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YouTube takes down videos featuring bump fire stocks. courtesy instagram

Our friends at the Military Arms Channel have discovered that Google-owned YouTube (remember: don’t be evil) are memory holing anything to do with bump fire stocks.

In case it’s too hard to make out from the screen grab above, here’s the first part of YouTube’s explanation of why a video titled ‘SSAK-47 Bump Fire Stock for the AK by Slide Fire Solutions’ ran afoul of their community guidelines:

In certain circumstances, YouTube blocks certain content in order to comply with local laws in certain countries. Please note that no penalty will be applied to your account.

YouTube doesn’t allow content that promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death. For example, it’s not okay to post videos of drug abuse, underage drinking and smoking or bomb making.

Good to know. A couple of problems though.

First, bump fire stocks aren’t illegal (much to the chagrin of many in Congress). Second, shooting them isn’t any more dangerous than shooting an actual machine gun…of which there’s no shortage of videos still on YouTube.

So the real reason the wizards who run the world’s largest video repository have taken down bump fire videos is because at least one of the ATF-approved accessories was apparently used in the Las Vegas massacre. Which is strange because there are still hundreds of thousands of videos featuring trucks on YouTube despite the fact that the Nice terrorist attack — which resulted in more deaths than in Las Vegas — was perpetrated using…a truck.

Huh. Wonder what’s behind the apparent contradiction.

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  1. Pretty soon ScrewTube is going to find out that most people don’t come there to watch cat videos and crazy Russian drivers, (although the latter is pretty fun to watch). Keep banning and hiding the interesting stuff and people will quit watching and someone else will start showing it.

    • Yeah, but the shit thing is we really don’t have a right to due process because Youtube is an organization that offers a service that you don’t have a right to use.

      Of course, it’s the best video sharing service available.

      I’m optimistic though. I think a paid subscription service will come to fruition and Youtube channels will flock to it because it will actually pay. Yeah, Youtube will still exist, but it’ll be like Myspace.

      I don’t think Patreon will be that website/service, but something similar.

      • Youtube is an organization that offers a service that you don’t have a right to use.

        Tell that to the Christian baker, florist, and photographers that didn’t want to sponsor gay weddings.
        You gotta make the Left play by the same rules imposed on the right.

        It’s way past time for antitrust actions against Google and Fvckbokk.
        Their power far exceed any other pevious monopoies that were broken up.

    • What I want to know is why someone (or some people) have not used the wikipedia model of a publicly maintained (i.e. open source), non-profit website dedicated to hosting videos. Just like youtube, only no one-side censorship on a political basis.

      • Youtube was like that once but there was too much copyright infringement and too many offended snowflakes. When it turned in to a corporate enterprise (i.e. when the fouders sold it to google for a billion dollars) PR hacks and business politics started to sink their claws in to the whole afair. Its the natural progression of every good thing.

  2. It’s not just bump fire stocks, it’s anything with keywords like bump fire in it.

    Examples like guys who do mag dumps by bump firing handguns with nothing but their bare hands are now taken down too.

  3. People don’t seem to understand the defeat we’re potentially about to suffer here. This is the equivalent of a constitutional carry state returning to shall issue. National constitutional carry and machine gun ownership are the endpoints of our movement. If we let them regulate bump fires, we take a serious blow to the cause. If there is one gun protected by the 2nd amendment it is the fall auto M4.

    And if we give them this, they WILL be back for more.

    • They won’t need to “come back” for more, the more is built right in, with the words; “all other devices”. The knife in the back is baked right into this rotten cake from the get go.

    • ActionPhysicalMan: So the “useful idiots” are already eating each other, long before the elites are completely finished with the transformation of America.

    • Unfortunately that’s the tip of the iceberg. Tech companies will seize web domains, poison the DNS servers, blacklist gun groups from web services… The NRA is probably too large to bully, but little guys should all have disaster recovery plans. The 1st amendment is a paper tiger in the modern age.

    • Should we really be surprised that the statists at google and youtube are pro-state and anti-liberty and freedom?
      Sure they TALK about protecting “democracy” and the “right to vote”, but when the time comes to put their money where their mouths are, what do they DO? anti-vote, anti-freedom, and anti- individual liberty every time. Always pro state and pro censorship instead.

  4. What is interesting to me is not so much the deletion, but the applied “strike” against MAC (and others).

    That’s akin to the state lowering the speed limit from 50 to 30 and then issuing you a warning because the speed camera caught you doing 45 last month.

    If you had 10 bump-fire videos and they took them all down, could you conceivably get 10 strikes and get your account deleted?

  5. When I first cut the cord about 2011, Youtube became my go to place for entertainment in various interests. It has now become almost a ghost town when I click my subscriptions. I had the problem before of trying to keep up with a lot of my favorite channels. Now I can get through almost everything in about 30-45 minutes. I’m about done with the platform.

