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According to reports at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper spend 15 minutes in a closet as a gun battle raged outside the caucus room he was in. “Harper initially sought to escape the room through a side door, but was urged to stay put. ‘Someone knew there was a closet there, so they stuck him in there,’ a source told the Globe & Mail.” How did the rest of the MPs prepare to defend themselves? “Several Tory MPs began fashioning spears out of flagpoles to protect themselves. ‘These guys were up there holding these spears ready to impale anyone who came in,’ the source said. News images of the frantic scene also showed antique tables and green leather chairs stacked against the door as a barricade against the gunman.” Perhaps a few Canuck legislators will consider concealed carry as a more robust personal defense choice in the future. And extending that option to all Canadians wouldn’t go amiss either.

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  1. “Perhaps a few Canuck legislators will consider concealed carry as a more robust personal defense choice in the future. And extending that option to call Canadians wouldn’t go amiss either.”

  2. Would not be surprised if the guys wielding makeshift spears have a different view of self-defense than those hiding.

    • Tories FTW.

      Well, actually it was Vickers FTW and the Tories in a distant but respectable second. I wonder if any of the Leftists actually wet themselves.

    • I never thought I would say this, but I’m impressed by our Canadian neighbors. I’m fairly confident that none of our senators would have the cojones to try to stab a terrorist to death with a makeshift spear. Hell I’m not even sure they’d be able to agree on throwing up a barricade.

      • I don’t know… No matter what you think of his politics I could see Harry Reid and John McCain teaming up to fight terrorists with flag poles.

        • What r u smoking? Reid is helping Obola import tens of millions of illegals whose ranks will be filled out with criminals and jihadis.

          McPain helped Hillary Abedin and Hussein Obola install the muslim brotherhoid (sic) in Egypt, and Alonso helped to made certain that no investigation was made into their infestation of the WH or the State Dept.

        • “and McPain ALSO helped to made certain that no investigation was made into their infestation of the WH or the State Dept.”

          /damn autocorrect.

        • McCain would definitely be up to give it a go as long as there were a bunch of news cameras present.

      • Republicans would argue that a barricade would be a detriment to trade, while Dems would say that a barricade could be perceived as exclusionary. Both would come together to craft last minute legislation specifically outlawing shooting members of Congress while Congress was in session.

    • Hiding in a closet and making weapons most certainly is going to cause a conversation, but it won’t help the average citizen, just the elitist.

      • Just to clarify, Harper was not even in that particular room, he was across the street in a different building and was quickly taken away by RCMP in an armored vehicle.
        So, I’d like to know who the lying curr is who spread the closet rumour.
        And jus bill, before you insult our prime minister have a good hard look at the leftist clown that is running [ruining] your country.

      • The alternative to Harper is a sniveling liberal, drama teacher called Justin Trudeau or an angry socialist named Tom Mulcair. I’ll take Harper any day.
        Say, how long do Barry and Moochelle have left to golf and travel on the taxpayers dime ?
        Is it 2015 or 2016 ?

        • Well, I’m not convinced Mooch is not going to be running herself, attempting to prolong the agony another 8 years. I could even suggest a campaign theme, “She couldn’t be worse!”

    • A big 10-4 to that Nelson. If we could just trade Toronto and Ottawa for somewhere useful.
      I hear that Detroit’s up for sale.

  3. Ttag, your mobile site has a malicious code line that keeps redirecting me from this page. It took 4attempts, and something about the redirect wouldnt let hit the back button.

  4. Your website is Brower hijacking yet again and forwarding me to install apps and taking me to ad pages.

    • I rather enjoy the ads that are presented to me by the adware I encounter on this site. Sometimes I come here just to see where it will take me and what wonderful SHOPportunities I will encounter. I love ads, and I love it when I am transported to a virtual consumer wonderland via TTAG’s adware army. THANK YOU ADVERTISING INDUSTRY!!!

    • Can I ask a “survey” question? Do people actually click thru on these damn sales popups (intentionally). Goggle’s evil empire wouldn’t exist except they have convienced gullible ad buyers that this occurs. Do you click/buy the crap advertised on this or other sites (gun related or not)?

