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Hog Dawgs combine the very dangerous job of nuisance animal control [not hunting per se] with alluring huntresses who jump into the fray corralling feral pigs, alligators, snakes and coyotes on a daily basis,” the official website asserts. “The women of Hog Dawgs are deadly [deadly I say deadly] serious about the task of eradicating nuisance animals from ranches and farms by putting their skills with the tools of the trade – rifles, shotguns, bows or knives – to the test and getting the job done…with a woman’s touch.” Wearing tight, low-cut T-shirts and crop tops. (Because boobs.) Except for . . .

Frank, Bubba, Jan and Captain Wayne. Who somehow didn’t make the official photo above. Good thing? I mean the show, not the male discrimination. One more thing: other than University of Georgia fans, what woman wants to be called a “dawg” – a malevolent moniker that doesn’t suit any of the fine ladies above?

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    • I agree but it’s not hurting anyone.

      I’m guessing that much like the dating show that had little people on it, this one will be cancelled pretty quickly too due to bad taste.

      If us guys want to watch scantily clad women, there are WAYY better places to see it without pretending that baring midriffs is a good way to avoid mosquitoes.

  1. Not sure how to feel about this. I am a red blooded American male. The idea of seeing women in shot shirts does appeal to me. However, who are they trying to get to watch this show?

  2. “Nuisance animal control” is not hunting. Please amend the article and it’s title. I’m not against either, but it’s important that we not conflate all wildlife killing. We do not want to give the impression to the public that hunting is simply guys looking for a thrill gunning down herds of hogs with a machine gun from the door of a helicopter or setting explosive traps for kicks. It’s important that we communicate that most of the time hunting is done with care and ethics, and ends with high-quality meat on the table. Likewise, that control of “nuisance animals” or depredating wildlife serves a positive purpose, protecting local people and economies and native species. Because controlling the numbers of invasive and destructive species is so important, it doesn’t matter how it’s done and it shouldn’t be upsetting if people sometimes do it in a “distasteful” way because by removing those animals they are providing a valuable public service.

  3. I had a girlfriend years ago who liked to wrestle. She looked just like one of these gals. Exhausting 🙂

  4. Might be worthwhile if they focus on the hunting. They start going for the drama-queen thing in the bunkhouse like Hot Shots and I’m outta here.

  5. I’ll give this show a try. Frankly, I’m tired of every stinkin show on Sportsman Channel consisting of some tooled-up good ole’ boy full of scent killer sitting in a tree stand whispering, for the 30 seconds it takes before some buck finds the pile of bait food and doe urine he left 100 yards away and he shoots it with his .30-06, thanks his sponsor (Hornady), and has an orgasm over his amazing accomplishment.

    Gimme somethin’ I ain’t seen befoa’. Busty chicks wrestlin’ pigs? I’m down with that, until they crank up the manufactured drama and it turns into one big catfight. Then I’m gone.

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