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USA Today graphic on semi-automatic rifle accessories

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  1. So… apparently every rifle with a pic rail is now an “assault weapon”… What a load of crap. I’ve been trying to get my hands on an M203 for several years. They’re legal in Illinois, but I can’t find anybody with the right SOT to transfer one to me.

  2. Grenade Launcher? Fun to shoot when I was in the military, but I imagine that it’s a bit hard to find in the civilian world. As are the grenades they launch.

    • The M576 is a buckshot cartridge that chambers in the M203 and M70 grenade launchers. It has twenty 24 grain pellets.

      If one was so inclined, they could have a local machine shop machine a few 40mm brass shotshell hulls and make handloads for them. Also, I’ve seen pictures of inserts that chamber in a 40mm launcher, but they’re a “beehive” round and are loaded with .22 LR. The hammer his the dummp primer and trasmits the force of the blow to this plate that ignites the rimfire .22 bullets and the bullets go down individually rifled barrels.

      Probably not very accurate, but the .22’s will be stabilized enough to act like a giant shotgun round out to 50-75 yards.

      Not saying it’s worth buying a 40mm for, but it’s something that doesn’t require a transfer tax for each round.

    • There a bunch of title one receivers (minus the rifles barrel)on gunbroker as well as a bunch of destructive devices with the barrel for about $1200.

  3. What’s wrong with that picture? Just about everything.
    But, most notable is that I want to know where I can get my grenade launcher!
    The second thing is that all those components have to be BLACK (not blue) for maximum lethality.

  4. I’m not a rifle expert, but doesn’t the flash suppressor mainly suppress the flash from the shooter, and not everybody else? Are they implying that it hides the firearm from defenders?

    • It does work, though; I have that on my ar10; carry handle sights for close range and scope for long range. Looks funny and there are probably other, and better, solutions, but it does work.

    • I have a carbine-length A2 type with a carry handle, I have a rail and scope mounted on it. Looks kinda goofy, but it shoots amazingly well out to 300 yards.

    • I’ve found that I actually prefer my optics to be mounted to the carry handle, especially when referring to ACOGs and similar prism optics. The position is more comfortable, offers wider peripheral vision, and allows seamless transition to irons for CQB. My primary rifle is basically a modernized M16A1 with a collapsible stock, TLR-1, and a Primary Arms 2.5x prism optic mounted to the carry handle. It’s an unconventional and mildly Canadian approach to the infantry rifle, but the results are hard to argue with.

  5. Well the Colt is only AR15 at the top of my mind, that has the BUIS carry handle combo as standard. And I think, but don’t know, that the handle must be removed to expose the optic rail. THEN, you can mount the scope, as a replacement for the handle.

    • You can buy scope mounts for the carry handle… that’s what my grandfather did with his Colt HBAR during the AWB.

      That said, today my guess would be that most AR’s sold are flat-top (probably with low-profile gasblocks too, but there are a not-insignificant number of people who prefer the front sight style of gas block).

  6. The biggest thing that is wrong is the people who know jack squat about AR-15’s (or any firearm for that matter) talking about, or illustrating anything about firearms. If you know nothing about a subject, you shouldn’t be talking about that subject. Simple!

    • USA Today seems aimed at an eighth-grade reading and comprehension level. And by that, I mean eighth-grade 30 years ago– not today. That would be today’s college Freshman.

      If you’re a competent adult, read The Economist. Still liberal, but isn’t written for children.

  7. They are changing forward pistol grip to grenade launcher these days? Man I remember when the forward pistol grip was super evil firearm accessory, I guess times have changed. Ands that is a damn long flash suppressor….

    • They make flash hiders all the way up to 5.5 inches. They’re for silver soldering to the old CAR(xm177) 10.5 inch 5.56 barrels to make them the 16 inch legal length. They need to be “permanently attached”(BATF jargon) to be legal, thus the silver solder. Pins or soft soldering are deemed to be not permanent enough.

    • I am sure that Hollywood can make that happend.
      2000 yards bullseye hole in one, while “fully automatic” slide fire equipped. Yeah baby!

