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The Federal Air Marshal (FAM) Service has existed in one form or another since 1962.  Originally begun under the auspices of the FAA as the FAA Peace Officers program, their basic role has not changed much in the last sixty-plus years. While the FAA originally started the idea of armed agents on planes, it was the U.S. Marshall’s Service that started a “Sky Marshal” program out of the Miami field office in 1969 to combat air hijackings, many of which took place out of Miami. This was totally separate from the FAA’s program. In the early 1970’s the programs were merged into a formal 1970’s “Sky Marshal” program run as a joint project between U.S. Customs and the FAA . . .

During the early 1970’s, in response to the rise of Islamic terrorism, President Nixon ordered the immediate deployment of armed agents who initially came from the U.S. Treasury, but was transferred to the new  Division of Air Security formed under the U.S. Customs department.  Originally teams of 2-3 agents flew on many domestic and international flights, but with the implementation of mandatory passenger screening beginning in 1973, the deployment of armed law enforcement on planed dwindled to nearly nothing.

During the Reagan Administration, interest in placing armed agents on flights to combat terrorism picked up again.  While the ranks of “Sky Marshals” grew, so too did the list of non-airplane riding tasks the marshals were assigned to.  They spent a fair amount of time doing ground security and inspection work and ultimately Sky Marshals spent very little of their time actually flying protection duties on aircraft.

In 1992, the Associate Administrator for the office of Civil Airline Security approached Greg McLaughlin, an experienced Sky Marshal and shared with him his desire to overhaul the program and make the position of Federal Air Marshal a volunteer one whose participants would spend 60% of their time riding airplanes (up from the current 30%-40%). Any existing Marshal could apply for one of the new positions, but they would need to pass an intense battery of physical fitness and shooting qualifications to make the team.  Of the existing 250-300 Sky Marshals in 1992, only 55 ultimately made the new elite team. Most of those who did pass had prior military experience and only one woman made the cut.

McLaughlin wanted his FAMs to be the best pistol shooters in the world, so he engaged the services of Tom Bullins, owner of the Trigger Time shooting school located near Fort Bragg to develop the new curriculum.  Bullins’s organization regularly trained Military Tier 1 Operators, so he was a good choice for the job.  Bullins developed what became known as the Tactical Pistol Course (TPC).  Although all stages are shot from 7 yards, the target is relatively small (more on this in a moment) and the time allowed for each stage miserly.  McLaughlin would later testify that he failed candidates for missing the standard by a fraction of a second, but chose to fail them rather than sacrifice the standards.  All of this hard work and refusal to compromise paid off.  In 1998, when a team of personnel from the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) visited the Air Marshal training facility to evaluate its shooting program, their assessment was that FAMs were among the top 1% of shooters in the world.

This would all chance following the September 11, 2001 attacks.   In September 2001, out of 50 authorized positions, only 33 were currently filled.  Following September 11, the number of Air Marshals was dramatically increased with 600 new marshals added in a one month period (most came from other Federal agencies).  Today, while the actual number is classified, estimates place the number of Marshals at 3,000-4,000 worldwide.  Unfortunately, as the demand for more marshals increased, the supply of those who could meet the rigors of the TPC declined.  Most of the new marshals couldn’t achieve a passing score, so a new standard based upon the earlier revolver standard was implemented.  I’ll discuss that new standard in a later post.  Today, we are going to focus on the older, more difficult qualification.

The course of fire is 30 rounds fired over seven drills.  Each drill contains one or more strings.  Each drill has a maximum time limit for all strings shot during the drill.  The qualification is shot cold meaning that there are no warm up shots allowed prior to shooting the qualification.  During the 1990’s Air Marshals were required to report to Washington before undertaking a mission (a flight or set of flights).  They would have to shoot a passing score before being allowed to proceed.  As a result, marshals shot the TPC many times during the year and were not allowed to let their skills atrophy.

