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  1. “This may be the wrong time to say it, but I’m glad the guy at the gun shop talked you out of getting that Glock 42.”

  2. “Yes dear I heard what she said, but she’s still my mother. Please put the gun down.”

  3. I know what your thinking, did I fire 5 shots or 6. In the confusion I lost count. So you got to ask yourself……do you feel lucky punk?

  4. Hold tight because I don’t know what’s going to happen its a Taurus you know.

  5. A lady should never go out without her purls, a purl handled revolver that is.

    • Nope, it is a still from the movie “Gun Crazy” made in 1950. It pops up on Turner Classic Movie channel (TCM) every once in a while. Not too bad of a movie, kind of early drive in type of entertainment.

  6. Stay down. Be quiet.
    How did you stumble into Dick Cheney’s hunting ranch anyways?
    Nevermind that, follow me and MAYBE we’ll get out of here alive…no sudden movements…

  7. “Look over there, it’s 2016 coming! Don’t worry, though – everything will remain the same after it’s all over…”

  8. (Male)”Thank God your here! I couldn’t run any further in these urban outfitter jeans and Hillary was getting frisky!”
    (Female) “Don’t worry… I can take care of my man! Unlike some former First Ladies”

  9. Shannon and Bloomie after the SHTF

    Hold me teacher, there’s bad man with a gun in the hallway

  10. $100,000 For this safari trip to hunt tigers in India, and you forgot to bring rifles!

  11. I don’t often go into the jungle at night. But when I do, I always wear my pearls, and I ALWAYS bring my pearl handled Colt 45

  12. Honey, when I asked you to grab my gun, that’s not what I meant.

  13. I know Alice, but you can’t shoot them like this just for being “antis”. Give them a “10 count” head start first.

  14. “The active shooter drill felt a little too real for Principal Skinner, who held onto Edna for deal life.”

  15. It’s okay Martha, he’s dead, we’re safe now. No, seriously, you shot him with a revolver. I’m pretty sure you didn’t kill him but actually erased his existence from ever happening, even from his own mother’s memory.

  16. Not a submission, but that’s a still from Joseph H Lewis’ Gun Crazy, which is a great freaking movie.

  17. From the episode of “NAKED and AFRAID” that never aired:
    “Feels good to have clothes again!!”
    “Should we eat the producer or the cameraman first?”

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