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Much to Diane Feinstein’s chagrin, the AR-15 is America’s favorite rifle. And for good reason. It’s the adult Barbie of guns, letting you easily add, swap out and otherwise dress up your AR to fit your fancy and your individual needs.
The AR’s modularity lets you add anything from flip up iron sights to lights and lasers to night vision and even a chainsaw bayonet if you so desire. The bottom line: keeping it simple is generally best, but the AR lets you be you. At least as long as they’re still legal.

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  1. How to trick out your AR:
    1. Take all the bullshit off.
    2. Learn to shoot with irons out to 300 meters
    3. Incorporate a qd optic option
    4. Sling it up.
    5. ???
    6. Profit

    • My eyes (not me personally) are too old for irons at 300yds. Ive had scopes, eotechs, BUIS, etc. I think ive found the only thing thats going to be permanently attached to my SBR, an ACOG TA31H.

    • Yeah. I have my 1-4x on the flat top and both BUIS on the hand guard.
      I have long arms and leave the stock fully extended so, for eye relief, I have the scope overhanging the charging handle. No slot available for the rear sight.
      The 15″ hand guard supplies enough distance to be accurate with the irons.
      But for sure, the upper receiver is the place for optics for return to zero QD mounts.

  2. basic 3-9×40 cheap Amazon optic, single point sling, quad rail, and maybe a bipod, I usually use it as a coyote killer, so it works just fine, the other ar15 is only different in the barrel and handguard, works just as well, maybe a touch more accurate. bedside pistol gets the flashlight.

  3. I really like my left-hand Stag AR and would do just about anything for it. But, I do not want the damn thing turning tricks!

  4. I agree with his concepts but his application sucks! Very outdated set up including the nacho chip front sight post. Good advice from the 90’s.

  5. I always wonder why this dude is wearing a suit to go to the range, or to chat on youtube. Is that his business tactical gear? It’s plain weird.

  6. 1. Buy a premium barrel, made from stainless steel (preferably). Get the appropriate gas hardware for your barrel length. I like the 18″ barrel length on AR’s, but that’s me.
    2. Don’t put a stupid muzzle brake or flash hider on the muzzle. Use just a simple thread protector if the barrel came pre-threaded. When I made a barrel blank into a barrel for one of my AR’s, I didn’t thread the muzzle at all.
    3. Get a quality trigger group.
    4. Get a free-float hand guard. Do not hang accessories off the hand guard other than a sling.
    5. Using the technique of your choice, get rid of the slop between the upper & lower receivers.
    6. Sights, buttstock & magazines to choice.

    There, you’re done.

    • why get a free float handguard and not put anything on it

      thats why they invented it…so you can put stuff on it

      any decent self defense carbine unquestionably needs at least a light a red dot optic and iron sights

      where does one put those if theyre not allowed to put them on the handguard

      and some type of flash suppressor is critical for shooting at night or low light

      with no formal training just practice i regularly shoot 1 moa or less to 100 yards with bone stock mil spec triggers in lowers mounted to 4150 steel barrelled uppers with factory 55 grain fmj ammo

      premium steel or stainless isnt necessary

  7. I still remember shooting to qualify with my M-4 just before my first deployment.
    We were zeroing on the short range paper targets.
    fired 3 rounds, waited. Range cold. Walk up to the target.
    I got 6 holes in the paper.
    Staff Sgt looks at me, I look back confused- “I shot 3 rounds!”
    Butter Bar LT. next to me has an M-4 with:
    EOTech holo sight.
    AN/PEQ-15 laser designator.
    side rail mounted “tactical entry light” (Bright, and strobe light)
    A fore grip mounted normal flashlight.
    All told- his weapon takes 10 batteries!
    And he shot MY target!!
    Me? Flat top reciever with 3-9 power sight, and BUIS.
    Staff SGT looks over, and puts a red sticker on Butter Bars’ target. “Aim for the red dot, sir.”
    Lt. mopes back to firing line.
    I’m trying REALLY hard not to laugh, because I just made Specialist……
    Never carry a gun that uses more batteries than ammo!


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