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Weekend Photo Caption Contest


  1. avatar Mark the boobiehead says:

    “One is for Killing and One is for Fun!”


  2. avatar Scott says:

    The French Army?

    1. avatar Sam Wright says:

      This is how you surrender.

  3. avatar Sam Wright says:

    A cross section of the diversity at the Republican convention.

    1. avatar LeftShooter says:

      Hah! + 1!

    2. avatar v.mccann says:

      Give me a break. The only metric by which the Republican party is less diverse than that freak show you people are running is its lack or race-baiting, mouth breathing liars.

      1. avatar LeftShooter says:

        @ v.mccann

        Whoa, this is a humor segment, pardner, lighten up. You seem to have a hair trigger there (make sure to keep your booger hooker off that bang button!). Stay safe. 

      2. avatar Sam Wright says:

        I give the GOP a ribbing for obvious or perceived shortcomings. Gay marriage and abortion do not affect me directly, but Sen. Feinstien’s AWB would. I am a single issue voter and that issue is gun rights. Try not to be so thin skinned. It was said in fun.

        1. avatar v.mccann says:

          It’s not a matter of being thin-skinned. My comment was intended in the same spirit as the others.

        2. avatar pat says:

          Actually, homosexual marriage and abortion dont affect you directly…..yet. I took it a comedy as well, though the libs do use comedy to get their dirty, stinking, filthy agendas out there.

  4. avatar Sanchanim says:

    An elderly woman held a 100 or so trained solders at bay with a revolver until help could arrive.

  5. avatar Acepeacemaker says:

    A rare look inside the French military training grounds.

  6. avatar Jwhite says:

    Wait but those guns dont have pistol grips, adjustable stocks, reflex optics, and and and… Oh my god theres so many of them! Oh good god! We should ban those trousers!

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      I also don’t see any shoulder thingy that goes up! Just what kind of new fangled assault weapon is that??

  7. avatar jwm says:

    “must keep the sky from falling” and later”we’ll sweep sunshine off the barracks roof”

  8. avatar DJ says:

    This sux. I wonder when they are having chow? I wonder what we get for chow? WTF is that dude doing with a camera? Rifle PT sux, but it’s better than sawdust PT. Man this thing is heavy… (and so on, and so on..)

    1. avatar Ydneas says:

      +1 for accuracy. You some kind of professional mind-reader?

  9. avatar Swarf says:

    I said we’re “gung ho commandos”, men. SOME of you seem to have misunderstood.

  10. avatar GG says:

    ALLAHU AKBAR! Our deodorant is working in this stinking desert heat.

  11. avatar AaronW says:

    Military budgets were cut so severely after Korea, that they had to practice river crossings… minus the river.

  12. avatar AaronW says:

    When you first arrive at the CMP headquarters, you’re shown the extent of their inventory… in a most dramatic fashion.

  13. avatar Loyd says:

    None of them have their PT belts!!!

  14. avatar RIGHT! says:

    They look like the guys in my unit, they were a bunch of horny bastards as well

  15. avatar DanDoc says:

    barrels pointing to their right… whats down range?

  16. avatar إبليس says:

    If you’re going to fight the fashion police, you need more than a Springfield.

  17. avatar Matt says:

    “Charlene gives me wood.”

    1. avatar Guy22 says:

      All I can say- CMP

      I want one.


  18. avatar Fyrewerx says:

    Be confident with Sure deodorant.

  19. avatar Greg Camp says:

    This is my rifle, and these are my pants. This one’s for shooting, and these are for, um, slogging through the Louisiana swamp to go noodling.

  20. avatar Run4 says:

    “Life immitates toys: A collection of those useless guys from your green army men box.”

  21. avatar Deus Imperator says:

    “Man, I can’t wait until these things are made of plastic and aluminum!”

  22. avatar LeftShooter says:

    The TTAG editorial team begin each day doing morning calisthenics.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Now that’s excellent.

      I hereby nominate this caption for winner!

    2. avatar Dan Zimmerman says:


  23. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Aid speaking to general at inspection:
    Aren’t those Ralph Lauren knickers sharp? We may not have the strongest Army in the world, but by God we do have the best dressed!

  24. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Government bean counter to secretary of defense:
    Those “one size fits all pants” are pure genius sir … we’ll be able to afford tanks now with the savings!

  25. avatar OODALOOP says:

    Damn, I wish there was a better way to hold up my pants!

  26. avatar Donnie says:

    “If their pants were any higher they’d be called shirts”

  27. avatar gemalo says:

    Aarrrmy training, sir! That’s a fact jack!

  28. avatar Paul says:

    “I can not believe we are being robbed!”

  29. avatar Lemming says:

    There’s an MST3k “Poopy Suit” joke in there somewhere.

    1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

      Starring in the MST3K remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” excited Woodie a lot!!! Either that or he is the poster child for the New French Armies Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Division!!!!

  30. avatar Aragorn says:

    Whens the flood?

  31. avatar Troy says:


  32. avatar smwlce says:

    pre WW2 and pearl harbor US military. unprepared, ill-equipped, while our mighty industries were sleeping and we were still hoping germany and japan would mind their own business.

    1. avatar RIGHT! says:

      We were trying to avoid the “reality check” untill Sunday morning,,,sorta like a Sunday Morning Reality Check.
      But Good one You fer being the WatchMan!
      We both know what’s comming next, and soon.

      1. avatar smwlce says:


        so youre telling me i dont get a cookie for being correct.


  33. avatar Greg Camp says:

    Isn’t that Kirk Douglas there in front saying to himself, “Stanley told me this was a picture about Rome…”

  34. avatar APBTFan says:

    I see a Mae West comment there…..

  35. avatar Sergio says:

    “And when you stretch like this, you can feel it in your crotch!”

  36. avatar bill says:

    Raise your hands if your uniform doesn’t fit.

  37. avatar jwm says:

    gives a different slant to the term”gun porn”

  38. avatar Andrew says:

    O how things haven’t changed

  39. avatar nobby says:

    1. Aerial Gunner Qualification Course participants.

    2. What are you guys so up in arms about?

  40. avatar macgearailt says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those new Garands.M1 ,CALIBER 30,….

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