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Interesting times (in the Chinese sense) in Baltimore these days. “The increase in violence that has followed the death of Freddie Gray continued through the weekend, with four homicides reported since Saturday, according to Baltimore police. Ten people were reported shot on Sunday alone, including three who were shot to death within a span of 39 minutes. The violence comes as the city prepares for the Preakness on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course. Ten people were also shot Thursday.” How can that be? . . .

Reports like this are hard to reconcile since Maryland has the distinction being one of only six states in the union to receive an ‘A’ rating (and is ranked 4th nationally) from the anti-gun The Brady Campaign has a high opinion of The Old Line State, too. Yet, since the Freddie Gray death blew up nationally and Baltimore’s mayor decided to provide room to destroy, the number of shooting deaths in the city has reached almost Chicago-like levels.

So maybe B’more needs a new nickname. When The City of Broad Shoulders was in its darkest days back before the McDonald decision ultimately forced concealed carry there, Chicago became known in some circles as Chiraq. Given the escalating body count in Charm City, it probably won’t be long before the town earns itself a new tag. Balghanistan maybe?

The title of this post is intentionally Butterfieldian. An excellent argument can be made that with less restrictive gun laws and shall-issue concealed carry permitting there (as if), the violence in Baltimore would likely be significantly reduced. As it stands, those who’ve allowed themselves to be whipped up by the professional social justice warriors and race baiters know good and well that law-abiding citizens aren’t likely to be able to avail themselves of armed self defense. Which means Marylanders should soon look forward to calls from the powers that be for still more restrictive gun control laws to “fix” the problem. Good luck with that.


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  1. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll give them just enough “room to destroy” to burn the whole place down.

  2. It’s all Virginia’s fault. Those Maryland bad boys just come over the river to the Nation’s Gun Show and tool up with the latest military grade assault weapons without going through a background check.

    • What special laws apply for gun sales in the Nation’s Gun Show that don’t apply in other contexts in Virginia?

      • Aaron,

        I believe that tdiinva’s comment was made with tongue firmly in the cheek.

  3. It’s Georgia’s fault. We have all these guns that happen to go off in less fun friendly climes. We (my fellow Georgians and I) should all go spank ourselves for being so naughty.

    • *sigh* That was just mean, Jeremy. Coca-Cola is really hard to get out of the keyboard. At least my sinuses are clearer now.

      Almost said “Coke” there, but figured about 6 NSA filters would go “bleep” and disturb some .gov-geek’s rest break.

  4. Just remember you Baltimore people, you can’t just go setting a TV or Air Jordan’s on the front lawn, that’s called “baiting”
    Baiting is not allowed.

      • What is Black Man’s Kryptonite?

        Is that like what Shannon is to you? 🙂

        Edit –

        According to the Urban Dictionary its a White woman with an ass…

  5. They are just blowing off a little steam….everyone take a step back, and allow them to vent…

  6. “…An excellent argument can be made that with less restrictive gun laws and shall-issue concealed carry permitting there (as if), the violence in Baltimore would likely be significantly reduced.”

    Ain’t gonna happen until the Dems are voted out. Which also ain’t gonna happen.

  7. We locals call it Bodymore. You can also use “City that bleeds” after mayor schmokes “City that reads” promo in the 90s.

    And yes, The Wire is accurate. Think Mayor-turned-governor-turned-presidential candidate O’Malley.

    • Oh, and two correctional officers were charged for looting. Got em on film. You just cannot fathom how corrupt Bodymore is until you see the pics of the gangs with City Council members. They dont even hide it anymore.

      • That is the pattern in every city under long term Democratic Party control. The gangs are used to enforce social discipline in the ghetto.

        • I would not say “Democrats” I’d say “one party rule.” Decades of one-party R governorship produce the same results and entrenched interests.

        • No dwb, not true on a local level, but it is true on a national level. Even with Republican control of the house, the Senate and the presideny, government continued to grow. It was under Bush that we got the Abomination Act, (the Patriot Act), Homeland Security, TSA and our surveillance society. We also got officially sanctioned torture. I had been raised to believe that the bad guys committed torture on thier prisoners.

          Need I say more?

      • You beat me to the Bodymore saying. I grew up in Canton and was so glad to get out. If I didn’t work in the city I’d never go back down their. During our recent riots I had to work extra hours at night and felt a bit helpless since CCW is almost impossible to get. Luckily nothing ever happened. I do enjoy the state itself but sure hate its politics.

  8. I worked in Baltimore for a year (no, I fortunately didn’t have to live there), and it’s a cesspool. Typical Liberal welfare city where no one’s allowed to have guns but the poor downtrodden gangsta’ slime balls and the crime is off the chart.

    I say let’em all enjoy their wonderful lives. And before anyone says anything about the innocent victims, these are the same people who vote the Liberal politicians into office.

  9. The demo-rats have a knack for guaranteeing failure, with misery and injustice for all.

    • And they do it by screwing over the people they have conditioned to depend on them for life through handouts.

