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Several months ago, TacShield shipped me one of their belts and a set of MOLLE-compatible magazine pouches. I found their belt to be sturdy enough for EDC use and very fashionable…as long as it remains covered by a nice collared shirt. It was also relatively affordable given what it offered. Their magazine pouches – both pistol and rifle – seem to be in the same league. Affordable, durable, and functional . . .


Rifle Magazine Pouches

TacShield produces three sized variations on two different styles of magazine pouches. The first style is a called the Universal Rifle Pouch and features a velcro flap retention system and can be adjusted to fit M16, FAL/M14, AK 47, SMG, and Surefire 60 rounders. I did not elect to go with this. Instead, I chose the second style, termed Speed Load. While not nearly as modular, these feature an open top mouth and retention is facilitated by a loop of shock cord. As you can see, I also elected to go with the three pouch version because America. This system only works with the 30 round M16 magazines, so if you run 20 or 10 rounders, this may not be the thing for you.


Getting these mounted to a MOLLE compatible carrier is easy enough, no harder than any other MOLLE accessory at least. The attachment system matched up perfectly with a non TacShield harness system, and once snapped in place, no tugging, pulling, yanking, or cursing could convince the pouch system to give up its grip. Out in the field, running and gunning, the shock cord did a fine job of keeping the magazines in place. The shock cord also includes a big Cordura tab that helps facilitate quick removal of the cord from the magazine. With a decent amount of practice, reloads are very quick. Magazine reinsertion is easy enough, but occasionally requires two hands as the pouch mouth can collapse a bit and you need to pull the shock cord out of the way.

These pouches like their Universal brethren are available in single, double, and triple versions. The outside also features MOLLE webbing allowing Kangaroo style layering of accessories. Cost for these ranges from $20.99 for the single mag version to $41.99 for the triple mag version tested here.


Pistol Magazine Pouches

The Pistol Magazine Pouch is styled after the Universal Rifle Pouch mentioned earlier. Like those, it features a Velco closure system that is adjustable in length to accommodate different length single and double stack magazines. The tallest magazine I own is a M&P 9 magazine with a base extension that allows it to take 20 rounds. I was easily able to adjust the length of the tabs to deal with this magazine. These closure tabs are also removable for those that want to run an open top mag pouch configuration for easier/faster reloads.


Like the rifle mag system, these attach via MOLLE compatible straps secured with a snap button closure. Again, try as I might, I couldn’t dislodge these pouches with vigorous tugging, pulling, and tearing. Speaking of abuse, worry not about the strength of the Velcro. I ran this pouch system upside down on the backside of my harness for Run n Gun. A little over four miles later, I returned to the base camp with exactly the same number of magazines I left with. Reloads in this configuration are very easy as the slick interior of the pouch makes for easy magazine extraction.

The TacShield Pistol Magazine Pouches come in three flavors corresponding to how many magazines you’d like to carry. These range in price from $22.99 for the single magazine version to $39.99 for the triple magazine version tested here.



Rating (out of five stars):

Overall Rating * * * * *
How much can you say about a mag pouch really? Looking back, more than I thought, actually. These are very well thought-out items, evidenced by the fact that I had to do very little thinking to use them. I strapped them on my harness, and they carried by magazines around very securely. And when it came time to bring them to bear, there they were, easy to get at quickly, and efficiently. Looking at the rest of the market, these are on the higher end of the price spectrum, but for that money you get well thought out, sturdy pouches that work really well.

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  1. Looks like quality gear, but I can see one obvious problem with that triple rifle mag pouch right off the bat.

    For most Americans who have a bit of a “muffin top” (yes, I fall into that group, as do many Americans, according to current statistics), putting the belt loops at the bottom of the rifle mag pouch means it will lean out away from my body shape quite a bit, and having the vast majority of the mags’ weight ABOVE the belt-line and no significant part of the mag body BELOW to the belt (to counterbalance that outward lean) will accentuate that problem. Belt loops should be situated to place rifle mag bodies centered on the belt-line, or lower, to hold them in tight to the body, no matter how that body is shaped. For shorter pistol mags, this isn’t a big problem; for longer/taller rifle mags, it is.

    Interestingly, the normal MOLLE-loop-mounted Government-issue mag carriers (which this one seems to be modeled on), when threaded into the bottom one or two retaining loops only (depending on belt thickness), work very well as a belt-mounted carrier.

    • Added, because the edit function still doesn’t work reliably…

      The above comment is based on the visual impression I have of the belt loops being used to locate the belt near the bottom of the pouch. If the belt/belt-line is allowed to sit naturally at/near the top of the pouch, then the problem will not be a problem at all.

    • I wouldn’t recommend just a plain belt (like the one in the linked review). Instead, look at a MOLLE-style belt to mount these pouches. There are a wide variety of padded “patrol” or “battle” belts that would make a better set-up (but also stick out like a sore thumb). That may also alleviate the, ahem, problem area to an extent. Or at least address the accessibility issue due to better weight distribution.

  2. Rifle mags go on a vest. I spent $64 for a leather Beltman belt can wear IWB or paddle holster IWB with a super-yuk hides it well paddle holster my polo shirt is untouched in the Summer anyhow. Belt is most important part of the equation. Mil-surplus mag pouches from m-16 with ALICE clips still work for me

    • We work hard to test gear here at TTAG. These passed the “Halo Tournament” and “Long Roadtrip” tests with flying colors.

  3. Buy ammo THAT is the most important gear. I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  4. I luv the multiple pistol mag carriers to hold flashlight / multi tool/ hunting knife, but slim Jims and red Bull is another great use for them!


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