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    • It’s from a spaghetti western set in a Mexican town. So:

      Diga hola a mi pequeño amigo! (Spanish)
      Dite ciao al mio piccolo amico! (Italian)
      (completely out of sync with his lips) Say hello to my little friend. (dubbed English)

        • The “spaghetti Westerns” were shot in Italy, weren’t they? And dubbed pretty poorly into various language versions.

        • I think most were filmed in the American southwest.

          The term Spaghetti Western was because they used Italian directors and production companies. They were enamored with the Hollywood Western movie style.

        • They were filmed in Spain by an Italian director. The three Eastwood movies chronicled as “The Man With No Name” are “A Fist Full of Dollars” “For a Few Dollars More” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” were the first of the genre. If I remember right the Director’s name was Sergio Leone.

      • Not a spaghetti western by Sergio Leone or any of the other Italian directors. The Wild Bunch was filmed in Mexico by Sam Peckinpah.

  1. Juan, ignorant of the fact that the belt feeding the weapon had no bullets, wondered for the rest of his life why it was so ineffective at eliminating the threats…

  2. Dan Zimmerman tries out Grandpas old machine gun, upgraded for hog hunting.
    (first in a series of content provided with permission of SCHWVATZ!)

  3. Look Here, Wait For Flash!!!

    Did have the honor of shooting a 1919 Browning Full Auto last year on empty fire extinguishers and AC tanks. Yes, it is that awesome.

    The pic looks more like a Vickers from the UK. Either way, open up a can of whoop ass..damn the Class III crap. I’ll take two…

  4. And you want to take my DAUGHTER out ? Choose any gun in the case this one’s mine! (Raised five daughters, I’m well versed in this)

  5. Señor Roberto always cheerfully accepted his weekly assignment in the local Autodefensa, though some brought a special kind of joy to his heart…

  6. “Orale Putos Gringos!!!………A la chingada!!!…..”

    (the “true” yell which inspired the Mexican revolution)

    • Really? Odd, I understood the Mexican Revolution was a rising against a native Mexican Zapotec indio named Diaz who had owned the government since the 1880s.

  7. The Vickers has a large crank handle on the right side that moves as the gun fires. It also has spade grips and if you aren’t careful the handle can hit your hand.

  8. The all NEW NERF CYCLE STORM 7000. Shoots amazingly fast… nine-hundred balls a minute fast… overwhelm your friends with non-stop action… so much action they wont be able to return a round!… reach out to an amazing range of 30ft… new NERF STORMHOWL technology makes the realistic sounds of real ammunition as it rips through the air… intimidate the competition with the included ten ball belt feed system… WOW!… REMEMBER, ITS NERF OR NOTHING!


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