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  1. They call me…. Mr. Gunmetal.

    Because guns.

    And, you know, metal.

    And apparently I am male gendered.

    Though I do wonder, really, what does that mean for a robot?

    Anyway… Pew pew!

  2. The 1st rule of gun shooting robot is you don’t talk about gun shooting robot. The 2nd rule of gun shooting robot is you…hey look is that a bunny aww it’s so..omg omg omg I’m getting a new bike for Easter it’s so I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center hey, wait a minute I’m a robot. Robots don’t have tongues, I’m silly for thinking that or am I crazy I don’t wanna be crazy omg you know what else would be crazy? Is if I was a robot and I had guns they would put me in a rubber room, where it’s cold, and there are worms…they’re going to tickle me, crazy I was crazy once…oh oh oh you know what would be crazy? is I want to find a new continent, and on that continent I found a whole bunch of new aminals never seen before. and one of the aminals looks like a giraffe mixed with a whale, a duck-billed platypus, and a kangaroo. I would call it a a Giwhalaplatyroo. I would make a saddle out of cactus leaves through it on that giwhalaplatyroo and ride it back to my ranch where I would…oh man lunch is over…WTF did I take? DMT? WOW that was weird. Wait a minute, why am I a robot, and where did I get these guns? WHY AM I IN THIS RUBBER ROOM ??????????

    • Um. Okay? Your circus is features mostly all clowns? Perhaps you are in need of a ring leader, but clowns short you are not.

  3. *posted at the range*

    See, even faceless dual-wielding bad-guys can use good trigger discipline. So can you!

  4. What? These two little things? You should see what I shoot into your mom! Oh, BTW! I’m BOB, your moms Battery Operated Boyfriend.

  5. I know what you’re thinking. “Can he wield two guns at the same time effectively?” To be perfectly honest, I don’t know; haven’t tried it yet.

    So, do you feel lucky?


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