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That’s TTAG contributor Alan Brooks on the right, above, who had just taken one for the team by covering Saturday’s SXSW anti-gun confab (read his full account of all the fun here). And we bet you know who that is on his right.

Obviously wanting something to hand down to his grandchildren, Alan used his prodigious powers of persuasion to convince Bloomberg sock puppet and Moms Demand Action gun-grabress-in-chief Shannon Watts to pose for a happy snap.

The best part: Shannon didn’t know Alan was packing at the time. And somehow the gun didn’t break loose and shoot anyone. Eat your heart out, Dirk.

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  1. This needs to be tweeted thousands of times asking her how she managed to escape such a close brush with death.

    • ^This. She should also be emailed with copy and told. Maybe, but doubtful, she’ll have an epiphany about how responsible gun owners and carriers are part of the solution and not the problem.

    • She’ll probably shake uncontrollably and collapse when she finds out how close she was to a loaded gun. Such trauma will damage her delicate psyché.

      Unless you’re suggesting she was involved in some near-fatal disfiguring accident while enroute to Austin?
      I don’t think you would say such a thing. Just checking.

    • Now this somehow just strikes me as unfair. First you tease the Dirkmiester and egg him on, then you moderate his comment? What’s next, handing the crippled kid a set of rubber crutches?

      • exactly. throw the bulls**t flag Dan. Frankly, I think they did this only b/c traffic has been low to TTAG the last week or so and Robert needs to get his stats up for his advertisers. just sayin . . . .

        • I’m tired of this bullshit. Are you really going to stifle the thing that made ttag truly great, the comments, just because of a single article that wasn’t even truthful. Even if we never say a single thing that isn’t pc, guess what, they will lie and say we did. It’s what they do. You are going to keep losing readers

        • How did an endless string of immature personal attacks make TTAG great?

          We’re much better off when we behave with a little class.

          Case in point, the above pic with Mr. Brooks behaving like a gentleman, even in the presence of people who clearly loathe everything about him. The calm, friendly attitude he displayed represents us much better than throwing a textbook full of teenage insults at Ms. Watts in response to anything she writes or says.

          The truth is that even in the post at the top of this discussion, Zimmerman could have stood to tone it down a bit.
          Think about it – if you were a casual observer who just happened upon TTAG while chasing down a passing interest in firearms, what would you think if this was the first discussion you stumbled in on?

      • No kidding. I just love how everyone made fun of me a couple of weeks ago for saying that the censor editing hand was unlikely to be light.

        Registration leads to confiscation as censorship leads to political correctness.

        Nothing new under the sun.

        • Yeah.

          Rev. Paul used to be the sweetest guy around here. That was back in the old days.

          Before his name turned red.

          Power corrupts. A little power corrupts little people.

  2. Alan Brooks has won the innerdwebs for life. No one else need ever apply.

    Someone *has* posted this to Shannon’s FaceWhine page, right?

  3. They will definitely have his photo at the door at the next party. Nice work, Alan. Just confirms my belief, ‘if it’s concealed, how will they know?’

  4. It’s all well and fine that even ideological enemies can be willing to call truce for but a brief moment, but that doesn’t change the fact she’s still a Comment modified. And not merely because she quite literally is; but because the sentiment is completely mutual. Even so, if she has any shred of self-honesty, she has to admit her fear of other peopke carrying a gun has no basis in reality. Too much to hope for? Only time will tell.


    • Okay Robert, I’m going to have to say my piece here. Moderating (or editing in my case) everything, is an exercise in futility, pure and simple. The Bambis quite literally have to be laughing at this. Yes, yes I know…your blog, your rules and all that. But still, there’s gonna have to be some flames every now and then. The hottest fire makes the strongest steel, as the old saying goes. I used to be a newspaper editor, so I know a thing or two about juggling tender egos….or deflating them. Not mad at you, not gonna leave in a huff, but I would feel remiss if I failed to point out the fact that your current policy is playing into the enemy’s hand just as surely as Shannon’s own faux pas played into ours. Besides, what I said wasn’t so much a flame, or even ad hominem in the third degree, as the plain truth. Sometimes that truth has to find its mark.

      Please reconsider your moderation strategy if at all possible.


      • +1

        If this moderation was being done by Facebook we’d all be filing petitions and up-in-arms about it. Remember the 1st is protected by the 2nd etc.

    • Rossi, you say? Glad to hear that, sometimes I feel out of place in forae apparently populated exclusively by Kimber/Wilson Combat/Sig/S&W-toters… 😉

    • OK, so I guess I’m going to be the first to address the elephant in the room…

      Dude, what the hell is going on with that profile picture you got there?

    • Wait…what? What’s the slightly square-ish shape on your left hip? It looks like you have some full size pistol there.

  5. “You know the thing about a gun grabber, she’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eye. When she comes at yer guns, doesn’t seem to be livin’. Until she bans yer assault weapons and those black eyes roll over white. And then, ah then you hear that terrible high pitch gigglin’ and the legislature turns blue and spite of all the petitionin’ and the blog posts they all come in and rip your ARs and AKs and FALs to pieces.”

    • Khan. For pete’s sake. It’s KHAN. I see people do that all the time. I’ve even seen computers in places where all the computers are named after Star Trek characters, named after “Kahn”

      Sorry, a pet peeve of mine.

