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(h/t DrVino)

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  1. The new mouth holster is being developed as a way to circumvent Myanmar’s highly restrictive concealed carry laws.

  2. Pindar always wondered about the “From my cold dead hands” translation from Google translate

  3. When the village sorcerer told the young man, “wear this garment and guns cannot hurt you” it was taken a bit too literally…

  4. We have our poster child for caliber wars!
    “If you ain’t shootin’ .45, yer just pokin’ holes!”

  5. I dunno officer. I was just talkin’ trash to these guys who were demonstrating at an open carry event, next thing I know…..THIS!!

  6. One of the Ecuadorian pan flute players Obama claims is so desperately needed to spur the US economy.

  7. It’s amazing what you can do after being shot in the mouth with a .50BMG while yawning.

  8. Always mindful of the Four Rules, Kuljeet impressed the other members of the Mouseketeer Militia greatly.

  9. Attempting to one-up the spectacle of sword swallowing by using guns in place of blades fails to entertain as hoped.

  10. This is why the general public cannot be trusted with firearms. Only police and military who have been properly trained to handle firearms should be allowed to have them. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  11. Only Bob, manager of Space Mountain, thought that having “Body Piercing Day” and “Don’t Tread On Me Day” on the same day would be a bad idea for DisneyWorld….

  12. “Sick, bro, what gauge are those piercings?”
    “Gauge? These are 9mms. I only wear my shotguns on the weekends.”

  13. Fresh out of ideas for his Red Hot Muzzle Brake tests, MattV2099 turned to the third world and was able to incorporate a human element into his testing.

  14. The clothing choice for the protest was Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds or Grandma’s kitchen apron. Nobody won.

  15. There truly is no limit to human stupidity.

    That’s not a contest entry, just an observation.

  16. Some speak with their mouths, some let their guns speak for them. Some are still confused as to which idea is best.

  17. They say a bullet sounds the same in every language. At least whatever ends up coming out of his mouth is s*** I’ll understand.

  18. (cue German beer hall music) “Roll out the barrels, we’ll have barrels of fun!” bump, bump, bump…

    • My thoughts exactly – pornographic.

      What is he doing with those holes in his face when he doesn’t have guns in them. Really weird.

  19. OK now I know I am a gun nut. I noticed the MP5 type weapons way before I realized he had both barrels through his cheeks. In fact I was more focused for a long time on those guns trying to figure out what version they where and just happen to notice what he was doing with them. So yes I admit it I am and have always been a gun nut. In this case though no therapy is necessary since love of guns is in no way anything that needs to be changed or fixed despite what liberals say.

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