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  1. And here we have Heidi modelling the latest in Prepper wear with a backdrop of classic tank useful in driving to prepper conventions.

  2. Rupert was weird, they said. Rupert looked ridiculous, they said. Rupert will see who’s weird and ridiculous after 8 hours in a tank with 3 other people who had the Chili MREs.

  3. At the dawn of the 21st century, the pencil pushers in Washington
    have finally heard the soldiers cry for updated equipment.

  4. Next we have Sophie modelling the latest in British fashion. Notice that it has a uniquely British flair, but it is still in compliance with all Shariah laws. Every woman would be proud to not be seen in this outfit.

  5. Alright now, Miss Hilton, just place your feet in the stirrups and try to relax and we will begin your examination.


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