One of the things that has bedeviled me is getting some of the details correct.  As I don’t know any of the 33 air marshals who were employed prior to 2001, I can’t say that what follows is gospel.  I have had to make some assumptions.  If anyone out there has a correction, please post it in the comments and I’ll make the appropriate changes.  Please note – only post changes if you can cite the source with reasonably reliability (if your source is a friend of your sister’s roommate’s boyfriend’s buddy or something like that, that is not authoritative).

The target I believe used is the FBI QIT-97 Target.


The target is my first assumption.  I believe this to be correct, but I have also seen reference to the FBI QIT-99 target that has two smaller inner zones as opposed to the single large one.  I don’t know for sure which is the correct one, but as you will likely find when you attempt this drill, the QIT-97 is damn hard by itself. The -99 makes it nearly impossible given the tight time constraints.

The astute reader will note that this target looks similar to the target used in the new FBI Qualification Standard, but there is one key difference.  There is now an inner bottle in addition to the outer bottle and the TPC makes use of this.  The course of fire is 30 rounds.  A clean shot inside the inner bottle (not touching a line) counts for five points.  A shot in the outer bottle (or touching either inner or outer bottle lines, counts for 2 points.  Shots outside the outer bottle or that miss completely receive 0 points.  The maximum possible score is 150 points.  The minimum passing score is 135 points.  Let’s think about that for a moment.

You can have three shots that miss both bottles and still pass.  If a fourth shot misses the inner bottle (even it it hits the outer bottle) you fail.  If you miss the inner bottle five times but all five hit the outer zone, you pass.  If you get a zero even once, then you can only afford three “2”s and the rest need to be “5”s.   Basically, this is a bear of a course of fire and its easy to see why the old Federal Air Marshals were considered the cream of the crop.

The scoring above is my second assumption.  I’ve found a number of references that suggest that any hit inside the outer bottle is worth five, an outside bottle line or anywhere outside the bottle (but still on the the paper) is 2 points, but this does not make sense to me.  I have yet to see a drill where you get points for missing the humanoid silhouette, so I’m assuming the same is true here and you only score for shots inside the outer bottle.  Since there are two point values, it makes sense for the five point one to be the inner bottle and the two point one to be the outer silhouette.  I don’t think that you should ever get any points if you miss the silhouette (which would presumably translate to possibly hitting an innocent party (or putting a hole in something important to the airplane’s function).

What makes this course of fire even more difficult is that you have to religiously adhere to the time requirements on each drill.  If you fail to meet the time requirement on even one drill, you fail even if you managed to shoot a passing score over the whole course of fire.

Air Marshals use the Sig Sauer P229 pistol in .357 Sig with a Double Action / Single Action (DA/SA) trigger although they may be switching to the Double Action Kellerman (DAK) trigger.  The .357 Sig round is a bit snappier than most other handgun rounds, so if you really want to test yourself against the actual standard, it’s time to go find a .357 Sig.  The choice of holster appears to be less standard although it seems that many agents favor a cross draw rig or concealed appendix carry as the typical behind the back setup is not quite so effective when your job requires you to be strapped into an airline seat.

All strings of fire are shot at a distance of 7 yards.  Only one target is used except for Drills 5&6.

The nice folks over at have put together a great score sheet that you can use.  Download the PDF here.

Drill 1 (2 Rounds)

Begin with weapon in concealed holster, hands at sides.  On the beep, draw and fire one round.  Holster the weapon and repeat.  The time budget is a total of 3.3 seconds over the course of both shots.  So, if it takes you 2 seconds to draw and fire your shot the first time, on the second run through you need to manage to do it in 1.3 seconds or you fail the drill.  The other way to think of it is that you have an average of 1.65 seconds to make each shot.

Drill 2 (4 rounds)

Begin in the low ready position.  On the beep, raise the gun and fire two rounds.  Repeat.  The time budget is a total of 2.7 seconds over the course of all four shots.  You should aim for an average of 1.35 seconds for each double tap.

