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Incoming! This week’s prize for the most creative among you is a package of Guns & Oil Brewing Co. gear. That’s right, enter the best caption for this pic in the comments by Sunday at midnight and you’ll take home a G&O t-shirt and a couple of can koozies. Photo of the gear after the jump . . .


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  1. “Let’s lob all out beers over to the Jerries, and ask them if they wanna PARTY!”

    “They bring the potatoes and sauerkraut!”

  2. READY< AIM< FIRE! It is the IRS, and I can see the slime coming out ot the exit ports….

  3. Soldier#1 – “I wish this thing had a red dot on it” [struggled for sight picture]

    Soldier#2- “Your mom has a red dot on it” [laughs maniacally]

    Soldier#3- “good one, bro” [runs for cover]

  4. After seeing how this crew did the elevation part, the other men from the nearby platoons weren’t sticking around to see how “traverse” went…

  5. At this elevation the rounds should land somewhere between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, right?

  6. “Damn! He’s dropped behind that sand dune…”
    “Dude… hold my beer and watch this”

  7. “We’re all going to Gary’s later to watch ‘The Walking Dead.’ You should totally come.”

  8. “Why the hell are they making me stand out here trying to shoot down an airplane with this thing while everyone runs for the bunkers???”

  9. Oh shit, looks like the Buddha got reincarnated as a F-22 Raptor this time… and he’s pissed.

  10. lacking firearms but not spirit men of the 1st Indian expeditionary force tried a courageous bluff with a sewer pipe on an improvised stand. the brave gun crew were buried where they fell.

  11. To cut down on the celebratory firing of weapons, Col. Akbar ordered that all machine guns be permanently attached to the ground. I guess this’ll show him.

  12. How many people does it take to man a pakistani anti-aircraft battery? 4…One to aim, one to spot, and two to yell out “pew pew pew” as loud as they can.

  13. Due to the Obama administration’s military cuts, Biden demonstrates America’s new defense system – firing two shotgun blasts in the air.

  14. Sanjay: “You have hit the Zeppelin, well and truly!”
    Rajiv : “Oh, the turbanity!”

  15. Run to the bunker or….. Man the gun….. Run to the bunker or …… Man the gun…… This gun is S!@#!#T


  16. Ninety-nine bottles of beer in the stall, Ninety-nine bottles of beer
    Shoot one down
    pass me a round
    Ninety-eight bottles of beer in the stall.

  17. Origin of the D.O.T. road crew, “Three Guys Watching, One Guy Doing the Work,” tradition.

  18. “Am I doing this right?”
    “Nah, nah, a little more to the left.”
    *muffled laughter*
    “How bout now?”
    “Liiitle more…” *more snickering*
    “Yeah, let ‘er rip!”
    “..hey what are these coordinates? What am I aiming at?”
    “Rookie, you just took out Joe Biden’s Firebird.”

  19. “Are you sure it isn’t one of ours?”

    “I dunno. Just shoot’em all down and sort’em out on the ground.”

  20. The grappling cannon is assembled! As soon as the next plane flies over we’ll be out of this quick sand!

  21. I sure hope that Despot Mutual insurance is good, this bitch broke the last guys shoulder.

  22. This only works if said in the voice of Apu from “The Simpsons” but here goes…

    “Oh, to the loving arms of Vishnu! I do oh so love the on-the-job training the Brits are giving us for the day when we can kick their imperialist asses the hell out of our country!”

  23. “I swear I’m gonna ring a longer steel shot than Jerry Miculek if it kills me!”

  24. For want of an umbrella, a pair of sun glasses, or a slightly cloudy day, then I could actually identify the target! drmrs 3/9/2014

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