      Hell no
      All the time (when not buying same crap at HSN)

        • If you use Adblock on Firefox, the popups don’t pop up. Also, try checking your system with Malwarebytes for rogue code.

          Back on topic, speaking of spears, if guns are ever perma-banned in Canada are we all down for presenting our northern brethren for finer points on self defense tactics from the 1100s-1400s?

        • Jack, I can only imagine the quality repeating crossbow and poisoned darts which could be produced with today’s technology, but of course it would be illegal, why not just produce firearms instead? Unnumbered, unregistered, unlicensed, uncontrolled, raid us and fight to the death on the spot.

  5. From my last count in 2006, Ontario had 13 active ATC-3’s (unrestricted concealed carry license)…. And one of those 13 lives in Florida.

    So odds are good that at the most, maybe 1 of those other 12 ATC-3 holders is a member of Parliament.

  6. Stephen Harper spend 15 minutes in a closet

    Good. I hope he sh1t his pants while he cowered in fear, so he’ll know how his disarmed citizens feel when they are on the receiving end.

    I used to go to Canada a lot, but I stopped after my last trip to Montreal in 2002. I got tired of hearing those Canucks rag on me and the US for fighting Muslims. Now it’s their turn. Enjoy it, Canucks. You had it coming.

    • it is my understanding that because of very liberal immigration laws, Canada has had the largest influx of Muslims in the last few years, and Toronto has the largest concentration of them outside the Middle East. . . . . suck failure on that one kids.

    • Holy crap, TTAG. PLEASE do something about these ads. Seriously, the autoplay video ads just need to be burned to the ground. Somehow they’re even getting past adblock.

    • The Schofield Kid: Yeah, well, I guess they had it coming.

      Will Munny: We all got it coming, kid.

      But you went to Montreal, so it figures. At least you can get away from them.

      • I always preferred Toronto, but my last visit was in Montreal. There were anti-American demonstrations and catcalling directed at me personally. I gave as good as I got, much to the chagrin of my then-wife. I also got into it with the owner of a cigar store who was breaking my b@lls. I finally told him to STFU and give me my cigars. He did both.

        The people were equally “pleasant” in the restaurants, except one Italian place on Rue St. Catherine. Fortunately, it never got physical or I’d probably be getting out of a Canadian prison right about now.

    • Canada paid in blood in Afghanistan–we have nothing to be ashamed of.

      There are plenty of leftist apologists in the US; it is not a uniquely Canadian problem.

      I don’t remember Reagan leading the charge in his own defence. Harper is the Chief Executive; in this scenario, his role is to be sheltered.

      • Reagan like all our chiefs was surrounded by competent and adequately armed men. An American president taking the lead during an assassination attempt would be beyond useless, it would be an obstruction to the people who are there for that job. The American president wouldn’t be leaving defenseless lessers to die, he would be leaving professionals to work.

      • Reagan took the hit in the 9 ring LIKE A MAN bucko. Damn near killed him, in spite of the best medical care the world could deliver.

  7. are you serious? it’s the prime minister. do you not know what rank that is up there? you jump in front of the bullets for the commander. what’s the point of this worthless drivel?

    I hope that my brothers to the north can one day defend themselves like we can. I am sorry that they are just now feeling the effects of fanatics. It was a sad day in Canada and all you can come up with is this shithole story?

    How about we talk to our neighbors about demanding their inherent rights. Now is a good time to unite and help them get their rights restored, not come up with this horse shit about a leader being protected in a closet. Their conservatives are like our liberal democrats but their liberals that love this kind of exposure and thrive on truly are commies.

    Truth about guns? You have a very little one.

    • Yes, we get it. The Pres. is much more important than mere subjects. Kiss his ring, punk.

      Why don’t you start your own site. Call it the truth about cowards.