Drill 3 (6 rounds)

Begin in the low ready position.  On the beep, raise the gun and fire six rounds in 3 seconds or less.

Drill 4 (4 rounds)

Begin in the low ready position.  On the beep, raise the gun, fire one shot, reload, and fire a second shot. Repeat.  The time budget is a total of 6.5 seconds across all four shots.  Aim for an average of 3.25 seconds for each pair of shots.

Drill 5 (4 rounds)  Two targets should be set up 3 yards apart.

Begin in the low ready position.  On the beep, raise the gun and fire one shot into each target.  Repeat.  The time budget is a total of 3.30 seconds across all four shots.  Aim for an average of 1.5 seconds for each pair of shots.

Drill 6 (6 rounds) Three targets should be set up.  Distance between targets is not specified, but a three yard spread between each target is probably a good bet.

Begin with weapon in concealed holster, back to the targets.  On the beep, turn, draw and fire one round in each target.  Repeat the drill, but this time turn the other way so you practice turning to your left and your right.  The time budget is a total of 7 seconds across all six shots.  Aim for an average of 3.50 seconds for each string.

Drill 7 (4 rounds)

Set up the gun with one round in the chamber and an empty magazine loaded.  Begin in the low ready position.  On the beep, fire one round.  The slide will lock back.  Drop to one knee and as you are doing so, eject the empty magazine and insert a fresh one.  Finish the string with one more shot from kneeling position.  Repeat.  The time budget is a total of 8 seconds across all four shots.  Aim for an average of 4 seconds for each pair of shots.

The time factor is the real killer here.  Sure, you may be able to draw and fire in the time allotted, but can you hit the inner bottle consistently? If not, you fail.  There are a number of folks on YouTube who show off their shooting skills, but I have seen a lot of people using the wrong target.  If you really want to compare yourself, you need to use the right one.

Following my rather stellar performance (if I do say so myself) shooting the FBI qualification, I headed into this one full of confidence.  To say that I got my clock cleaned would be an understatement.  On my first run through (cold), I did manage to make time in every drill, save number four, but ended with a failing score of 97.  On my second run through, I slowed down and failed time in five out of seven stages, yet only managed to add three points to my score.

I have to console myself with the fact that the FAMs that used to be measured by this target were considered among the top 1% in the world.  If you can come close, you are still one damn fine shooter and my hat’s off to you.

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  1. That’s some pretty fast shooting from concealment and a retention holster. Those of you used to Kydex holsters in the open can easily snap of fast shots. USS and a lot of other agencies wear suits and sport coats for a reason – fast shots from concealment.

  2. In the first year or two after 9/11, new fams instructors not only had to pass that TPC — they had to shoot it 100%. That requirement was nationally unofficial, but it was often required in local offices, where the first instructors were trained.

  3. The first seven classes of air marshals after 911 had to pass both the PPC and TPC to get hired! After the seventh class all that had to pass was PPC and within a year later go to phase 2 where are they had to pass ATPC ( Aircraft tactical pistol course ) which was not as difficult but more pertinent to aircraft. I retired in 2005 so I have no idea what the standards are now.

