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    • “Make me a sergeant in charge of the booze! Make me a sergeant in charge of the booze!”

      A sci-fi classic from the Golden Age.

      • Amen to that, brother. Just wait till State Trooper Sgt Jame Whitmore shows up with the Thompson. Oh, the good ole’ days when government men, even in the movies, could be trusted to do the right thing, and remain manly at the same time. No psychoanalysis or second guessing required. But then, these guys were all WWII vets in real life (Whitmore had been a Marine officer and James Arness was a former Army infantryman wounded at Anzio). Since they already had seen the elephant, what’s an overgrown ant to them?

    • This movie came out when my dad was a kid, and he told me about going to the theater to see it. Its still one of my favorites, even with all the high budget effects of today. I love this film.

    • Began in Radium Springs New Mexico. Downtown Radium Springs consists of a one truck volunteer fire department and The Blue Moon Bar. There’s not even an intersection for miles. (look on a map between Las Cruces and Hatch. It’s several miles West of I-25).

    • There was a ventilation fan in the parking garage where I used to work which made the exact “Wheet! Wheet! Wheet!” sound of the ants in this film. Every time I heard it, I’d throw my hands to my ears and pretend to scream “THEM!” like the little girl. No one ever got it.

  1. THEM! Beat me to it-a great movie even with cheesy effects. “Make me a sargent in charge of the beer”…

  2. In the sequel to “Them,” a mutated race of tiny, well-dressed people take on normal-sized flying ants with nothing more than a .9mm handgun.

  3. Guns are useless tools of cowards! Just put up a sign and this’ll all go away when the media fails to report it. It’s it not on the evening news, it didn’t happen!


    Love that movie. Helicopters, bazookas, flamethrowers, rifle-launched grenades… machine guns…

  5. “Of course im not going to shoot it darling! I only use it to bully a bunch of moms so I figured it would also work on most ants!”

    Bah dum Ching. Aunts…. I kill myself… Hahahahahhahah

  6. When interviewed, the ant queen said that although Bobby had a tough childhood, he had just started community college and was really starting to turn his life around.

  7. I think we are going to need a bigger gun….
    105mm recoiless rifle should be about right deer but remember to step well to the side after you load it.

  8. “Don’t shoot it Jim. For God’s sake, it’s black. Think of the riots. And do you want Sharpton and Jackson down here”?

  9. “Take a trip to Australia” they said.
    “Not every critter there can kill you” they said.
    I swear, if we make it out of this, I am going to kill our travel agent.

    • The Ant
      by Ogden Nash

      The ant has made himself illustrious
      Through constant industry industrious.
      So what?
      Would you be calm and placid
      If you were full of formic acid?

  10. I’ll give it a shot, but this little pistol ain’t gonna do shit!

    Run away!

    I picked a bad day to quit drinking! 🙂

  11. Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Mutant Ant Edition


    Charlie Walters of Erie, Pennsylvania had quite a surprise Friday afternoon when he returned home early from work…[read more]

  12. Dang! I wish I had a flamethrower right now!

    (The movie is Them! for those who didn’t know. It’s one of the first giant mutant bug scifi movies, and it’s pretty good)

  13. While out hunting in Texas, the Kee’s got into more than they bargained for while trying to relieve that “itch”

  14. Not knowing he was standing in front of the drive in theater screen , Michael , hopped up on whacky weed , pulled out his 38 snub and put 6 tiny holes in the paper and tin . OOOPS !

  15. You can tell it’s a hoax because the shadows are all wrong and the dust would have been floating more distinctly around them , this is definitely a government forgery . Damn those illuminati conspirators .

  16. Ancient Alien Theorist believe this was one of our ancestors , what say you ?
    Not clearly seen in this photograph , found inside a newly discovered Egyptian tomb , are the wings , folded neatly behind the ant gods back legs .

  17. “And in other news, a local man was charged with numerous violations of Federal and state hunting laws for hunting an endangered species, using toxic (lead) projectiles on migratory game, hunting over bait (a cute brunette in a 50’s outfit complete with nylons and a silly hat), exceeding the three round maximum shell capacity, and not wearing hunter safety Orange.”

  18. “Darn, I almost had her willing to recreate the beach scene in ‘From Here to Eternity’ and then THIS happens…”

  19. John: “Mary, I told you I should have bought that tank I came across on Armslist when I had the chance.”

    Mary: “Well John, I just don’t know what my friends over at PETA and the other animal rights groups would say. Besides, Can’t you just get some bug spray or something?”

    John: “Really Mary? Do you think the make a can big enough for this?”

    Mary: “I don’t know John. You’re the man. You’re supposed to take care of these things.”

    John: “I’m Trying! Now would you leave me be so I can figure this out??!!”

    Mary starts to cry, and John starts feeling bad for yelling. He puts his arm around her and apologizes, kissing her gently on the check. Telling her every thing is going to be all right, she looks up and smiles. As they turn back towards the ant the last thing they see is a big pair of mandibles crushing them as the ant pops them into it’s mouth.


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