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  1. The first and last “bring your parents to work day” at the Pakistani Army HQ ended tragically after a sudden, unintentional moustache-ectomy involving a grandmother and a loaded AK.

    • All these jokes are funny granted. But just for the sake of accuracy I have a correction. They are not pakistani. This is the indian military and that woman holding the gun is the former president of india.

      • Interesting… I don’t know my foreign militaries or ministers very well, but if she’s who I think she is, I went to college in Oregon with her nephew–kind of an odd duck, but a pretty good dude. He was in my Ancient Greek class.

        And in this photo I believe she’s saying “Military coup? Not while I’m in charge!”

        Notice how the guy right in front of her is crouched down behind the table.

  2. “You won’t mind me pulling the trigger since you’re the one who was supposed to make sure this rifle is safe, right?”

  3. Gentlemen…. Welcome to Rifle 101. I am the only one trained to handle firearms in this class…

    • Bloggers rush to publish. Commenters rush to comment. Especially when they’re “working”. Easier to edit the story, er, correct the comment via follow-up later, no? 🙂

  4. A cleverly disguised Nacy Pelosi takes her gun control campaign to India, with tragic results (note the guy in the helmet ducking down)

  5. Joe Biden says, “That assault weapon is too powerful for women to use. Get a shotgun.”

  6. Cheech looks pretty good in that black suit and blue tie…he was heard saying “Hey dudette, keep that finger off the trigger.”

  7. A little-known fact about Indian marriages is that in addition to picking a bride for their son, his parents also choose the happy couple’s weapons for their” starter arsenal” trousseau.

  8. “I’ll show those Paki’s what I’m Pack’in!”

    Btw, guys, she is obviously an Hindu Indian, not an Arab Pakistani, there is a huge difference and they hate each other immensely. There’s a chance there animosities towards each other will end in nuclear winter for all of us.

  9. “Now boys, its called shanthu pottu, and this is how we use to put those little red dots on our foreheads the old fashion way.”

  10. “See how easy it was for me to shoot the cigarette out of the General’s mouth? Its all in your focus and good sight picture.”

  11. And now I will demonstrate what happens to call center employees who confess to the Americans that their name is Habib and that no, they are *not* really in North Carolina…

  12. Ghandi said a peaceful protest is the most powerful means of change, but what they edited out is that next best is a big ole can of whip-ass. Goooooo, India.

  13. “I feel a little safer now that you boys have helped me pick out a gun. Now, if I could just get rid of that target between my eyes.”

  14. In the disputed Kashmir because of the fear of women by Pakistani Muslims, the Indian army has changed their gender deployment strategy

  15. That guy with the lopsided hat & mustache thinks I don’t know he has been after my daughter, hasta la bye bye, comrade, Randy

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