  4. Actually to pass the Tpc you couldn’t miss a single shot outside of the inner bottle. You receive 0 points for any/all shots either on the line of the inner bottle and or outside of the inner bottle. Additionally, all shots must be within the rigorous time limits placed upon “us fams.” I was the first female fam to successfully pass fams first ever co-ed/unisex one equal standard’s everything 2 phase, 1st ever actual “complete full-federal law enforcement academy.” The 600 you’re discussing here after the original 33 who I had 2 for trainers/bosses of the original 33 in my career. At ACY which is phase 2 of our full 2 phase academy we were required to successfully pass both fams new shooting qual which was still the highest standard quack for any/all law enforcement agencies in the USA; but we had to pass the “tpc” original-old standard also plus us fams first ever “full fed Leo 2 stage rigorous 7 month academy.” The first phase was basic fletc geared some for fams “higher shooting standards, cqb, hostage scenarios, etc.” I was the first and only “non-recycled female in my us fams class, the rest had failed previous attempts at fams academy same with 20-40% of males recycled (those allowed to be recycled were nepotism-political hires male and female period, no others who weren’t politically connected in D.C. Got such special hand holding-period). I was the one and only female to ever win “top gun” both my entire career with us fams before I got injured in my 10 years a us fam covertly globally also then of course in my fams academy class, in the worldwide ghost wars against terrorism the only female body guard to the bodyguards. But although I was still learning to shoot “truly brand new to pistols thus a natural.” They also lowered the original standard because 2/3 of elite tier 1 male us spec ops real life national hero action hero combat war vets couldn’t pass the old shooting qual and 99% of so called top shooters even of world pro’s. The qual is fast and accuracy expected is 100% perfect score. There were/are no 2 pts. It’s either 5 or 0. It’s either perfect or “fail.” It’s simply therefore pass- fail. 0 rounds can go outside of the smaller inner bottle, all rounds must be within the bottle and absolutely none touching a line or it’s a fail! The newer shooting qual also came about because the traveling public were whining about having only all Awesome best of USA’s tier 1 elite spec ops males. I was a fam 10 years I never heard of any female being amongst the original 33 fams. The 2 I worked for, alongside and learned from etc. they said all original 33 were only male spec ops! I did however replace a female possibly from 33 years before (again I’ve never heard of nor seen who she was, but when I started with fams there were 0 females other than me in my field office preacademy, none, not 1, zilch). I was alone with a few thousand male cadets, male fams, male bosses all levels and all male trainers-the one and only female fam cadet “period” pre-academy! My class was class number 703. We were the first ever 2 stage us fams full fleoa. I became the first female us fam, me! Then, I was 1st and only fastest most accurate shooter “top gun”-female in agency history and the history of the us govt., USA- entire! My class we had 5 top guns, 1 overall out of 100 us fams. I was the sole female champ “ever!” Once in my first field office I possibly replaced (a female trainer ( I don’t know that she was ever a Us fam though (to the best of my knowledge having been the 1st actual one and 0 others then there, I’d be delighted to learn if there ever actually had been a female us fam 33 years before me. She’d also have likely then have been the possible female trainer I replaced. I was 1st female trainer in WFO (Hq, D.C.) in 33 years my asac told me m.m.; additionally I was the 1st ever lead us fams agencywide #1 female instructor (again us and agency history =me). Us govt likes its secrets and lies! The agency kept 80-90% of bad news about the agency and its personnel out of the news and still does! It would erode public trust! -period. The firearm standard because of “complaining public, airline industry-personnel and anti-USA (freedom) terrorist politicians personal profiteers (nepotism crew), etc. across us govt (especially within senate and congress (hence they don’t have clearances most, because their bought and paid for not serving upholding freedom); they “complained” the original 33 fam type spec ops war hero’s were “too scary” and “they didn’t feel they needed to have to obey those scary men, etc.” etc. -they whined! So since spec ops original 33 type aren’t always the most “idiotic general public friendly” but there to save lives etc. that created problems with “narcissism USA morons one and all, etc.!” Thus entered me “a female” not