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  1. “And now, good sir, if you would kindly hand over the jelly beans.”
    Gun Control

  2. “all right leprechaun hand over the gold we need to finish the yellow brick road.”
    “Because we are the lollie pop guild the lollie pop guild”

  3. “Did you say, ‘Only coppers can have guns’?”

    “Well, we have to difference of opinion, sir.”

  4. “We’re not traders, Charlie. We’re thieves! We want his pumpkins? We kill him and take his pumpkins!”

  5. “I bet you two snot noses couldn’t hit the broad side of a policeman’s hat…Wait, I didn’t mean the one I’m wearing!”

  6. “He’s got something in his sleeves. Show us your hands! Slowly now!”

    I know I’ve seen this picture somewhere.

  7. “We’re here to collect your “shared responsibility” tax. If you do not pay for your financial responsibility for our friends, we will shoot you. Remember, Comrade, it’s not unconstitutional because you have a “choice” – you can choose to pay us or choose to be executed, capitalist pig.”

  8. Chicago’s mayor and police chiefs kids playing cops and gangsters…..and as you can see the cops are loosing

  9. A photo representation of the extreme left, the extreme right, and the rest of US(A) in the middle…

  10. Robert Farago and Dan Zimmerman’s children in their all-star role interpreting the AI’s prevailing attitude towards law enforcement…

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