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Hope and Change 2 – The Party of Inclusion
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Ah, the party of inclusion, open-mindedness and tolerance. Bitter clingers apparently need not apply.

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  1. I don’t care who you are, that there was funny.

    Reminds me of the Stern video of obamination supporters that showed that they didn’t know the first thing about his platform or any of his positions.

    It’s always funny when the truth comes out.

  2. First, this is why I love Jon Stewart. He’s a liberal, but he always takes a whack at hypocrisy, no matter where it is.

    Second, it’s entertainment. It’s not a representative sample – people were chosen for this piece because of their extreme views, and the editor always has the last word.

    Third, these are party delegates, and delegates are often the most extremist members of the party in question. Their easy stereotyping of the folks in Tampa is hilarious, but you would see the EXACT same thing in Tampa, if you were to ask them to describe the Democrats. That’s just the way delegates are, unfortunately. They are true believers, God help us all.

    Finally, can you imagine anyone in Fox News or at any other conservative media outlet shining a light like this one on the delegates at Tampa? Lampooning them the way that Comedy Central lampooned these folks in Charlotte? I can’t.

    Good for Jon Stewart.

    • You’re right, I think Jon Stewart is a national treasure. In Tampa, Stewart’s reporters got Republican delegates to agree that “choice” in what they thought and did was an important concept for Romney/Ryan–without, evidently, extending the same ability to women in general.

      I think, alas, that it also shows that America does not send its best and brightest to be delegates, of either party.

        • They don’t, I wasn’t making an off-topic political statement on a gun blog. I was illustrating Stewart’s similar treatment of the Tampa delegates, in their spirit of reporting balance.

        • I didn’t mean to take a swipe at you, just asking. Even so, when someone brings up the subject of women’s choice in the context of a presidential election I think the issue can hardly be ignored, especially since both parties have made it a part of their platforms.

          Life, and the right to protect it, are a big part of the truth about guns, no?

        • I don’t think that abortion (being pro-choice, anti-choice, pro-life, in favor of women’s reproductive rights – it does not matter how you want to characterize the topic) has anything to do with gun rights. Or, if it does, it does so because of how the topic is being interpreted. A woman deciding that she has the right to determine what happens to her own body is protecting her life, from her point of view. An anti-choice activist who states that they seek to protect the fetus in someone else’s body, is defending that life, from their point of view.

          I have known pro-choice people who supported the 2nd Amendment, and anti-choice people who did not.

        • “I don’t think that abortion… has anything to do with gun rights.”

          Maybe, but the point I was making (perhaps clumsily) is that the idea that life – your own, someone else’s – is worth protecting does have a lot to do with the thinking behind the second amendment, concealed carry, and home defense.

          Why, we might ask, does life have worth and why do we seek to protect it? If the liberals want to abort a bunch of babies – or tissue masses, if you will – what’s the big deal? If Stalin liquidated a bunch of dissidents, who cares? What difference does it make in the end. We all die anyway, right? So why do we struggle?

        • The rights of unborn children? FIRST you have to get them to acknowledge that they are unborn children instead of some lump of cells. (Ever notice how they tend to ignore photos that are even months from a birthing date, but yet show the “fetus” as a completely formed, yet unborn, human?) Oh but wait, if said child was born, and then abused, ignored, or abandoned for death, these same people all of a sudden have a problem with it.

          Hypocrisy hiding behind semantics. Also, it seems the most vocal “pro-choice” in the past has actually been pro-abortion above ANY other choice.

        • Abortion is more vulnerable to logistical disruptions and economic obsolescence than anything else.

          Wanna stop abortion? Fund the male birth control pill and donate to charities to do nothing but give out free condoms.

          On a side note, I do find it funny how the lefties really get their panties in a knot when you bring up abortion doctors getting CCW permits.

        • And what about AM radio and FM talk radio across the country? Completely owned and dominated by the poor right. The three networks and newspapers are in decline. Talk radio is not.

        • The three networks and newspapers are in decline. Talk radio is not.

          Aside from pointing out the rather glaring disparity of audience size between said television networks and talk radio– think maybe there’s a lesson there?

  3. Statism of any kind (socialism, fascism, communism) needs to remove the common humans’ ability to defend themselves. So the statists cannot accept ownership of arms, especially firearms.

    You cannot “bully” someone into doing something they don’t want to when they have a gun in their hand.

    This why guns equal freedom.

  4. Its so funny to see how Democrats view the so-called “Tea-baggers” and gun-owners as toothless anti-science beer-swillin’ Cro-mags. There is an elitism that runs through the Democrat party that is completely off-putting.

      • What’s funny about it is that a conservative movement picked the term “teabagging” to describe their protests, when many of them would be repulsed by the sexual connotation.

  5. “Ah, the party of inclusion, open-mindedness and tolerance. Bitter clingers apparently need not apply”

    The least intolerant, most judgmental, and vindictive place that I have ever lived or traveled to was San Francisco.

  6. if your primary reason for voting is your guns you will not vote democrat. it didn’t use to be that way but since the dems got hi-jacked by the loony left it is the truth. it’s really too bad because i support some of the social issues backed by the dems, but i can’t throw my vote for them until they recognise my rights and support them.