allowed to be spec ops by gender -duh! And nepotism crew “males and females” and their pals. It’s always about who ya know and who you can pay off for the right price, etc. So, I was brought in and the jerk nepotism “multiple recycle crew” both, them and I because supposedly we would be more “moron tolerant” etc. And I held the highest EQ scores of the entire us fed govt and I was a us military officer base commanders wife too while also a 68w and PhD candidate clinical psychology, etc. So, I’m very “moron tolerant”, “bureaucracy tolerant”, “politics tolerant” and “real life action combat war hero spec forces zero tolerance warrior fams protective”, I became the #1 us fam agencywide, made my teams all #1, my second field office #1 and reduced fam suicides (fams had the highest % of fed Leo suicides nationwide us fed Leo agencies -all). My team and I (again me and all males we reduced the fam suicides 1st time ever, I lost 1 fam partner JB early in my career to suicide). I also lost my boyfriend Trent 2006 mudered by terrorists, my cousin Jason murdered by terrorists and my best friend Brent one of th nomads us af from high school Kia Khobar towers bombing June 1996 in Saudi Arabia killed by terrorists. So it was very personal for me “fighting terrorists” who kept murdering the men I’ve loved across my life! I was tired of that evil! My ex fiancée was 1 of 2 top guns of the 2nd us fam class to ever complete fams 1st ever full unisex standard everything 2 phase fleoa (fletc + Acy)! So, the standard was lowered for the aforementioned but also so persons new to shooting like me “entirely” although a natural shooter -period, so we had time to learn “how to shoot pistols -brand new entirely to shooting pistols” while shooting against the USA’s and worlds top 1% pistol shooters (pro competition male top 1-3 world champions like racaza, top shot tv show pro shooter all star types, career spec ops and usmc snipers, other fed Leo and swat snipers the top shooters of USA law enforcement, like triple nickel spec ops champs, etc.” Its not only daunting being hit by them in training etc. but stepping up to scenarios being shot at by them additionally being next to them on the line to try to pass one of the toughest shooting quals period while trying to learn to shoot pistols doing it all! -steep trial by fire learning curve with the highest stakes 1. Freedom 2. Saving lives. Sadly us fams betrayed me by gender. I don’t like it anymore than anybody else -trust me! But us govt found fams “guilty of extreme dvsas” simply because of my gender -female. Honestly most of the fams were “ok”. I can’t say I was ever truly “welcome”. But most saw I wasn’t only competent but high performing and then became #1 my whole career. I helped establish coed competency, etc. also dhs blue campaign, etc. But when the us govt did something wrong sadly they just continue to disgrace everyone with more wrongs and more lies! People are making money high up in society and govt so they don’t care about USA or freedom, so long they get their money! Then sadly the reality of the #2 funding source to terrorism “sex trafficking” of females is a strong corruption drive even of govt., politicians and sadly my once brethren plus our so called “leadership.” People personally gaining “lust” and “monetary gains” off of human sexual exploitation don’t want to be made to stop! Even when they’re us senators, pro football super bowl team owners (ex. Patriots owner), and sadly fams (fams tsa dhs leadership), etc. Plus 1/2 USA and global population are females yet somehow less than 1/2 work (unlike me), and less than 15-20% of most warriors us military and public servant warriors are “females” of the 1/2 of 1/2 females who work; but they refuse to work for less pay like I had to at fams and lifelong (somehow 1/2 of 1/2 of females don’t work but still have choices, etc. how?). 30% of men don’t work nationwide also, how? At fams tsa dhs 3 Agency total mostly non-warrior/non-Leo roles the other females had was way lower than elsewhere 2-7%. Fams we supposedly had 1%, all so called female fams before me couldn’t pt, couldn’t fight, couldn’t shoot (recycled), even after recycled some multiple times couldn’t pass the runs, nor pull-ups one she even shot the ceiling like multiple times (but she voluntarily slept with 70 guys a week at fletc -fact), what I call the nepotism hire “prostitutes” and equivalent male counterparts those of us real fams got strapped with while we defended you all, etc. I did learn to shoot like a us fam my first and only time through fletc then us fams second phase of its first ever unisex full fleoa (1st class (me and mine us fam class 703)). My first trainer was amazing he was 1 of the original 33. He looked like uncle Jesse from dukes of hazard. He was so much fun! He wore