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From KXNT-Las Vegas:

A high-end Italian gun maker will soon have an outlet on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Clark County Planning Commission has given the green light for Beretta to open a retail gun store and several indoor ranges inside The Shoppes at the Palazzo resort.  Beretta officials say customers won’t be allowed to bring their own firearms or ammo to use in the shooting range.

A grand opening is scheduled for later this year.

I know what you’re thinking: a gun store and shooting range on the Las Vegas Strip, where vacationers proudly drink on the sidewalks and ‘Public Sobriety’ is a ticketable offense?

If you’re worried that this Beretta Outlet Store Boutique will be overrun with hordes of sunburned, coctail-swilling Spring Break revelers, you can stand down. ‘The Shoppes’ inside the Venetian/Palazzo complex is a travertine-tiled labyrinth of tres chic boutiques selling outrageously expensive stuff like Montblanc pens, Coach bags, Jimmy Choo shoes and Lamborghinis. All with security so tight and pervasive you don’t even know it’s there, unless you’re a moron and try to nick something.

Since most Palazzo Shoppe-ers will be visiting from out of state, cash-and-carry transactions will be infrequent if they occur at all. If you’re spending serious time at the Venetian, however, you can probably afford the shipping and transfer fees to your local FFL guy back home.

And about those prices? If you have to ask, you can’t afford them. I don’t think the Space Shuttle Discovery I saw last week at the Smithsonian ever soared higher than the retail markup in The Palazzo. I couldn’t even afford a refill cartridge for my battle-scarred and decades-old Montblanc ballpoint when I took my wife to Vegas for a few days before the SHOT Show last January.

So it might be out of the reach of mere mortals like us, but it’s nice to see firearms going even more mainstream and upmarket. A fine Beretta shotgun is so dazzlingly lovely that I’ll bet even George Clooney wants one, if he doesn’t secretly have one already.

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  1. It will be a good opportunity for visitors from fascist countries that do not allow private civilians to ever (legally) hold and shoot a gun. The more people from around the world that learn to appreciate and respect guns for the empowerment tools of private citizens that they are the better off the private citizens and the world will be. America’s Founding Fathers spreading peace, goodwill, and liberty to the people of the world hundreds of years later.

    • Then again, federal or state laws might preclude non-USA citizens tourists from firing guns at a firing range.

    • Agreed, although this didn’t turn out so well for two former Olympians from Australia.

  2. I can’t stand shopping at the Palazzo, so I usually don’t. But I do like sampling the gelato at the adjoining Venetian, so I usually do. However, now that Beretta has a store at the Palazzo, I’ll be sure to avoid the Palazzo at all costs. Or is that “at all costs avoided?”

    • I’m confident that Beretta Boutique range time will cost upwards of $1 a minute, and that even their 9mm bulk reloads will cost $1 a round. The only chance I have of busting a few caps there is if they offer a free press shoot during next year’s SHOT show.

      • Yow!

        There are plenty of places to shoot in LV where the ammo isn’t displayed or priced like jewelry.

        I prefer to shoot at the Clark County Range. It’s fantastic.

        • I shoot at Desert Hills, near Boulder City. Great staff, excellent facility. My only problem is shooting on the weekends. They need to tighten up the rules. I can fore see where a moron will be out there, not following the rules, and some one is going to get hurt, or worse.

          The group I shoot with The Senior Militia, is for the most part, former military, former LE, or both. Of these all have fire time in real life combat situations. It is because of how we conduct ourselves on the range that I am critical of the morons and moronic posts that come in here. our primary rule is “Safety First”! No games, no grabass, nothing that puts any one in harms way.

  3. Beretta’s prices are indeed high, but they’re still only an Italian gun company.

    If you want to see high prices, step into a Holland & Holland shop, or look at any of Purdey, Boss, Westley Richards, etc.

    • You might want to check current prices from Cortesi, Fabbri and Fratelli Rizzini. They make the big London names look like budget guns. 🙂

      The guns are a lot more beautifully put together, too, than anything that comes out of the big name London firms these days.

      • I’ll give you the Fabbri – totally agree with you there. Should have remembered them before making a snide remark.

        Haven’t seen the other two you name, but I will make an effort to find examples.

        Agree insofar as H&H is concerned. I examined a double of theirs a couple years ago and found errors in the checkering – overruns, broken points, etc. Not what I want to see on a $100K gun.

        All that aside, the point I’m making is that Beretta has marketed themselves rather far above their actual guns. If there were any justice in the best gun world, the Basque gun makers would receive more attention than they do, and outfits like H&H would be second tier and Beretta would be in the third. As it is, so much of this is marketing, and some of the clients have more money than actual gun expertise.

  4. No, what I was thinking is that I won’t own a gun that I’d feel bad about shooting. If the dang thing is more globbed up than a Faberge’ egg, it’s lost its usefulness to me. Give me a SMLE or a Commie Bloc gun. Put a scratch on the metal or a crack in the wood, and that’s just a little more history on it.

  5. I’m guessing it will be more like their store on Madison Ave. in New York City. It’s technically a gun store, but is really just a place for upper crust people to order their engraved firearms and clothes for their next “hunting” trip.

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