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Enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a .223/5.56 GoGun USA SuperComp Talon Tactical Rifle Brake (that’s been gently used in Jeremy S.’s muzzle device shootout). Good luck!

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  1. “I didn’t ask for trouble, trouble came a knockin and my lil spud gun opened the door, so you gotta ask yourself one question: You want fries with that?”

      • “Extra points if you hit Cutty in her more than ample butt.”

        Every time someone said “Cutty” on that show, I visualized one of the Jive Brothers in the movie ‘Airplane!’ saying:

        “Cutty can’t hang!”

        Each and every time.

        I could have made a drinking game out of it..

  2. I know this is off topic but can anyone find any of those lake city 800-round cans with four saw drums out there? I’ve been looking but all I see are out of stock listings… I want to get that new M249S from FN when it comes out but I can’t find any ammo drums it.

  3. 13 has had it with these mother-f***ing drones flying around the mother-f***ing hospital.

  4. “After forty-five minutes of pointless medical tests and having nearly killed the patient I am convinced the guy in the third row simply has a slipped disc. See if you can knock it back into place when his back is turned with the frozen potato.”

  5. Congressman Engle: we have to ban scary tatical potato gun with thing that goes up! And cop killing potatos.

  6. Put a couple of them little ripe tomatoes in front of the spud, on the next round. Let;s make it look real messy.

  7. If that doesn’t take down the airliner, I’ll go get the .50BMG out of the truck.

    (everybody knows what sarcasm looks like, and knows where the BMG vs airliners line comes from, right?)

  8. Did you see the look on that Regal Cinema ticket taker’s face, when I told her you had a dozen fried mice hidden in the barrel of your gun!

  9. She better miss, I just told her that I’d shave every day for a month, if she hits that bull in the nuts!

  10. “Aquanet”, check, “lighter”, check, “spud”, “I knew I forgot something, here use my vicodin bottle”

  11. The bald guy, in the front row, if he makes one more crack about me forgetting my pants, put a round in his groin!

  12. “Dr. House, before I pull the trigger please explain to me again how this treatment works…”

  13. House-“There’s that damn frequent flyer patient.”
    Thirteen-“Target aquired, firing pneumatic medicine ball in 3,2,1…”

  14. Dr. House waits patiently on standby, unsure by what magic Mattie had gotten her husband to agree to be shot in groin after his name showed up in the Ashley Madison hack reveal.

  15. In an effort to break free of his meager doctor’s salary, and support his growing drug, alcohol, and prostitute addictions, Dr. Gregory House begins to moonlight as a veterinarian for a local zoo. Here we see him test firing his new elephant suppository deliver system. He is quoted as saying: “This thing is a bigger pain in the ass than Cutty.”

  16. God?? You better listen now if you’re even really up there at all because I’ll be damned if she isn’t coming in heavy now, you sanctimonious motherfucker.

  17. After his most recent breakdown, House could only find employment as an elephant proctologist. Luckily, he still had 13 available for all his dirty work.

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