bib overalls and all, he was older of course when he was instructing me at fletc. So he was the first to instruct me in pistol shooting an original 33 fam legend. Cool huh? Then at fams acy my next trainers were a us delta, a triple nickel holder, dhs lead trainer racaza (top 1-3 world champ pistol shooter then #1 USA champ), then a top shot allstar and contestant; under them while my ex fiancée top gun of his class like me mine, while we were together although I’m female and I was still learning to shoot pistols (albeit taught by the USA and worlds best of the best), I became the first ever us female fam top gun. My ex boyfriend who died in 2006 his dad blamed me for his death and was very high up dod, his dad, so my buddy us secret service said those guys followed corrupt orders from high up us dod to ever have agreed with what us govt did to me, extreme dvsas. My ex boyfriends mom was from Germany the idiot and her friends like drugs so my ex boyfriend got murdered because of his moron German drug user idiot mom’s drug habit not because of me but they couldn’t take the blame for killing their own son because of her drugs, etc. even though he was supposedly USA’s #1 weapons developer (trents adopted dad married to his drug user idiot adoptive German mom), drugs remains #1 funding source to terrorism. It’s also though I’m female and across all human history females are sexually mistreated by men especially when so drastically outnumbered like I was. I turned down private contractor jobs $400k-$7 figure yearly salaries, I turned down CIA, etc. besides I’ve dated some of the wealthiest men worldwide my whole life- I’m a lifelong model my mom was a beauty queen and model Also. A woman like me is “rare” and “extremely highly sought and valuable” worldwide across human history! I’d traveled to he world alone a few dozen nations before us fams. USA’s still betraying me since fams. I’m heartbroken. But my gift was/is the betrayal-Free Agent Sheri Lundeen (Wounded Warrior, 10 years Ghost war in plain sight worldwide-Home from war, OPM retired (honorable) 100% disability early medical retirement from us fams 3-16-18). EOW Officer down Officer betrayed by traitors to USA in fams tsa dhs and us govt! I’m out to pasture (my stolen life, my real life story of betrayal by fams and USA since (ongoing), denied justice on all us govt’s (endless crimes-still), and my stolen disability retirement and ssa ssdi (most recently)). I regret wasting a moment of my talent on us fams tsa dhs and us law enforcement. If I had to do it over I’d of accepted the sheriff’s deputy promotion at hcso then the full time ff-paramedic job with St. Paul fire, id of finished up my 10 years for the #1 retirement in mn on EPFD and I’d of stayed on helping FEMA when I could still and stayed on rescue resources their sole female private professional search and Rescuer while I continued instructing for nswfa, which I helped start like the coed competency for fams, etc. fams ruined my life. They still are! All my rights remain violated, and 0 justice usually if someone inured a cop like me otherwise it’s a 28 year prison sentence by us Supreme Court law, if the officer died it’s the death penalty-I was/still am denied justice on “all”. That’s my real life story a female fam, etc. but to answer your question the tpc, you had to have all hits within the inner bottle, none of the shots could be outside the inner bottle nor on the inner bottles line and had to be done in the time requirements most found impossible other than us fams and failed! VR, wounded warrior -female us fam Sheri Lundeen (live free or die trying USA, stop the threats to USA! Help fams help protect you! Us govt and agency leadership and wealthy accountability-now). While we still can fight the good fight. You can start with fams class action us Supreme Court case win “selliger law firm” 2011. Agency leadership gave themselves yearly bonuses in the amounts of shorted yearly salaries to fams. Etc. the abusive and criminal agency leadership nepotism crew gotta go! If USA is to continue to exist! Thank you for the opportunity to be heard! -retired fam Lundeen (us Supreme Court winner and whistleblower us USC winner, honorable OPM retired 2018 us fams 100% disabled from retaliation by gender us govt called extreme dvsas, etc.). There’s too much to tell across since 2001 to now 2021. My gift is the betrayal of me by USA! Most call me “Hells bells!” God bless! Sorry this post is maybe kinda scattered I got 100% ptsd, rts, tbi’s, full c Spine and spine injuries etc. I’m laying here staring at a ceiling only able to 1/2 feel my hand and lower leg throbbing pain in my skull and Cspine injury, some jerk for the 4th time destroyed my mom’s mailbox today too! Because of fams that’s my life! Don’t mess with my family USA! -bells

