Weekend Photo Caption Contest



  1. avatar DrewR55 says:

    My second wife… Don’t tell the first

    1. avatar Troutbum5 says:

      Palomino, Colt, blonde….I’m just gonna appreciate 3 of my favorite things.

      1. avatar SD3 says:

        Which one do you want to ride?

    2. avatar Phil LA says:

      I think that’s it!

  2. avatar James69 says:

    Go ahead and shoot, I ain’t doing that!

    1. avatar Tex300BLK says:


  3. avatar James69 says:

    Save a horse, shoot a cowboy.

  4. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    A girl with a gun…yeehaw!

  5. avatar Jon in CO says:

    Somehow I feel obligated to make a donkey show reference.

    1. avatar James69 says:

      We gotta lock up Kinky Kelly for tonight so we can give Mr. Dante a memorable send off. You love Mr. Dante, don’tcha?

      1. avatar Jon in CO says:

        Well played sir, well played.

  6. avatar Gunr says:

    Ride my horse, ride me! ride my horse, ride me! Ride my horse, ride me!

  7. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    God Bless Texas!

  8. avatar John L. says:

    Glue factory pinup calendar for May.

  9. avatar Phil LA says:

    Usually there are guns in these photo caption contests.

    1. avatar AnhydrousWater says:

      She’s holding a gun.

      1. avatar BLAMMO says:

        Oh … heh … yeah

      2. avatar Phil LA says:

        (Point missed)

  10. avatar Ralph says:

    “Elect me Miss Texas or I’ll shoot this horse.”

  11. avatar James69 says:

    Which one is the nag?

    1. avatar Marc1980 says:


    2. avatar Gunr says:

      Probably both!

  12. avatar AW1Ed says:

    Well yippy yi yo ki yay, little cowgirl. I can ride and shoot, too. Anything else is bonus.

  13. avatar higgs says:

    Nobody puts baby in a corner………..

  14. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    Don’t worry, I’ll put her down easy.

  15. avatar D.J. says:

    That horse really knows how to pack some heat 😉

  16. avatar the ruester says:

    Sorry I can’t stay, but I have to see a horse about a girl…

  17. avatar TJ Reeder says:

    ” Wanna Horse around?”

  18. avatar Cody says:

    “I can shoot…and ride”.

  19. avatar Eric says:

    If you look really close, you can see a horse.

  20. avatar Siks says:

    Sarah Jessica Parker asks “what color is this Glock”?

    1. avatar WRH says:

      Yeah, but who is the girl that’s standing in front of Sarah Jessica Parker?

      1. avatar Don't Tread on Me says:

        Ha! Thanks for that.

      2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        Zing! Best . comment . ever !!!!!!

      3. Ohhhhhh my Goddddd! Ho ho ho haaaaa ha ha haaaaa! Wow!

  21. avatar Defens says:


  22. avatar Bluesman007 says:

    This is the February Dillon calendar girl. Even my wife likes this pic, if only because of the horse!

  23. avatar DJ says:

    One is for riding. The other is a horse.

    1. avatar Gunr says:

      Their both for Riding!

  24. avatar James St. John says:

    What color is this dress?

    1. avatar Paul53 says:

      What dress?

  25. avatar Troybilt says:

    Mom & Dad did a good job raising this one. She will be safe while off at collage.

    1. avatar Phil LA says:

      Always practice safe collaging.

  26. avatar Naught Forya says:

    “Montana High School Graduation Photo”

    1. Tennessee Prom date photo.

  27. avatar Ray Ficara says:

    Traded up from a unicorn.

  28. avatar Bryan says:

    Mr Ed urges the camera man to hurry up, in hopes of some bareback “riding” after the photoshoot.

  29. avatar JWM says:

    Mr. Ed’s retirement party.

  30. avatar dave says:

    Beautiful horse.

  31. avatar Matt G says:

    “I’ll polish your gun while I ride your horse”

  32. avatar Grindstone says:

    “Did somebody mix up the order for clickbait with jailbait?”

  33. avatar JWM says:

    Debbie’s done Dallas. Now she’s gonna do Dallas’s horse. And he’d better not object.

  34. avatar JeffR says:

    Sorry, but this picture is so good it doesn’t need a caption.

  35. avatar Scott Lloyd says:

    Trigger, meet trigger control……

  36. avatar Colt Magnum says:


  37. avatar Rick K says:

    You better have been talking to the horse when you said “nag”!

  38. avatar Bryan says:

    In West Virginia they call this a “Wedding Photo”.

    1. avatar Paul53 says:

      Very observant. If it was an engagement pic there would be a shotgun.

      1. avatar JWM says:

        And the girl would be pregnant.

