Weekend Photo Caption Contest


  1. avatar sdog says:

    say hello to my little friend.

  2. avatar JT says:

    “Overcompensating? What’s that?”

  3. avatar Pete says:

    “Don’t force it – get a bigger hammer.”

  4. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

    miget trap shooting with your host drew carey

  5. avatar ExurbanKevin says:

    I don’t yell “Pull!”, I yell “PUNT!”

  6. avatar Brad Kozak says:

    NOW who wants to complain about my trigger discipline? Anybody…somebody…Bueller? Bueller?

  7. avatar Scott says:

    Meet the TS4 heavy.

  8. avatar Van says:

    When Jim heard about the falling satellite, he thought he’d bring skeet shooting to a whole new level.

  9. avatar Aharon says:

    Pterosaur Hunting Season Opening Day

  10. avatar Dana says:

    Yeah I’m compensating….you gotta problem with that?

  11. avatar sdog says:

    NYPD’s secret new anti aircraft weapon.

  12. avatar Adam D says:

    Stoeger, in an attempt to capitalize on the Zombie trend, introduces its new Z-O/U. Five (5) gauge “Z” ammo sold separately by Hornady.

    Or… “That’s not a gun; THIS is a gun,” said in obligatory Aussie accent.

  13. avatar Pauley says:

    Watch yer trigger discipline, little fella.

  14. avatar Derek says:

    That’s not over compensating… THIS is over compensating.

  15. This is my shotgun, this is my gun.

    This one’s for fighting, this one’s for fun!

  16. avatar rjason says:

    I told you mine is bigger!

  17. avatar Jason R. says:

    Despite the best efforts of research scientists, Doug kept shrinking.

  18. avatar Gossven says:

    “Next time we’ll be ready for that Gulliver Asshole.”

    1. avatar IndyEric says:


  19. avatar GS650G says:

    Browning’s latest gun, the 2 gauge.

  20. avatar Roy Hill says:

    Pterodactyl season opens tomorrow!

  21. avatar Javier E says:

    For when elephants fly.

    Meteors where?

    Anti aircraft O/U.

  22. avatar Rob J says:

    Mine’s bigger.

  23. avatar DANN says:

    Hornady’s new ‘Anti-Zombie Shotgun’. One shot – ten kills, guaranteed.

  24. avatar Aruges says:

    It followed me home, Ma! Can I keep it?

  25. avatar Aaron says:

    When Ray Kelly said, “We can shoot down an aircraft” THIS is the implement he’d use…

  26. avatar Rich T says:

    Say ello to my lil friend

  27. avatar Javier E says:

    It only looks bigger in my small hands.

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