  8. The quality of the people commenting on TTAG never fails to disappoint me. All this big talk from behind keyboards is both pitiful and amusing, and for those of you who clearly have neither knowledge nor sense, let me provide a bit of the former:

    Stephen Harper, the guy you’re mocking for being in a closet in the middle of a shooting incident, is the Prime Minister of Canada. Think of him as their country’s equivalent to a President. No one here would consider suggesting that a US President grab a flag pole and take up position in front of the door, so don’t suggest that Harper should have done the same. I really shouldn’t have to explain this.

    In the event of any sort of threat, the Secret Service would whisk, drag, and/or carry our President away from danger. Harper’s security wasn’t present in that room at the time of the shooting; they were outside the doors of the room (which were quickly barricaded from the inside) between the shooter, Harper, and the other MPs. The media reports are clear about this point. He wasn’t running out of cowardice; he was being put in there for his own protection. Because that’s what you do when there’s a shooting just outside and the Prime Minister is standing right next to you.

    “Inside, Harper’s security detail was not with him. According to multiple sources he was rushed into a small closet.” -Herald

    “Prime Minister Stephen Harper was hustled into a small anteroom of the grand Reading Room as gunfire erupted in the hallway outside. He waited up to 15 agonizingly long minutes to be extracted from the deadly scene unfolding metres away.” -Star

    “Prime Minister Stephen Harper was whisked away to relatively safety earlier this week when an armed gunman stormed Parliament Hill after killing Cpl. Nathan Cirillo a short distance away.” -Yahoo

    “The Globe and Mail reports that Harper was taken to a small closet for protection … his security detail managed to slip him to safety after the shooting had stopped.” -Yahoo


    Valid points to make would be one of the following:
    Harper’s security detail should have been *with* him.
    Canada should rework its firearm and concealed carry laws.
    People should stop engaging in shooting sprees.

    Invalid points that one should refrain from making:
    Harper is a coward.
    I’m not a coward. I’d go all Bruce Willis on that situation. Oorah!

    • Weak men always have excuses. “I’m too important” is one of them.

      He should not be judged by those who were not in that room, but he should be judged by his betters who were right there with him.

    • Ah…Holland has a point, Gents. I mean do we really expect our president to pick up a weapon and fight during potential danger? The answer is no. So why the doubly standard for the northern equivalent? The people he was with shoved his ass in that closet, and we all know it. Come on. We’re all capable of more cognitive dissent and opinions on here than “LOL he prbly s### his pant!” Full disclosure, I have messed my pants, and I’ve been shot at. And both happened in Oakland, Ca. The two incidents were not related, but still not fun.

    • Agreed. Whether Harper would have stood his ground or fled
      is immaterial as there’s a pretty good chance his detail threw
      him in the closet and cordoned around him regardless of what
      he wanted.

    • If I were Harper, I expect that I’d have been in that closet. But, I also would have had a gun pointed at the door.

  9. “Perhaps a few Canuck legislators will consider concealed carry as a more robust personal defense choice in the future. And extending that option to all Canadians wouldn’t go amiss either.”

    Ha! Those legislators might consider concealed carry for themselves, but certainly not for the masses.

  10. It is interesting to note that the Sergeant at Arms is actually a civilian position: Kevin Vickers was, essentially, a civilian carrying (or, rather, keeping locked in his office) a pistol. And, as another TTAG article mentions, it was chambered in the much maligned 9×19.

    ‘In the closet’ is a double entendre if I ever read one. Here is a rather humorous, though not entirely inaccurate, take on things:

  11. The fact of the matter is that while the PMs life is not worth more than mine literally, it is worth more than mine figuratively. Try to imagine what an inspiration it would be to terrorists around the globe for a Muslim extremist to assassinate the head of state of a g8 country with nothing more than your grandpas 3030 and some initiative. Whether he was leading a lacklustre defence or cowering in fear would be unimportant.

    • @L.Vaillancourt said:

      “Whether he was leading a lacklustre defence or cowering in fear would be unimportant.”

      Beg to differ.

      Dying a hero vs. dying a coward would have a significant impact on the psyche of both Canadians and the terrorists.

  12. Maybe they should start keeping a couple of C7’s in the parliament chambers. That way they wouldn’t have to spend time stripping flags and making spears (is this the Middle Ages?)

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