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Yippee ki-yay! TTAG's photo caption contest photo this week.

Last week’s contest winner was Rebecca. This week’s champ will win a box of IMI Systems 9mm ammunition. Just enter the best caption for the photo above by Sunday midnight to be eligible.

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  1. Every limbo boy and girl
    All around the limbo world
    Gonna do the limbo rock
    All around the limbo clock

    Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
    Jack go unda limbo stick
    All around the limbo clock
    Hey, let’s do the limbo rock

    Limbo lower now
    Limbo lower now
    How low can you go?

  2. “Pay attention to that one, fellas– the one surrounded by all the muscle with guns. She might look like just some little old lady, but her name’s Feinstein and she’s the real pain in the ass.”

  3. “You’re wife will love it, and best off all, this one doesn’t take batteries!”

  4. When you’re done at the barber’s, the haberdashery is down that way on the right. Don’t forget to shine your boots.

  5. Over thata way gents we’ll catch up to the stagecoach and grab every last one of those bumpfire stocks that turn your six shooters into gatling guns.

  6. “so that’s all that’s left after you broke it off in his ass? i’ll lend you a cue.”

  7. As I walked out in the streets of Laredo
    As I walked out in Laredo one day,
    I spied a poor cowboy, all wrapped in white linen
    All wrapped in white linen and cold as the clay.

  8. “No, No, No. You hit the dinner bell so that the ricochet hits the anvil in front of the blacksmith shop, then careens up to the bell tower in the church, hits the bell which sends it over to the horse trough in front of the saloon where it makes a splash. See? Nothing to it!”

  9. Speak softly and carry a Big Stick…er, .50 Colt! Yeah, big Colt! That’s the ticket.

  10. Remember guys, we get to play with 6 guns this week, but next week we are Chicago gangsters and get to play with Tommyguns.

  11. Hi fellers, it’s a new thing I’m tryin. I walk softly and carry a big stick. It’ll catch on some day.

  12. “They told me it would be a slippery slope to give up gun accessories, and I had no idea how right they were. See now, even my Louisville Slugger is on a diet!”

  13. “Cut, CUT! For the last time: Canes out front, rack, tap, Pas de bourrée, step and bump, tip-yer-hat! Ready? Five, six, seven, eight…”

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