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    • I watched this movie as a kid many times. When TBS had movies on sunday mornings in the 1980s, my dad would turn them on before church and I would get ready, sit down and watch a lot of really good older movies. Seeing that picture reminded me how cool their uniforms were. Some sci fi movies have crappy, unrealistic and uncomfortable uniforms.

  1. I just neutralized that “smart gun” of yours with my communicator…so quit makin’ time with my gal or I’ll bust you.

  2. “Why is that Gun Naked? You’d better holster it before I get a Police Squad up here! Such actions are Forbidden on this Planet!”

  3. OK. You have the ray gun you can have her but please, pretty please, give me three minutes alone with the ladder.

  4. Look! I’m tellin’ ya! Once you stick that thing in there, she’s gonna fall in love with it and you’ll never get to wet your willy again!

  5. I’m a big star, but you get to play Bart Maverick, she gets to play Honey West and I’m stuck playing Frank Freakin’ Drebin? Gimme that damn gun.

  6. It’s Charlie Sheen and Captain Kirk RIGHT before they were going to ruin MANY MANY lives…………………….
    Poor girl never saw it coming from atop the ladder

  7. “But I have a permit to carry from the Andromeda Galaxy!”

    “That may be ma’am, but we don’t recognize permits from the Andromeda Galaxy in this star system.”

  8. ” This blond is mine captain, you get the robot”.

    This was a posed still photo for fun; it is not from any scene in the movie. Ann Francis is not even in costume. Great movie, well acted and innovating electronic soundtrack.

  9. “Missy, you’re going to tell us what we want to know or I’m going to take this hair dryer and straighten out those curls!”

  10. Girl- “You two guys may look tough with your fists & rayguns, but I’m the only one who is a real commando. Want me to prove it?”

  11. Anne Francis introduced the “laddering” craze to Hollywood. It didn’t last nearly as long as the “cocaine and bat shit crazy” phase hollywood went/is going thru.

    Props to Charlie Sheen for doing his part to fuck Hollywood.


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