  39. avatar Rick K says:

    I’m no one trick pony cowboy

  40. avatar Paul53 says:

    A girl, a horse, a revolver. I’m 62 and can’t decide which would hurt me most if try to jump one!

  41. avatar Paul53 says:

    All that for my bottle of whiskey?. Let me see the horses teeth first.

  42. avatar Paul G says:

    Ride hard and shoot straight, Pardner!!

  43. avatar Glen says:

    Really? You need a caption for this?

  44. avatar JC Denton says:

    They shoot horses here, don’t they?

  45. avatar nynemillameetuh says:

    Horse girls are crazy. Not a good crazy, either.

  46. avatar Tumbles says:

    Now show me your gun…

  47. avatar Bob says:

    Everybody keeps talking about a horse. I never saw a horse in the picture! Just a Beautiful girl …with deep blue eyes …and a wonderful smile …and golden hair … and… Sigh!

  48. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Hold on there missy, you don’t need to shoot him.
    He’s not sick! Honest.

    He’s just….

    Wait for it….

    ” a little horse”

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:


  49. avatar AJ says:

    Colt: check
    colt: check
    Purse: check

  50. avatar C.J. says:

    All Three will get you in-prisoned in the California.

  51. avatar DrVino says:

    Reportedly, the very first pornographic photograph was of a woman attempting a sex act with a Shetland pony….

  52. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Alan Strang, y’all can just keep your distance.

  53. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    “50 shades greyer, Anastasia’s Revenge”

  54. avatar CCDWGuy says:

    Exhibiting trigger control, and they don’t shoot horses, don’t they. The dress is blue and green.

  55. avatar TX Gungal says:

    Good trigger control and good Trigger control

  56. avatar 5Spot says:

    Wanna watch…….?
    Me, put this horse down.

  57. avatar Jeff says:

    Bang, bang, let’s ride!

  58. avatar Jordan says:

    Nice boots

  59. avatar James69 says:

    Let me show you some “cowboy tricks”……………..

  60. avatar SteveX says:

    Aaahhh… I love this country…

  61. avatar P.M.Lawrence says:

    Joshua 15:18:-

    And it came to pass, as she came unto him, that she moved him to ask of her father a field: and she lighted off her ass; and Caleb said unto her, What wouldest thou?

  62. avatar An English Person says:

    “Howdy Cowboy”

  63. Palomino, pal o’ mine, Peacemaker. What’s not to love? <3

  64. Two things called trigger are under her control.

  65. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Hot little college student who is not going to get raped.

  66. I don’t do “selfies”.

  67. You want to take my guns? F you and the horse you rode in on.

  68. I prefer to ride “bareback”.

  69. This horse was made for ridin’. This gun was made for shootin’. But these boots weren’t made for walkin’. They were made for kickin’ your gun grabbin’ ass.

  70. avatar Rick K says:

    Well, you see your honor…it all started with a hot chick, a handgun and a barnyard animal.

  71. avatar Rick K says:

    Alex, I’ll take “Things that progressive housewives fear most” for $600.

  72. avatar Mecha75 says:

    Two colts and a filly

  73. avatar Shawn says:

    ….and then I woke up

  74. avatar Mecha75 says:

    what are “three things in need of a stud”, alex

  75. Amarillo Mayor’s daughter and his daughter’s mare.

  76. They say a picture is worth a thousand words…some speak volumes.

  77. avatar Paul G says:

    “Moms like me don’t have to DEMAND action, it finds us naturally!”

  78. avatar JWM says:

    “Whoa, man!. Just whoa!”

  79. avatar TonyM Tx says:

    Wilbur, l don’t care how good lookin’ she is, I don’t want to take that walk with her.

  80. avatar Gregolas says:

    FYI: At the other end of this picture, you’ll see Obama.

  81. avatar aaronw says:

    Convinced that their subscribers were tired of blondes, the Dillon marketing department added a whole new twist to their monthly catalogs.

  82. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    “Your girlfriend has great trigger discipline, Willlllburrrrr!”

  83. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    “Who would you rather ride hard and put away wet? That’s what I thought.”

  84. avatar Jerry says:

    Any more “cute” comments……boys

  85. avatar Del says:

    Guess where my holster is.

  86. avatar A Hill says:

    “Mom, Dad; meet my new girlfriend”
    Mom (real name: Shannon Watts): “But….but she has a GUN! They are evil! Do you want mommy to lose her job demanding action for Herr Blunderberg?!?!?! I say Neigghhhh to this NRA shill!.”

    (come on, the horse and Watts do share a bit of resemblance….sorry Dirk but it’s true)

  87. avatar Cade says:

    …but not the horse you rode in on.

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