beware blonde dames packing heat
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Ahem! My gun is up here….

Sometimes the early bird really does catch the worm and last week’s winner was the first entry off the bat, Mike Oregon. This week’s winner, as long as he or she gets their entry in before Sunday at midnight, will win a box of IMI Systems 9mm range ammo. Good luck.

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  1. “Just because I hate that ugly-ass fedora you’re wearing, you are about to experience the unique sensation of coming and going at the same time, Dan…”

  2. Honey, I’m not staring at your crotch, I am wondering why you have your middle finger on the trigger….,

  3. Hello? 911? Yeah, I’ve got a woman here pointing a gun at me. I can’t tell how tall she is–she’s sitting down. Average height, I guess. White gal. Hair color? Just a sec…. Brunette.

  4. After the Weinstein meeting, Wanda’s agent suggested she bring protection for herself and the fiscus plant next time she was summoned to his office.

  5. “Ma’am, might I suggest that your anger issues might stem from the fact that your office was built on a considerable slant?”

  6. With this great equalizer I will make you service me until you collapse, never to stiffen up again!! Ha ha ha!

  7. Not a caption, but this photo is (somewhat obviously) from a 1980s music video but I can’t come up with the band or the song. Anybody?

  8. “Ya shouldn’t order the Hawaiian pizza, Johnny. My cousin ordered the Hawaiian pizza once… Once.

  9. She sat in my office with tears on her cheeks and fire in her eyes. This dame had a long slide to go with those long legs, she wasnt looking for help, she was looking for revenge!

  10. Him: ” So your the dame that’s been robbing hapless men of their money; Well the jig is up doll, I’m callin’ the coppers!” Her: “Hold it right there Johnny, you ain’t calling no one. Now hang up the phone before things get real messy………..”

  11. *old timey military briefing video voice*:
    “Think she is safe to take home tonight? Think again. She just might have VD. It’s like staring down the barrel of a loaded 45. In this case, both holes can kill you–dead as a hammer.”

  12. I looked over with excitement as I saw her lift her skirt, until I saw her pistol was bigger than mine.

  13. This dame was persuasive, but I told her I still needed to check out her story. That’s when I saw her piece.

  14. Mabel, Hold all my calls and reschedule today’s remaining appointments; something just came up requiring my immediate attention.

  15. “Some guy named Harvey Weinstein just called. He says you’re going about this all the wrong way.”

  16. “I knew that dame was trouble from the moment she walked through that door. It didn’t help the situation any when I told her I was partial to Glocks.”

  17. “that’s right: mayonnaise, kaopectate, some kaiser broiler foil and a pair of blunt scissiors, pronto. and fill a lunch sack with vaseline, wheat thins, ding dongs and taco sauce.”

  18. Funny you should mention ‘boxes’ Sweetheart, I was just talking to the Lieutenant about a box of IMI Systems 9mm range ammo.

  19. “Put the phone down, Johnny. I’ve got my gat trained right on you.”

    “Not only that, you’re pointing a gun this way too!”

  20. “I gotta call you back.. I just found out I’ve been dating a tranny. And she’s packing some heat.”

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