      • If they can curve a bullets trajectory in mid flight, then they can do anything. Shoot 40 rounds out of a shotgun without reloading, hitting something half a mile away with a hand gun, hitting a target with an AR while flying at 150 mph in a helicopter……. Hollywood gets the best guns and trainers, all we get is crap.

  8. I suspect they purposely chose the words “flash suppressor” instead of “flash hider” to run up fear and misinformation that a type of suppressor was used (though calling it a flash suppressor still correct).

  9. They also forgot to mention that it’s standard rate of fire is 30 clip magazines per second. And that you can also put a Laser Rangefinder on it to shoot down airplanes

    • It is also available in a variety of configurations and calibers including 223, 556, .9 mm, 40 watt phased plasma and 50 Beowulf (everyone knows that 50 Beowulf is functionally identical to 50 caliber BMG). it can also be transformed into an ultra concealable pistol version allowing you to keep a Ma deuce in your pocket. This allows you to shoot Lincoln’s eye out of a penny at 12 miles! Dear God won’t somebody save the children!

  10. Yeah, same re-cycled propaganda we always see…scary cartoon of potential accessories (a grenade launcher, really!?!) to scare the rubes who actually still listen. The really effective stuff is coming from the actions of the NRA and GOP…because they’ve already signaled ‘You’re right!’. Once the ball starts rolling down hill, it’s going to take everything we’ve got to even slow it down.

    So all those things we’ve dreamed of getting over the next 4 years (HPA, National Recip, Abolish the NFA!) are not only long gone…we’ll now do well just to keep our magazines and AR15s.

    • right when our hopes were as high as they have been in 30 years….then BAM, some crazed idiot kills people, and half this simple minded country blames gun owners and the NRA.

      • Like I have told many a person, your average American (especially urbanites) are a bunch of gullible idiots and will believe anything on TV or the interwebz. Yes, America is that stupid and fickle.

        Thanks goodness I got my SBR’s and cans before 41F passed. You guys waiting on HPA are f@#$&d.

  11. OMG!! This killz pepoolz more deader!!! Protek da childrunz!!! Sorry brain cells had to reboot after all that derp.

  12. Barrel shroud – futuristic advanced material heat dissipation and isolation device, allowing the mass shooter to fire repeatedly without having to wait for the barrel to cool down.

    Triangle front sight post – makes the assault rifle distinctly and instantly recognizable, striking paralyzing fear

    Black paint job – ‘cuz gun owners are heartless racist fascists

  13. This is exactly why if you’re the NRA you don’t give a freaking inch cuz they’re going to take a mile. Everything in blue is what they already plan to ban. That is a fact Jack. Before some horrible Massacre will happen again. Because of the children. If you will commit murder you will also break any gun control law it does not make sense to think that if you add a couple of gun control laws that that will keep someone from being a fruitcake and exploiting the freedom of our country and hurt people whether with a firearm or with a vehicle or with a bomb or all of these things. Gun control does not work get it through your liberal heads. Not that anyone here is a liberal LOL.

    • In California, everything in blue (except for the scope) is already banned, plus more than what is shown. I honestly still do not understand how anyone is supposed to fire a gun with a featureless stock? It seems unsafe considering you really got nothing to hold on to, but they don’t use their brains when making these kind of laws.

      • @ Kevin

        You’re supposed to hold on to your pecker, and pray to Allah that someone (other than yourself, hopefully the ‘deep state’) will come to your defense.

  14. I’m surprised they forgot to add the claim that with a bump stock a semi-auto rifle can shoot 600 rounds a minuteā€”forever.

  15. I’ll take grenade launchers for $1000 Alex.

    The anti’s have gone full retard. If we let this go on for another week the rifles will turn into rail guns that can shoot through walls at the speed of light.

  16. For those of you willing to sacrifice a bumpstock, what else might help your rifle be a better automatic weapon? A 30-100 round magazine for continuous feed? A brake to help mitigate the recoil of automatic fire? An ergonomic grip for better impulse control?

    This infographic is probably the most honest piece of the leftist agenda you’ll ever see. It’s also why I’ll stand with a niche product that I think is a range toy at best and a complete waste of money at worst. It’s not about the stock. It’s the door you open by capitulating to this sh*t.

    • Jokes aside, what is ACTUALLY wrong about the picture? It looks fine to me except for the grenade launcher.


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