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You probably know what’s going to happen in this video, but somehow you have to watch a shotgun slug hit a running weed wacker anyway.

TAOFLEDERMAUS, as he is wont to do, tries out some pretty odd experimental ammo and is apt to shoot his various projectiles at some awfully weird targets. This one, a running weed wacker, is one of the weirdest. He doctors up a super-heavy load in a shotgun shell and gives it, well, a shot.

We’re thankful to have TAOFLEDERMAUS as an official video contributor and able to share his stuff with you. Where else would you see a sweet video like this one?

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    • “Please stop with these videos”

      Is someone holding a gun to your head and requiring you to watch them?

      • Clogs up the main page with a bunch of click bait and shoves useful news further back and I have yet to figure out how to go back a page to yesterdays news.

    • “somehow you have to watch a shotgun slug hit a running weed wacker anyway.”

      Ok, so you were right.. Now, can I have that 2:13 back that I lost out of my life???

  1. Idk if its the new website format but your videos in your articles dont ever show up on my mobile device (windows phone..😔)

  2. How much longer will we have to be subjected to these juvenile games of imbecilic attempts to justify idiots disengaging any thought processes? Oh for the days of reading reviews and learning about the firearms community. These videos are causing me to seriously consider looking elsewhere for my “gun community” educational contributions. After all, I’ve only been shooting since age 9 and now at 72, I find I still have things to learn. That sure won’t happen on this type of stories.

  3. Why are we subjected to such juvenile actions by a group of intellectually challenged immature mental midgets? Oh, how I long for the days when we had some sensible reports about the field of truthful firearms-related subjects that provided substance for education, thought and consideration.

    • Also, can we PLEASE do away with the obnoxious video autoplay on the front page? It’s bad enough to have this noise competing with the signal, it’s worse to be unable to avoid videos playing as soon as the front page loads.

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