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The NSSF’s looking ahead at the prospect of a second Obama term and they’re going all in to make sure that doesn’t happen. Wait, that’s not them. Whatever, they’re taking the election just as seriously as their friends at the NRA. The tag line: one vote stands between you and your rights – your vote. They can also help you get registered and find your polling place. Hell, they’ll probably give you a ride if you really need one. Do you know where your candidates stand?

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  1. I do. That’s why I’m voting for Gary Johnson.

    Who else is going to get rid of the alphabet soup agencies?

        • Obama supports and gets support from people like Schumer, difi , pelosi, the clintons and let us not forget bloomberg and good ole rahm. That’s who you vote for if you abstain, vote for barry or an independent.

        • Romney has done absolutely nothing to show he’d be better and his actions show he could very well be just as bad. He’ll get nothing from me.

        • and all barry and his traveling circus will get from you is your guns. I can see the new U.N. arms treaty with barry knowing he’s got your support. Hillery will use her settling the gun control issue once and for all as part of her campaign in 2016.

        • The truth is the truth. are you saying that barry isn’t giving or recieving help and support from the prime gun grabbers oof our time.

          Since I joined SAF I’m thinking of dropping my NRA membership.

          I’ve been in this fight since the 68 gca. I know who the hostiles are.

  2. I live in Southeastern MA and suffer under the “leadership” of left-wing Democrats. To paraphrase Groucho, when it comes to guns: whatever it is, they’re against it.

    Fortunately, because of Smith & Wesson (a MA company), the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) and to a lesser extent the NRA, guns have not been outlawed in the Commonwealth despite rumors to the contrary. While the statewide “leadership” is very anti-gun, they have always been careful not to damage Smith & Wesson.

    I take notice of the NRA endorsements when I vote. Local pols outside of the Boston area have a tendancy to be supportive of 2A and many are A rated. And some of the local chief LEOs have been our best 2A advocates.

    • “Anybody but the guy that hasn’t actually taken away our guns yet!” is their stance from what I can tell.

  3. I have an idea that I think will help the debate. Maybe this has been suggested before or not, but I think us as gun owners/enthusiast should get together and start a campaign called “Take a Gun Grabber to the Range Day”.

    The premise would to basically take someone who is an anti gunner to the range and show them what we like to do. I would keep politics out of the discussion almost completely, because it might insight an argument which is not what this is about. This about fun.

    I’d probably start them off with some .22 type fire arms and then work up the ladder of calibers. I wouldn’t get too aggressive with what you will be shooting, remember they are afraid of guns.

    Teach them about the guns you have, techniques and maybe throw in some history. Show them all of the accessories, add ons and what not.
    Make sure that all safety rules are overly emphasized, and show them how to properly shoot. Wouldn’t want someone you are trying to convert to walk away with a bad taste in their mouth due to a black eye from improper recoil management.

    Have them pop balloons target, bowling pins, gimmicky targets or whatever so long as it is fun.

    If they have a good time, I am willing to bet they will walk away with a different perspective and I am also willing to bet they’ll start getting online and researching guns they would like to buy. More so on the accessories (gets them every time). Thus be more inclined to protect their right to own a gun.

    I’m sure you will get a couple of people that are so adamant about their beliefs and will refuse to go. My response to that is that I thought all of you guys on the left were supposed to be open minded and up for new experiences. What happened to that?

    Just a thought.

  4. I don’t like Romney, but he is Anybody But Obama. If you don’t vote Romney you are voting for Obama. What ought to be and what really is….is usually two different things. If Obama is reelected…you’ll get what you deserve…and that could be severe.

    • “I don’t like Romney, but he is Anybody But Obama.”

      ABO.. ABO.. Jones! JONES!! Ba-a-a-ah, JONES!!!

      “If you don’t vote Romney you are voting for Obama.”

      Four legs, good!
      Two legs, ba-a-a-ad!

      Four legs, good!
      Two legs, ba-a-a-ad!

      Four legs, good!
      Two legs, ba-a-a-ad!

      “What ought to be and what really is….is usually two different things.”

      Don’t wizz on my back and then tell me it’s raining. YOUR own hand will be voting this election. If you really care about Liberty, vote for someone who supports it. Obama and “Obama the White”(Romney) are the same dang person. That’s what the “holding your nose” BS, voting the so-called “lessor of the two evils”, and then telling yourself “that’s just the way it is” gets you. As we move faster into socialism/anti-liberty police-state, we have people like yourself to blame for it -perhaps even more so than the Clinton/Gore/Obamas’ of the world. What a tool.

      “If Obama is reelected…you’ll get what you deserve…”

      Horsepucky, Troll. And right back at you: When Obama gets reelected you’ll get what you deserve.

    • What would Obama do if he is reelected? Ressurect Osama Bin Laden and have him killed again? Romney probably couldn’t even decide what color the sky is if asked. I wouldn’t trust Romney to not turn anti-gun at the drop of a hat.

  5. The ‘pubs really shot themselves in the foot by nominating Romney. I’m willing to wager he will not see the inside of the oval office in any official capacity. Between his moronic statements and lack of touch with the lives of “normal” Americans, he is sure to lose by a good margin.

    Ron Paul had a chance, but he scares the sh!t out of his own party with policies that might actually work. It’s really time to dissolve the republican party and make way for a Libertarian group to take this country back from the a$$hats that have ruined it (dems and pubs).

  6. Gary Johnson for the win, he has a next to nothign chance of winning but i like a lot of wht he has to say. some of his ideas are a bit out there but i’d be willing to live with any of that over what we’ve got now. chances are that romney is never going to make it to washington, and that’s fine with me. we’ve got enough problems as it is.

    i don’t think that ‘Bama is gonna be able to take our guns or even any of our gun rights away, things have changed and gun culture is much stronger than it was in the early 90’s, if i’ve done my reading correctly(young enough to not remember the AWB when it started and didn’t care about guns until after it ended).

    • What has changed? I live in the democrat run paradise of California where we still live with the awb and 10 round mag limits and roster approved handguns etc. And feinstein, one of barry’s crew is putting a national and permanent awb back in the stew as well as blocking the national permit reciprocity bill.

      Give this bunch another 4 years and in the future you’ll be lamenting the good old days of gun rights.

      Never forget barry will have 4 years to change the makeup of the supreme court and appoint a raft of lessor federal judges.

    • I suggest you look at the 2 Supreme court justices that Obama “gave” us and then tell me he isn’t anti-gun. If he can appoint 1 or 2 more, you can kiss all the progress in gun rights made in the last 10 years good bye, and be faced with a uber liberal anti gun court for the next couple of DECADES.

  7. Romney has helped Massachusetts become an anti-gun state. And Obama has helped Illinois become an anti-gun state. I feel like both candidates would feel free to stab at the “high capacity” “issue” without any remorse.

    I’m going to write in Massad Ayoob on my ballot.

  8. I’m voting for the Supreme Court. Any damage either of them does individually is relatively easily overturned. Supreme Court nominations can potentially change things for decades.

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