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Recently released memos from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) seem to indicate that Operation Fast and Furious was designed to establish the groundwork for new gun control legislation. I’m still not convinced. After all, the ATF launched F&F’s predecessor, Project Gunrunner, during the Bush Administration. And yet, I can think of no good reason for allowing the guns to walk besides an attempt to inflate the stats of confiscated guns for political gain. Other than, say, good old-fashioned corruption. The central question: who ordered that the guns should be allowed to cross the border? Why?

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  1. Who? Obama.

    Why? To inflate the numbers of market-available guns found in South and Central America.

    Don’t forget that Clinton and Obama and Holder were all pushing the “90%” garbage, and that Clinton’s State Department has been working on a UN “small-arms” treaty.

    • Yep… I was arguing with a guy on a forum unrelated to politics or guns, and he basically when I said the media was ignoring it, he showed me some HuffPo piece, that was a video showing on Fox News/Business talking about it and I found other piece on HuffPo that included Helmke blaming gun rights, and another person talking about militarization of the gun industry to blame bringing up the AR-15 being like the M4/M16, which anyone here knows the Ar-15 came first and was sold and used by civilians long before the military adopted it.

  2. I definitely support the second amendment. And believe that it is treasonous to hamper with it in anyway. Without the second amendment we have absolutely no protection from the marxist oriented scumbags who have infiltrated our government. I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands. Those who dont should be expelled from this great nation. Normally I do not believe in capital punishment,however I do believe those who promote any other form of government should be tried for treason and shot when found guilty.


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