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    • Yup. Watched about 15 minutes of one last weekend. It was all I could stand. The acting was horrible, the special effects were “special” all right.

  1. Woman: Is that the portal to 2015 there?
    Man: Yes, let’s go back to the 1930’s portal. Looks less scary and makes more sense.

  2. Oh dear, I told you not to fart with that air tight suit on. That sausage and pepperoni pizza is really going to do a number on you!

  3. -What is this PMS nonsense woman?……….We must move on…..

    – You…….do not understand-OK-You see that blast ahead?…………………Yah………….

  4. “She defied the will of her Puritanical leaders to give succor and comfort to the time traveling spaceman who landed in the fields”

  5. Phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range? My pistol is made by Mattel and has a flint sparking wheel dealie inside the plastic cone.

  6. This is precisely the required degree of protection you must purchase yourself in order to operate your single shot .22 caliber pistol in the state of California. Just in case you attempt to shoot yourself, which is illegal.

  7. “Save humanity? Save… humanity? Look doll I was told the orgy was fancy dress I’m just a bag boy! So… this still happening? No? Fine, enjoy your alien tentacles.

  8. And this was the last photo from the camera of the guys that did the Pecos Run n Gun, which is presumably why they haven’t done a write-up on it a week later.

  9. “dang, it took me so long to get this “Firearms Operator Protection Suit” on, required to fire any firearm since the passing of Firearms Operator Protection law, the bad guys are driving off in our Jet-vette.”

  10. “Listen lady…I don’t miss. Stare at the sky all day if you want – I don’t give a shit! But if you do see that sonofabitch alive you can damn sure tell him I’m comin!! Tell him Rocket Man’s comin!! And HELL’S COMIN WITH ME!!!”


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