  6. Well, I guess we have to decide whether or not YouTube and Facebook and Google services are really access services or whether they are just private enterprise. Since the founding of this country we have respected property rights but by the same token if you owned a tavern or if you had a road on your property that was the only road in the region that gave access to major thoroughfares, you could not deny access for the public to traverse your property even though you owned it.

    So, either these services are simply private property in which case the owners have the right to do whatever they want or they are part of an infrastructure that the public needs to have access to. If as a country we decide that these are really the latter, then these services should be regulated like public utilities.

    • The legal principle to which you re fer is the idea that certain places, although private, become the “public square” and thus lost the right to limit speech. The issue was first fought over whether malls had a right to preclude speakers or actors whom they wished to exclude, or whether those malls had given up their right by allowing other speech, such that they had become, as was the case in the 1700s, the public square.

  7. What bump fire stocks, they do not exist. These are not the slidefires you are looking for…

    I am only slightly surprised at Google doing so. I am more surprised that Brownells and MidwayUSA and GunBroker are all pretending a still legal product doesn’t exist. We might not need legislation after all; they are hereby purged from our collective memory! If you say bump fire you will get punched in the nose!

    Dress up as a slide fire for Halloween? Too soon?

  8. The scrubbing of evidence and information continues… For christs sake, who among us was brain dead enough to think that bump fire stocks would not eventually be misused by some jihadist fuck-tard with a minimum of three IQ points to indiscriminately spray rifle rounds into a crowd? Fuck! This one was a no brainer, ya’ll.

    Tannerite? Same deal…. Terrorists…Tannerite in unlimited quantities – its a goddamn match made in heaven. How stupid do you have to be not to make the connection.

    It took terrorists three fucking years to figure out they could use bump fire stocks to commit mass atrocities? They’re fucking morons. Morons. Absolute fucking morons. The first time I saw these fucking things, my first thought was “holy shit, some terrorist fuck-tard is going to use this to commit mass murder”.

    The first time I encountered Tannerite at gun show, I was floored. Binary explosive, and all you need to do is fire a high velocity round into it? Fuck!!! If I’m a goddamn terrorist (I’m not), sign me right the fuck up!

    I fucking worship the 2nd Amendment. Live by it. Here’s the deal – If you’ve got a machine gun, whoever you are, I want a lawful and equal opportunity to defend myself. If you’ve got a bumpfire stock, I want and have a right to the same or superior technology to defend myself.

    You’ve got lawful binary explosives to attack me? I want and have a constitutional right to lawful binary explosives to defend myself.

    How successful would Paddock’s attack have been, if the same technology had lawfully and immediately been used upon him in defense of his attack?

    • I’m wondering if the ATF didn’t sign off on bump fire stocks under Obama hoping the stocks would eventually be used in a mass murder event like this. Playing the long game hoping they could get AR-15s or more with the resulting outrage to do something. The only thing they didn’t count on was that Republicans would have the House, Senate, and White House when it went down.

      If anyone is thinking this is just tinfoil hat conspiracy talk nonsense. That was basically the plan with Fast and Furious. Create public outrage to enable gun-grabbing.

      • When Trump Administration officials and the NRA pointed out that this was an Obama Administration ATF ruling, it gave me pause… When the ruling was originally issued, it made no sense. When any device, even a simple trigger malfunction which would cause mechanical automatic fire was regulated under NFA, why in heaven’s name would a device which clearly facilitated mechanical automatic fire pass ATF scutiniy?

        Looking past the ruling to the real world consequences – one can infer that the decision was specifically intended to create a circumstance whereby a strictly semi-auto firearm could be utilized for mechanical full-auto operation, further creating the legislative opportunity to ban semi auto firearms with the premise that such firearms can be easily and cheaply converted to function in full automatic mode.

        • This has been my thought as well. I think Holder & Obama gave the green light knowing full well that sooner or later, bump stocks would be misused.I’ll bet they were really surprised that it took almost 7 years for an event like this to occur, and really mad that it didn’t happen when Obama was still POTUS.

    • It is also invite-ONLY and doesn’t pull in nearly the same kind of ad-revenue that YouTube still does, despite everything — and what is now is certainly nothing compared to what it was before.

  9. Block those videos, because banning evil death machines isn’t nearly enough, they must be erased from our collective memory!!!

  10. according to some of the guys from Archive Team the best thing the firearms community can do right now is use tools like Youtube-dl (link below) and download and make backups of everything that the thought police might try to delete. if we can backup everything somewhere then even if the content creators lose their original data we keep the ability to preserve our culture, knowledge, and history.

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