  5. We also had to pass the atpc tony mentioned I guess he retired in 2005. I can’t speak for them. And I never allow them to speak for me. Respect given is respect earned. And sadly fams lost my respect betraying me -period
    Good luck traitor jerks. I’m 100% certain you were supposed to have had my back then like I did yours! And females are 50% of the USA population the nation fiscally can’t survive such idiocy like fams did with me. And fams continues to lie about everything just total criminals in that organization Gun scandals, ammunition scandals, simmunituon scandals, agents doing terrorist funding activities for profit and benefit lust, disgracing the USA! I was raised by a world war 2 vet my great grandpa, a Korea vet my uncle, multiple Vietnam vets my uncles and a Pearl Harbor vet another uncle. How dare you Fams and us govt betray me and my family? My male cousin Brian also endured similar evil by us navy by us govt! How a person shoots matters when a fan but you can’t claim to be some hero while exploiting your positions for lust and financial gain! It’s unforgivable and you’re supposed to be men aren’t ya? Well real men protect women especially women who risked their lives back for yours! -you should be sad because I know how few women there were there and who did/could pass “me!” Me myself and I gents! My gift is the betrayal and I’m Jewish so reap that -hmmm k

  6. Hey tony, thank you for your service. I started on 2005. OPM retired 2018. You weren’t one of the ones betrayed me. I don’t fault nobody before fam class 703. VR, Sheri (the agency never had the fams catch up on training we had, they needed it, period the agency was just negligent.) my first field office my team and I we were #1 pt squad, #2 shooting squad of WFO over thousands of fams. My second field office I was #1 fam on the job performance (top performer). My field office bfo we were #1 office agencywide and my team and I were number one peer support team/suicide prevention team agency wide we reduced fam suicides agency wide. Agency so called leadership was abusive and had to be forced by congress to even create a program. Then they did it mediocre etc; I’d fought with them being a PhD candidate in clinical psych. 4.0 gpa #9 PhD prog in the USA. I fought for the fams hard. I’d been honorary fam agencywide 2008 also. Then my last field office sea fo my team we were #1 viper team 2013-2014. We developed the new rb prnd protocol etc for the agency. I scored #1 eq scores ever I was told by the contacted examiner 2013. Fams need to be freed up of these pos criminal abusive political hire jerks so they can be healthy evough to perform at these rigorous standards like shooting. Why? 1. Freedom 2. Lives
    Their lives matter too!
    Just like mine did and does!
    Why? People like tony and I kept the rest of ya alive by achieving this level of awesome through the ish that is govt corruption!
    The fams need your support USA. Please help them. We didn’t get guns maintained, sometimes didn’t get to practice for months and months but then no matter how beat down, abused and tired fams were by abusive leadership instead of helping injured fams heal they’d screw ya over -period
    It’s too costly to spend time and money tryng to create “Tony’s” and “I” etc. for such waste of such talent!
    I’ve always felt fams should teach other military and Leo’s how to shoot when injured etc. so joint ops go better especially with viper, injuries, causualties such lengthy wars etc and given the reality 99% of anyone and everyone can’t shoot like me or the fams tony’s original 33 to say 2005, etc.
    so USA can’t afford to mistreat even 1
    Like fams did me
    And so many others
    For me it’s so beyond the tpc, atpc, ppc, etc.
    It’s life saving
    And USA democracy freedom at stake
    Which is why tony existed
    I existed
    Fams standards are rigorous
    So USA can continue to exist
    Hells Bells
    Wounded warriors said there’s nothing worse than being forgotten
    There’s nothing worse than being deliberately betrayed and screwed over
    Trust me
    I know
    If I was a guy
    I’d be making so much money now
    Instructing Shooting ex. Racaza ex.2 gq
    Funny thing is I turned down 7 figure yearly salaries remained loyal
    I should’ve cheated on fams


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