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  1. First wife in history for Gun Control:

    Wife: You don’t need a gun, here use this thingamajiggy.
    Husband: Woman, this is what I think of that.

  2. Dan, thanks for posting that classic old time photo.

    “Come-on Clyde I bet you can’t hit this bird in the head”.
    “Bonnie-babe, after I shoot that bird’s brains out you are going to fry it for me”.

  3. Tired of hearing “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” Dan Zimmerman get’s rid of the bird and the bush, and maybe Mrs.Zimmerman??

  4. Used Car Salesman on TV: “If you don’t buy this car, my son will shoot this cute little stuffed animal.”

  5. Actually this is a picture of me going back in time to stop the “duck face” pose soon to infest every picture taken and posted on the Internets. 🙂

  6. Photo of Dick Chaney’s first date..took her duck hunting…guess some guess never learn gun safety.

  7. In order to ensure the success of his future invention, the Internet, Al (and Tipper) Gore had to first dispense with all of the carrier pigeons.


    (You need to have seen ConAir to understand the reference … ).

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