  6. I’m speechless. There’s too much awesome in this picture.
    Has MDA made any sort of statement on twitter or Facebook???

  7. Alan, I salute you! That is such a perfect photo of awesomeness….man…words really can NOT do it justice! Again, I salute you!

  8. Mr. Brooks,

    Should you ever come to the NYC/LI area please look me up. You have 2″ thick Porterhouses and adult beverages waiting for your arrival. This is nothing but epic awesomesauce defined. This amount of winning puts Charlie Sheen to shame. You are indeed the man!

  9. Come on, if she can’t tell someone dressed like that with that beard has got a gun, what hope is there?

    Can’t tell if his fingers are crossed…

    • Its the new TTAG policy: don’t say anything that the antis could possibly use against us. Personally I find this policy to be futile, as they’ll still get their ammunition from plenty of other sources. Even if they freaked out like they have in the past and wrote a “OMG Dirk posted a politically incorrect comment about our glorious leader OMGWTFBBQ”, we live in the internet age. Everyone has pretty much accepted by now that you’re not going to find a pristine Mormon chapel in the comments section of ANYTHING.

    • Hey guys, seriously, I see what I did wrong, it was an unfortunately-phrased shortcut I was taking–at least I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. I was just wondering what the origin of all this conversation about Dirk Diggler and Ms. Watts is. Re the policy–1. It’s his blog 2. Ad hominems are pretty worthless as discussion tools anyway.

  10. Why didn’t they hold this event at a Gun Free Zone? Everyone knows that you physically cannot enter a Gun Free Zone with a gun, as the magical unicorns that protect these areas will stop you.

  11. I covered the #facebooklistened and #shannonwatts hashtags on Twitter and FB with this. I anticipate leftist moonbat butthurt all over my @libertydwells feed in 3…2…1…

  12. Any person who try’s to stop me from defending myself for their own guise of safety is a bad person….therefore Shannon Watts is a bad person person.

    Can you moderate that logical attack on someone’s character?

  13. Who else senses a Cheryl “Carol” Tunt vibe to her. Gluing up with ocelots while getting strangled, etc.

  14. your comment was not worthy of moderation. i use the treat others how i would like to be treated rule when commenting. if someone said i had girly hands, i would ignore the comment and not be butt hurt. to me you fact stating comment about manly hands (forgive me Dirk) was still in the okay guidelines.

  15. I would loved to have see this photo taken 1 second after he leaned over and told Mr. Watts, by the way my dear, I’m packing right now, isn’t America great.

  16. Awesome picture! Soaking with irony. And Dirk, dang, we really, really have different taste in women. Yeesh.

  17. This thread might be giving new meaning to “Lock Down of the Day.”

    On topic: I still cannot stop laughing about this photo. It’s so full of win it’s almost scary.

    • Yep, we got locked down and not over an empty shell casing either. All it took was a big set of knuckles and Dirk’s unrequited love.

      “All we are saying, is give peace a chance……”

  18. New contest: anyone with a real pic standing next to her while open carrying gets that (expletive deleted) Walther.

  19. Perhaps he got some information from that meeting that could be researched as to accuracy and biased.Since this group is notorious for sprewing in accurate information and absolutely refuses to report anything based on fact,this would be a great opportunity to use their own publications against them.Just sayin!

  20. Boy, Ms Watts sure looks different in real life.

    Her “Official” photos are obviously heavily retouched and very carefully posed. Numerous studies have shown that attractive people have more powers-of-persuasion over others – which explains why they would want to perform such photo trickery.

    I would never had known the above photo was actually her.

    ** “Re: Ad hominum attack deletion” – I’ve watered down my comment to be politically correct and unoffensive. I hope this version is acceptable to the “feelings police”.

    Though I don’t know why you are worried about MDA reading what people think of their dear leader… It’s not like they aren’t calling gun-owners names… constantly!

    I wasn’t even stooping to their level (many of them have called all gun-owners maniacs; murderers; child-killers; Yosemite Sam’s; hicks; rednecks; penile-deficient over-compensators; scum; “cling onto their bibles & guns” etc.) – but merely describing her true-to-life facial features.

    I can guarantee they aren’t removing negative comments about gun-owners over there. So why tie our hands behind our back? Are we not allowed to fight back in this war – and it is a war they are waging on us.

    • I though I was being terse with my observation that Shannon needs to carry a “folding brown craft paper grocery carrying container”. The editor owes 3 israeli super model photos to atone.

      Did you learn anything useful at the coven?

  21. I think the mod must have a crush on Shannon Watts. The critique of her real-life appearance upsets him greatly, because he is in love with the idealized portrayal of her – not the “Walmart lurker” version we see above.

  22. The MDA Twitter feed links to this twice. No epiphany unfortunately. All they seem to want to focus on is the apparent lie Alan told her in order to get the pic taken.

    • Did Alan tell her a lie, though? Or, did he just ask to get his picture taken?

      (And, no, “lie by omission” does not count).

      MDA Twitter: 18.3K followers, 8681 tweets
      NRA Twitter: 213K followers, 4678 tweets

      Not sure what (if anything) those numbers really mean, but I find them interesting…something about digital noise, I think.

      • According to them, he claimed to be a fan to get the pic.

        I was very surprised that the number of followers they have is that low.

        • But, word from on high is that he said no such thing.

          We may never know, but based on character and past behavior, I know where my money would be on that bet.


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