t working for a queen, I could have one of those.

  65. avatar the ruester says:

    GUARD: “Is THIS the guy who has been taking my anti-gun arguments apart on disqus?”

  66. avatar Bob says:

    Two young Americans were arrested in Britain today for gun possession.

    1. avatar Paul53 says:

      David Bowie will testify as to the term “young Americans.”

  67. avatar Paul53 says:

    You see sir? It’s called a “six shoo…ter.” Now pay attention and try to keep up. It’s also called a piss…tull. You hold it like this and point it at bad guys. You should take notes, woulda helped you guys back in the war.

  68. avatar dh34 says:

    Times like this make me pine for the fjords….

  69. avatar Liberty2Alpha says:

    One in the hand is better than two in the bush…y hat thing.

  70. avatar Scrubula says:

    To everyone, I am 95% sure those kids are actually British. So yeah.
    The england vs america comments are funny but don’t really work with the picture.

  71. avatar Michael says:

    Look at the shoes and shorts. Those are British boys, I should know used to be one.

  72. avatar RogUinta says:

    “Kilt him a b’ar, when he wuz only three….”

    (Re: the bearskin, of course)

  73. avatar Guy Harley says:

    “Oh Beehive you little Pillick!”

  74. avatar Toby in KS says:

    Alex Jones found his first nephilim at the age of three. He is seen here defending his large headed find.

  75. avatar Wheelsucker says:

    Unconcerned to the point of contempt, our young freedom fighter turns his back on the ridiculously emasculated symbol of our former oppression and focuses the attentions of his trusty peacemaker on the true threat to liberty; the news media.

  76. avatar Dallassoxfan says:

    Proving once again that a good kid with a gun…

  77. avatar Conine says:

    Wait. What’s this between my legs?

  78. avatar JTPhilly says:

    Say hello to my little friend’s little friend!

  79. avatar stokeslawyer says:

    Now we know what Davey Crockett did with that bear he killed when he was only three.

  80. avatar Dano says:

    There once was a time in England where No F*cks Were Given.

  81. avatar BenP says:

    “Kids demand ice cream and toy guns has another successful carry event”

  82. avatar KCK says:

    While Corporal Blythe Swingate seems to be slightly annoyed by the young American Timmy Torkelsons antics, he also seems to be contemplating the superiority of:
    The right to bear arms
    The right to bear hats

  83. avatar Matt G says:

    Birth of the term beaver hunter.

  84. avatar AlleyF says:

    Cowboy up in the Land of Hope & Glory.

  85. avatar Michael says:

    Lots of comments from Brits on here. Just go to show how many Brits living in America are into guns

  86. avatar Bill B. says:

    “I said he doesn’t need a haircut”.

  87. avatar Jay1987 says:

    Due to increasing attacks from children high on high fructose corn syrup the Buckingham Palace guards have formed a new unit armed with cap pistols and a vast knowledge of how cops & robbers works to defend the traditional guards from vandalism.

  88. avatar theCRASE says:

    I thought we were playin cowboys and indians. . . all we got is this big headed goofball.

  89. avatar Will P. says:

    Hmm…I always thought John Wayne would be taller.

  90. avatar Paul53 says:

    The open carry movement goes international.

  91. avatar David in NC says:

    Dad, I don’t think this boresnake will fit.

  92. avatar TJG says:

    six years, six shots

  93. avatar TJG says:

    Where’d that varmint go? How’d it get on your head?

  94. avatar TJG says:

    1974: photo op — 2014: child abuse

  95. avatar TJG says:

    A gun grabber lies ready to spring the ambush….

  96. avatar BigDinVT says:

    I’ll see your cap gun and raise you one Beefeater.

    Never bring a guy with a big furry hat to a gun fight.

    You may be bigger than me but my friend’s a more snappy dresser.

  97. avatar Martin B says:

    “No Dad, I want to take the Queen PRISONER!! Her guards don’t have no guns.”
    (Brother:) “He’s right BEHIND YOU!!”
    (Dad:) Scarpers before the rozzers arrive.

  98. avatar TheBear says:

    “Tastes like chicken.”

    (I’m not even bothering to try at these things anymore.)

  99. avatar Eric says:

    That awkward moment when you realize that a 5-year-old can do a better job than you at your chosen career path…

  100. avatar Andrew says:

    Quick draw McGraw on the job protecting the Queen gun in hand.

  101. avatar David says:

    From my cold dead hands…

  102. avatar cmeat says:

    “the changing of the guards will be AFTER the changing of my diaper!”

  103. avatar Steve Day says:



  104. avatar Lane Greene says:


    “I can’t’ move but I hope this emu falls off my head and flattens the baby Lone Ranger here!”

  105. avatar Lane Greene says:


    “I like that gun! Maybe this emu will fall of my head and flatten him so I can get it!

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