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Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday and you’ll win a Taurus hat and t-shirt. Be funny. Be creative. Go.

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  1. Comment not a caption, but the one second from the left looks to be wearing an apron.

    (1) Apron indicates a good cook +1
    (2) She looks relatively cute +1
    (3) She seems to like guns +1

    Classy lady

    • That’s not an apron, it’s a dress with a short sweater on top.

      Also, wearing an apron doesn’t mean someone is a good cook. I’ve been served some real garbage cooked by people wearing aprons… 🙂

      But she is pretty cute. I’ll give you that.

  2. “Since you like dancing with all the women around town so much, we figured we would give you another opportunity. Now DANCE!”

  3. “Former president Bill Clinton was forced to cut his stop in Little Rock short today when he was confronted by several former staffers who apparently took issue with his speech on sexual harassment in the workplace.”

    Please send the swag to your local women’s shelter. I don’t need it.

  4. This was the last thing Barney Fife saw as he fumbled for his one bullet.
    Maybury was never the same after that.

  5. “Good news! They’re Taurus revolvers, so there’s only a 50% chance that a properly aimed shot hits you.”

    • One chance in sixteen that they will all miss then. Also one chance in sixteen that they will all hit.

      Don’t like those odds.

  6. At his first door to door voter drive new 2016 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg suddenly announce he wasn’t running for office after all. He had no further comment, but was seen shortly after buying underwear at the Hooterville Sears.

  7. “In retrospect,” thought Ralph, “instilling my love for Smith & Wesson revolvers in all of my ex-wives might have been a mistake.”

  8. “Take your wives to the range”, they said. ” Don’t you worry about that new life insurance policy “, they said…

  9. If it isnt going off when it shouldnt, it must not be a Taurus.

    BTW: is the T shirt and hat drop safe? If they are recalled how many years of court delays will there be?

  10. “Tell us again who has a big ass.”

    “Ma, there’s only three of them — who gets two bullets?”

    The intruder didn’t realize they each had a favorite body part.

    We Also Darn Socks

    “We gave at the office.”

    “I can hold this all day — what about you girls?”

    “What do you mean, why aren’t we baking? The pies are in the oven — a girl’s got to do something while waiting.”

    “Sally, your shots are always about two feet low. Let’s all try again — aim for the heart.”

    “Robin Hood split an arrow. We can make just one hole.”

    “Mom, the target’s between us and farmer Jeb.”
    “Lily, shut up and shoot.”

    “So two of us are lesbians — you got a problem with that?”

    Restraining Order Backup Squad.

    “Stand still, Billy — the apple’s wobbling.”

    “Now, this is how to perforate a perfect pie crust!”

  11. Looking down the barrels of 4 pistols brandished by his 4 exes, Shallow Hal realized that his surprise appearance on The Dating Game may not have been the lucky break he was hoping for.

  12. I told you time and time again, “Don’t mess with Alabama women, they all know how to shoot and are ready to do so!”


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