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  1. Everybody keeps talking about a horse. I never saw a horse in the picture! Just a Beautiful girl …with deep blue eyes …and a wonderful smile …and golden hair … and… Sigh!

  2. Hold on there missy, you don’t need to shoot him.
    He’s not sick! Honest.

    He’s just….

    Wait for it….

    ” a little horse”

  3. This horse was made for ridin’. This gun was made for shootin’. But these boots weren’t made for walkin’. They were made for kickin’ your gun grabbin’ ass.

  4. Convinced that their subscribers were tired of blondes, the Dillon marketing department added a whole new twist to their monthly catalogs.

  5. “Mom, Dad; meet my new girlfriend”
    Mom (real name: Shannon Watts): “But….but she has a GUN! They are evil! Do you want mommy to lose her job demanding action for Herr Blunderberg?!?!?! I say Neigghhhh to this NRA shill!.”

    (come on, the horse and Watts do share a bit of resemblance….sorry Dirk but it’s true)


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