  10. Same argument that’ll fall on deaf ears.

    Correction though, the McDonald case didn’t bring concealed carry to Chicago. Otis McDonald’s case removed the ban on handguns in Chicago and incorporated the second amendment to the states and local governments. It was the Shepherd case that was decided by the seventh circuits that the outright ban on carrying a handgun outside the home to be unconstitutional.

  11. Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Newark, etc. All run by anti-gun, anti-violence, big government, big spending Democrats. Is it any surprise that those are some of the least safe cities, which either already are or soon will be bankrupt? Liberal progressive utopias at a glance.

  12. Progressive democrats and godless libertarians got what they wanted. Now let them live with it. No moral judgments. A utopia for both.

    • If the fear of eternal damnation is the only ‘moral judgement’ stopping you from lighting a CVS on fire and shooting people then I think you’re the one that has something wrong.

      • My dogs have more of a moral sense of social civility, and they are not very religious.

      • Well Hannibal, the reality is that for the last hundred years, most of the hundreds of millions of people murdered have been by those professing no belief in a higher power like Stalin, Mao, Pol-Pot anf Bill Ayers.

        It’s mostly those professing no belief in a higher power that fight for the “right” to murder unborn children.

        It’s mostly been leftists that have ended up going postal and going on a shooting spree in this country.

        The bloodiest and most homicidal groups in the western world at this time are mostly those professing no belief in a higher power.

        So yes, it seems like believing in a higher power and believing in eternal punishment for violating G-ds laws seem to have a moderating effect on some peoples homicidal tendencies. At least if you follow the Christian G-d.

        • Oh, right, no Christian ever committed mass murder ever! Totally forgot about that!

        • Oh now Grindstone, did I say that? Of course not.

          Tyrants will use whatever belief system convenient to rally the people to impose tyranny. It was Christianity in the past. For the last hundred years the “useful idiots” that tyrants use to impose tyranny are now those that believe in no god.

        • That’s actually true. Most of the recent active shooters have been Leftist in their focus, and most murders in the inner cities are committed by people who would be most likely to support someone like Obama. Yeah, there are crazy, homicidal people in every group, but stats are stats.

    • @Chris T. — Except for the inconvenient fact that so-called “godless” Libertarians didn’tcouldn’t, really — in any way, shape, or form even begin to create that mess. If anything, Baltimore is the general moral and intellectual antithesis of Libertarian policy in all conceivable facets and on all possible levels of governance.

      • Depends on what you mean by Libertarian. If you mean the typical modern Reason reading,, Rothbard loving anarchists then yeah they celebrate the kind of lawlessness that is America’s inner cities. Remember Reason was 100% behind #handsupdontshoot and wanted Darren Wilson thrown to the mob. They also chided the Mall of America for enforcing their right to do business on their property. So much for faux Libertarian support liberty and property.

    • If libertarians had gotten what they wanted, the cops would be demilitarized, the “war on drugs” would have been shut down, no-knock warrants would be illegal, constitutional carry would be the rule of the day, and firearms confiscated from criminals would be raffled at police auctions.

      • Those seem like worthwhile goals to me. Of course, I imagine that you have never done ANYTHING that could be considered wrong, even to supporting the wrong politician (see story about raids in Wisconsin), just being in the wrong neighborhood when the police decide to take over homes for “Observation Post” (Las Vegas), or in the wrong house during the next fatal SWAT raid. These things do happen in today’s society, and it would be a good thing to end them, if you ask me.

  13. Funny how the places with the most gun violence have the most gun control.

    Funny how the same places have endemic poverty and race tensions despite decades of democratic rule.

    It’s almost as if the people in charge there aren’t doing anything useful but instead are just trying to blame anyone but themselves for the woes of their constituents!

  14. The violence comes as the city prepares for the Preakness on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course. Ten people were also shot Thursday.” As long as they are not shooting innocent horses and dogs, I am down with it. Shoot all the thugs they want.

    • The thugs are more likely shooting the unarmed populace rather than the other way around. Thugs are the law breakers with the guns. The honest, law abiding folks are unarmed. If that were not the case we would be seeing far fewer deaths.

  15. I hope the pundits’ message that the footage of the Baltimore riots are quasi infomercials for the NRA and U-Haul are sinking in with the few that are able to escape that dystopian cesspool.

    They’re more than welcome to come to North Carolina, so long as they are able to either a.) preemptively extract from their psyche whatever regressive socialist proclivities they have and leave them at the state line or b.) be willing to disabuse themselves of those delusional pipe dreams after they’re able to actually find a measure of relative peace and stability here.

    If not, they should damn well stay there and lay in the bed of their own making. Those that are willing to spread that Statist poison elsewhere aren’t welcome, wanted, or needed anywhere else.

    • I don’t want to take the chance that they will change their way if they come to NC. They can just stay where they’re at or if they get itchy feet they can just keep on heading south and land in Florida and live near Disney World.

