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Hop in. The water’s fine.

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  1. This dog, baby, and lady with a pink rifle are in a tub. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

  2. A pink gun. A PINK gun. Really? You had to buy me a PINK GUN??? Now I must hide in shame with my baby and my dog. You go find somewhere else to sleep.

  3. Shelley believed in being ready for multiple TEOTWAWKI scenarios simultaneously. In this case she practicing the “Tornado AND Zombies” drill.

  4. FPSRussia here, branching out to sexy photograph. See, Oleg Volk? You not the only one who know how to take picture. I got everything…sexy woman, pink AK…but my photo have subtext. I got Russian Wolfhound and bebe for symbolism. No? Feh…I go shoot now.

  5. Picture posted in response to Farago’s Question of the Day: How Do You Clean Your Guns?
    Throw ’em in the tub with the wife, the kid and the pet rodent…

  6. And wait, there’s more… buy the soap Glock now and receive a free soap rifle your whole family can enjoy!

  7. The demon-rat-dog, the hippie sweats, the mirrors, the gal, girl and gun in a tub… it’s just too weird for words.

  8. Hey, put down the goddam camera already and pass me the flea dip and a bottle of Hoppe’s.

  9. “Theese imbarass-een. Me! Big Russian wolfhound in stupid tub weeth baby, and peenk gun!”

  10. The photographer could have at least put his shoes back on for this formal shoot! “Hey, you have to rinse the tub after you shave, Honey!”

  11. No one understood their cross-species love, but Angie was ready to fight to defend her lifestyle…

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