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  1. Now THIS, is a mom demanding action.
    And it’s clearly gun sense, as can be seen by the length of the belt. And two hands, two gats. Makes total gun sense…

  2. Congressmen – shut down the air routes and close the damn border. NOW

    EBOLA in America – brought to you by Barack Hussein Obama and the democrat party

  3. Ms. Vickers and her bodyguard testify in front of the 113th congressional committee on woman’s issues.

    • thats who I thought they were as well!caption: the poor woman had seen Monty Python and the Holy grail so many times that she cornered the dinner party and was demanding a”shrubbery”. The dinner party in turn, got “their largest scales” and determined she was a witch!

  4. Whatever else happens, we have got
    The Vickers gun and they have not.

    Hat tip the the old poem about a Maxim gun.

  5. “Entertainment Weekly has learned that Miramax wants to reboot James Cameron’s ‘Titanic,’ with a script rewrite by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Jack will be played by Jason Statham and Rose will be played by Rose McGowan. John Woo is in talks to direct, so expect the white doves of symbolism.”

    • Bravo! to someone who knows where that saying came from. All the bullets on the whole nine yards of machine gun belt.

      • Wrong. You are seriously going to shoot 27 feet of ammo at someone? The expression ‘Whole Nine Yards’ predates belt fed machine guns. Let’s be logical about this…. 27 Feet or nine yards of ammo. How much would that weigh? How many rounds is that? Could you even shoot 27 feet of ammo and not melt the barrel?

        • Umm, I am going to have to say it is you who are wrong unless you have have evidence of it actually predating machine guns. While I don’t actually have any belts to measure I can mathematically come up with a good approximation of how many rounds you would have in a 9 yard belt and it’s not really that much ammo. Now working with the assumption that most likely that the machine gun in question would most likely be .30-06, take 20 cartridges and line them up all touching each other and measure the length. I came up with 9.25 inches, though of course the belt would add space between the cartridges so let’s call it 10 inches. 9 Yards is 27 feet which is 324 inches, which gives you 32.4 ten inch segments. multiply 32.4 times 20 cartridges per segment gives you a total of only 648 cartridges. Even that high of a number is is pretty safe to say is an over estimate of how many cartridges are in 9 yards as it leaves the belt adding only .039 thousandth of an inch between cartridges, which is about the thickness of a credit card plus 2-3 sheets of paper.

          Now 500 rounds with out a belt fit in a standard ammo can like this

          So it’s safe to say 650 rounds with a belt is manageable especially when you factor in early machine guns, and battlefield tactics. The tactics of the day still consisted of mass charges against enemy positions, with heavy machine guns which were often water cooled meant to be set up as fixed gun emplacements and provide suppressive fire and defending against enemy charges. That also answers you question on when you are going to shoot that much ammo at someone, when that some one is an enemy army using mass the mass charging tactics that were popular in the early days of machine guns, like what often happened in WWI.

          A water cooled machine gun I would also expect won’t melt the barrel after only 650 rounds of mostly continuous fire, not that it’s good for the barrel or the firearm itself, but when you have tens of thousands of enemy troops charging at you, it is acceptable to be a little heavy on the trigger.

          • There are literally dozens of explanations for the term. The gun belt one, supposedly regarding the P-51 Mustang’s ammo load, is not likely as the original. Football and “fourth and long” definitely predate WWII.

  6. A photo from “The TSA Museum” hand inscribed on the back by Vice President Cheney with “How I would have done it!”

  7. I asked for a MRAP and look what I got, it you politicians can’t get it right I’m going to use it on you!!

  8. Quite the juxtaposition:

    “New York reload” next to “Reload?! We don’t need no stinkin’ reload!”

  9. I’m aimin’ at what you’s value the most. Now give it up or you’s lady friends ain’t gonna find dey gettin’ any more ‘sugah’ from ‘Sugar Daddy”.

  10. “I bought her a sewing machine for our anniversary and she immediately traded it in for this. Do I have any reason to be worried?…”

  11. Pa, me & Tony’s getting hitched whether you like it or not, so start walking me down that isle NOW!!!

  12. He might get a few of us with those revolvers, and she might get several of us until that twisted belt gets up to the loading port, then it’s all over for them.

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