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So I was banging away at the keyboard Wednesday when the big brown truck pulled up and dropped off an unexpected package. In it was a hardback copy of the Norma Reloading Manual, Volume 2. That’s right, it just appeared out of the blue with no note. I have no idea who was kind enough to send it, so I can’t thank them. The only thing I reload are shotgun shells, but from the perspective of a non-precision shooter, it looks very comprehensive. Still, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from my bewilderment. The best caption for this photo [h/t DrVino] entered in the comments by midnight Sunday gets the book. Ready….go!

Warning: the web site to which the above photo is linked is NSFW.

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  1. The DOD was testing out their new micro armored vehicle today. Final tests will be performed during the Black Friday sales events to simulate real battle field conditions!

  2. It is an update of the No. 1 which has been out of print for many years now. No. 2 includes some updated loads. It is worth the price just for the history and back ground. The step by step reloading section is quite through and is a perfect primer for the newcomer. Alas powders are limited to Norma. But they are outstanding powders. It goes without saying that Norma brass and bullets are among the very best. Enjoy the book.

  3. Determined to take full advantage of Blue Moon BOGO, Mr. Harris made suitable allowances for any mace-wielding matrons…

  4. Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had. And so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way!

  5. Due to an error in Translation, the Polish Army thought force reduction meant US Troops were now 40% off, and decided to stock up.

  6. Now at your local Walmart, buy one soldier, get a free soda!

    Now available with light machine gun!

    (Not available in CA, HI, MA, NY, or DC)

  7. “We will fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them in the landing grounds, we shall fight them in the fields.” And now we shall fight them at the quickie mart.

  8. “US FDA Grocery Store Inspection Program SWAT team practices manuevers while awaiting BearCat MRAP vehicle delivery”.

    Dr V- what is with this site, dude- its like the twisted sister to RT…:)

  9. Pusher: Sure is great that the government made the military more inclusive. Isn’t it Lieutenant Dan?

  10. Early January 2017. The last remaining US Army Armor platoon practicing for President Clinton and Vice President Chris Cristie inauguration. They are known as the Patton Platoon, after the famous General.

  11. After the last round of cuts to the training budget, the platoon sergeant decided to get creative.

    While Alpha squad defended the beer aisle, Bravo swung into flanking position…

  12. Meanwhile in New York, the state has declared registered firearm owners too irresponsible to be permitted a drivers license. Citizens everywhere are now exploring alternate means of transportation.

  13. Christopher George and Justin Tarr get replaced in the new series spinoff of “The Rat Patrol”.
    It will be called “The PX Posse”. Pilot coming next fall.

  14. New personal cart needs atv sand tires for out door use in sand in middle east and 2 1911s for hand grips for pusher/driver.

  15. OK, after we clear Isle three we’re gonna go for it. Jimmy you take point and Robert you push as hard as you can, I’ll keep an eye on the flanks. Those new Cheetoo’s WILL BE OURSSSSSS!

  16. Due to budget cuts Army reserve troops must now do urban warfare training at the local Wal-Mart. This unit is even letting the special kid with the safety helmet man the SAW. Shopping carts are used to simulate MRAPS and of course no ammo was available, even DoD can no longer find ammo.

  17. In order to combat the Mall Ninja overpopulation problem, the EPA decided to release Mall Commandos into the Mall Ninja’s natural habitat.

  18. “Hurry Ivan!! Faster Faster!! That little bastard’s got the Last bag of Oreo Double Stuffs and the last gallon of milk!!”
    “Stopski you little Shitski”!!!!

  19. With memories of the 1998 Furby Riots still burned into their minds, many parents are resorting to increasingly drastic measures during the holiday buying rush.

  20. New from Hasbro life size limited edition “Comrade Commander Anatoly with KUNG FU GRIP” $99.95. But wait, order within the next 3 minutes and receive the accessory “Step and Fetch Boris” just pay separate shipping and handling. Hurry supplies are limited and will go fast.

  21. “Budgets are getting tighter every year, so in order to meet the nutritional requirements of our fighting men and women, US special forces have been tasked to take advantage of the post-valentines day “food” sale.”–Jay Carney

  22. The latest MRAP development is seen here, years late, billions overbudget, and not quite fulfilling the need. SOP for procurement….

  23. 1. The budget cuts have hit some branches harder than others.

    2. Aisle 7: Soft drinks, juices, 5.56mm ammunition.

    3. Once again, the store was saved from the fiendish plots of the mangosteens.

  24. The Alameda County SWAT Team 3’s “Terrorist in the mall” training exercise took an unexpected twist when two recent hires discovered a patentable strategy for rushing mass shooters. Officer Smith was quoted as saying, “You’d be surprised how well it works, usually the bad guys just fall in the floor laughing but if they don’t it’s amazing how many rounds the wires of the shopping cart can stop…”

  25. Private Gump, who won the shopping spree sweepstakes at the PX, failed to realize that “grab anything you can in 60 seconds” did not include staff members, but they played along for press photographers.

  26. Due to Russia’s spending on the recent Olympic games, they have adopted the new FOPC (Foot Operated Personell Carrier) for service.

  27. After a surprising turn of event Pres. O, unilaterally overturned all prior gun control legislation enabling ALL US citizens to Constitutionally carry. Here we see average California citizens legally carrying legal arms in full compliance with the US Constitution.

  28. Concerns of police militarization reached new highs when Obamacare funding rolled out the “USDA Homeland Beef Inspection Task Force”.

  29. Missing out on the latest round of Homeland Security grants, the village of Boville, Idaho (pop 259) unleashes its own, semi-partially armored (but not really) “MRAP-C” (My Really Awesome Push-Cart) after issuing a village-wide “lockdown” order, in response to a purported report that there definitely might be a possible unknown, unspecified, unconfirmed individual making threats (like “have a nice day” and “tell your mom I said hi”) while allegedly in posession of a potential weaponized poptart-like substance within 200 miles of a school on a Sunday afternoon.

  30. Finally! The crew served ‘Retail Assault Kart’ is available for testing.
    Specs and Features:
    Four Wheel
    Weight: 21 LBS
    Armor: Wire Mesh
    Bi-ped Powered
    Capacity: 1 Gunner
    Speed: Maximum 7 KPH
    Range: 5 Miles on Road/Mall
    45 Feet off Road/Mall

  31. Well, there were a number of worthy competitors this week. People like Gregolas, Joh R, Phantom72, and RockThisTown acquitted themselves admirably. But I only have one book and the winner is Stokeslawyer for his GI Joe crack. Bravo.


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