    • And all of the Blue Dog Democrats who have always fought for gun rights got thrown under the bus in 2010 by the tea party!

      • blue dog dems, at the end of the day answer to the dnc and give support to schumer, difi, the clintons etc. when i see these people campaigning for the nation wide shall issue i will consider them to be gun friendly. not before.

      • Taurus609, the blue dogs got sh!tcanned because too many of them showed their true colors by voting for Obamacare. In the end, the blue dogs were just dogs.

        • Ralph, 67 house democrats sent a letter to Obama and Holder stating they would not support a renewal of the AWB and advised them not to reintroduce it, then got thrown under the bus by the tea party! Most of them had excellent NRA voting records. And then we wonder why our base is shrinking to far right extremist and OFWG’s!

          And jwm, where are all of the republicans campaigning for national shall issue? Ain’t happening either!

  7. Pretty much sums it up. No surprise that there’s a domestic Cold War going on.

    I never understood why tea-bagger was supposed to be an insult. I may be rusty, but isn’t a tea-bagger one who continuously squats over a defeated opponent’s head to mock them? As in…by calling someone a tea-bagger, aren’t you thus saying that he’s the clear victor and has mocked you?

    Or did I just play Halo too much?

  8. Here’s another video, not nearly as funny, that I ran across yesterday. Again, as someone said about The Daily Show video, the editor gets the last word, so take it with a grain of salt. That said, the… lack of respect that these people show for their fellow citizens’ ability to make their own decisions is amazing, bordering on astonishing.

    Spoiler: The first lady turns out to be the most reasonable, from where I’m standing, and the last lady… wow, well, I know why they picked her to be the last thing you see.

  9. I was born an raised liberal. I recently changed. The DNC is now running so far left that Amy view outside exactly what they want it shot down. The DNC says the RNC is obstructionists but they need to look into the mirror.
    I bet you that you could get a bunch delegets to agree to ban dihydrogen Oxyde too! NOw that would be funny!

  10. “So people should only make good choices?”

    “NO! People should only make choices that have good results!”-Democrat Convention attendee.

    Democrats should rename themselves the Khan Noonien Singh party, as they have the answer to your needs and whims and will do whatever it takes to ensure you benefit from their superior intellect.

  11. I guess I’ll just jump in and say that this video is just as funny as the one last week where the Daily Show revealed the Republican party to be a bunch of women-hating, joyless, baby killers. Huh, how come that video wasn’t posted here? Come on guys, remember, these are the people who actually think its worthwhile to go to a political convention.

    • And here I was under the impression that this video was posted because it specifically mentioned gun owners, not because it was a generally funny video about politics.

  12. The Dems are about as inclusive as the Crips. What the Dems have done so successfully is to cobble together a coalition that represents everybody except the middle. By pandering to one-issue voters, they really get a lot of play for their campaign buck. The only one-issue group that the GOP can attract is the NRA. That’s a powerful lobby, but it cannot match the Dem’s collection.

    In order for Republicans to win a national election, something has to go seriously wrong. Reagan won because the economy was totally in the crapper. The icing on Carter’s cake was his foreign policy, which made the US a punchline to an international joke told by the Iranians and North Koreans. W won the first time because some geniuses in Palm Beach County couldn’t read. He owed his second term to America’s reluctance to change presidents in the middle of a war — as Roosevelt’s campaign famously said, you don’t change horses in midstream.

    Is the economy bad enough to elect Mitt Romney? I don’t think it is.

    • look around at the young people ralph, a lot of them are unemployed or under employed. i think the economy is the 800 pound simian in the room.

      • More like the 2 ton mastodon.

        Neither of these guys is even talking about how bad our situation truly is. The guy that did would be ridiculed, called an alarmist, and lose in a landslide.

        This election is an argument on the deck of the Titanic over whether the band is going to play Al Green or Pat Boone covers while the ship sinks.

  13. John stewart – delivery the most thought-provoking and useful gut-check news we have…

    Kinda sad that the best news program we have is on the Comedy channel bracketed by cartoons and stoners. An inverted version of the History Channel’s ghost hunters.

    • I wouldn’t go so far as to call Jon Stewart thought-provoking or useful.

      He’s a comedian who entertains you, more often than he does me.

  14. Since I don’t fit into the stereotype, I’m o.k. to own guns?

    1. I’m not Christian.
    2. I accept the scientific evidence on evolution and climate change.
    3. I support healthcare for everyone.
    4. I’m a college English instructor.
    5. I support gay marriage.

    The list could go on. Basically, I’m a gun-owning, live-and-let-live fellow. The true big tent has to be the gun culture. As long as you’re a decent person and believe in gun rights, you’re welcome.

  15. @Greg Camp

    “Since I don’t fit into the stereotype, I’m o.k. to own guns?”

    You are as far as I’m concerned. (In fact, I’d say your profile might make you a very desirable “demographic” for the gun community.)

    In any event, happy to be in the brotherhood of the gun with you.

    Stay safe.

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