TTAG weekend photo caption contest.
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After the Canadian Mounties fired that idiot Dudley, they went after Whiplash HARD.

Vhyrus won last week’s contest. This week’s winner will receive a three-pack of Peltor Sport SecureFit eye protection. Just get your entry in before Sunday at midnight to be eligible.

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  1. “Stop obsessing about the pistol grip. Having a round piece of wood instead of an actual drum mag DOES make these California Compliant “

    BTW Anyone else think that those two guys look like Yul Brynner and Fred Gwynn’s, the guy that played Herman Munster

  2. “Aim small, miss small”
    “Aim small, miss small”
    “Aim sm….. ah screw it – just hose ’em!”

  3. Those Imperialist dog Yankees send these here Lend/lease – These are made for our defeat, too heavy for strong Russian woman, or even a man. Maybe we have to make a SMG we could hold and fire – Take barrel from old Mosin and cut in 3, use handgun rounds……

  4. Why bother? I’m still waiting for my prize from winning in the middle of sept. My imaginary gun cleaner spray works like shit….

  5. They posted this online and the Internet still told them they each need two spare drums and a backup howitzer.

  6. Hey, did ya see the winner in last weeks TTAG Photo Caption Contest? Yeah… lame again. Nothing ever changes. Who’s picken these things? Al Gore

  7. What’s the effective range of their rifles? 400 meters. What’s the effective range of our Thompson’s? About 50 meters. I think we need to call for reinforcements.

  8. After stealing one pic-a-nic basket too many, Yogi and Boo-Boo learned the hard way that they were not, in fact, smarter than the average bullet.

  9. Comrade Putin, I think I’m going to out shoot you this time. Yea right, when Donald Trump becomes President!

  10. Rare photo of Clyde and Kevin Dupree using homemade assault paddles on their way to winning the Sullivan All County Doubles Ping Pong Match of 1947.

  11. The best thing about a Government Job. No matter where you live. Ammo shortages and gun laws don’t apply to you.

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