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    • I had one of those when I was a kid. Each barrel had a cork with a string on it. Break the action and it cocked the internal spring, then just pull the trigger and the cork popped out. We didn’t have pc’s and video games then.

  1. Temple donations are down, forcing Buddhist gangs to rob unwary tourists – first, distraction with the levitating ball trick. Then, a double-barreled homemade gat in the ribs.

  2. “Donations please?”


    “So happy to be helping you remove your wallet?”


    “Why are we smiling? We are smiling because we have a gun, and you don’t.”

  3. Hey Chuck Norris….Now show me how bad you Really are!!!!
    So…. You really want my sister to love you long time??? Are you sure!!!

  4. Welcome to my sect. Now, if you will please voluntarily join it, and help keep us all happy, we won’t have to shoot another infidel this week.

  5. Welcome to the New Democrats!!! Since you have “voluntarily” joined us we are now going to demonstrate how we keep our volunteers busy…. I mean how we keep our constituents promoting our ideals and desires!!!
    Chicago Mayor say this work real well!!!


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