  16. Lies, lies and more lies. Not possible in a gun controlled city. The right wing gun lovers are inflating these numbers to make our “safe city” look bad. We really just need even more gun controls. /sarc off

  17. This is the same mayor that called the looters “thugs” and then backed off and said there were no thugs in their city. After that she told the police to stand back and do nothing while the looters took what they wanted. Same person, right ? Why would anyone listen to her and why in the world does she still have her job ?

  18. I have no problem seeing Baltimore crumble under it’s own weight. Its a cess pool resulting from over 40 years of liberal reign. Could they decide to turn against the very party which has sown the seeds of ruin? No.. they aren’t smart enough. And it’s just what the Democrats planned all along.

    • When you say “they” who are you referring to? The politicians? The people? Certain people? And, never? Have you met our NEW Governor? Republican guy by the name of Hogan. Larry Hogan. It is a start. We are far from New York and things are, despite this bit of abject insanity, turning around in terms of our gun rights. Drug dealers killing drug dealers. Gangbangers banging other gangs (I don’t think that came out right).I just wish we could gather them all up, take them some place secluded, and give them space to destroy just themselves.

  19. I read an article recommending that Baltimore needs to adopt the “housing first” approach to homelessness and poverty. As that has proven a sound approach, I agree.

    But I offer a slight adjustment: along with that housing should come a good gun safe and contents appropriate to defend that housing. And to keep it fair, anyone in the city lacking such essential elements of a free home should be so supplied as well.

  20. I am from South East Baltimore, joined the Marine Corps, and decided to stay in North Carolina when I was discharged. The article pointed out that shootings were approaching Chicago levels, but keep in mind, Baltime is an extremely small city with just over 600,000 residents making the murder and other crime rates surpass Chicago and many other cities. If you look up the U.N.’s global crime report, you will find that Baltimore’s murder/crime rate surpasses all but 2 countries on the list. If the number’s are put aside and the rate of crime (murder per capita), Baltimore is about 2x as deadly as Chicago, and far exceeds the rates in NYC and LA. The culture in B’more and most of MD, particularly central MD, is extremely anti-firearm, that is slowly changing thanks to facts finally starting to seep in. My parents were the most anti-firearm people I have ever known, but recently informed me that they had looked into getting a firearm before being told they were not allowed to do so.

    • Why can’t they? Sure there is that ridiculous HQL for handguns and so-called regulated firearms (don’t they both do the same thing). Tell them to check out the AGC and more specifically Maryland Tenth Cavalry gun club. If they join and pay their dues thay will have a nice place to shoot, good people who have no qualms about helping newbies, and there are plenty of instructors in the club.

  21. Democrat/liberal/regressive/socialist/ communist/statist/RINO’s

    The culture of death, destroyer of civilizations. The supporter of the mass slaughter of the most helpless among us, the unborn.

    There is a reason civilizations collapse into dark ages, we see the collapse happening now in those cities controlled by democrats. The thing is, this type of thinking wasn’t invented by the liberal/regressives, there is nothing new under the sun. The fall of Greece, the fall of Rome in particular shows this.

    Can we stop this collapse? Perhaps, with help from G-d,. But people first would have to accept that is what is needed. Freedom of choice, the gift from G-d, one we can accept, or reject.

  22. This uptick in killing is not surprising. If I were an undocumented, street-level, pharmaceutical seller in Baltimore, the predictable decline in police presence (due to the Freddie Gray incident) would present an excellent opportunity to ‘deal with’ competitors.
    For Baltimore residents concerned about the fallout ricochets consequences of such ‘competition’, I’d recommend a ballistic vest (assuming MD government ‘allows’ her subjects such items).

  23. From my point of view the criminals are running the City and State or they may simply be fools. Mmmmm, both.

  24. Insert “you don’t say” meme.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Baltimore’s inevitable failure under leftist rule, which they will never acknowledge. I love when voters get what they deserve from their administrations.

  25. I clicked on the just to see how my home country (Czech Republic) would fare.

    “States lost points for laws that weaken public safety, such as permitting hidden, loaded guns in schools and bars, removing the duty to retreat outside the home, and allowing concealed weapons in public without a permit.”

    – CC in schools legal – check
    – CC in bars legal – check (although no tolerance for any alcohol for the CCer)
    – no duty to retreat – check (although “self defence may not be manifestly disproportionate to the manner of attack” according to the law)
    – CC without permit – fail (license needed also for ownership)

    So where does that land us? E?

  26. “despite” gun control – now that’s funny right there.

    Bloodymore is a crap-hole in which every thug who can afford it is carrying an illegal gun, and law abiding citizens are on their own, unarmed.

  27. it’s agood thing that the constitution was nullified at the potomac river, right? i mean, who cares about trampling on gun rights of law abiding citizens of marylandistan if it keeps street murders down, right?

    what, it’s not working? nevermind!

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